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Newbie Orientation: The Scrubs Forum FAQ

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    Welcome Newbies to the exciting world of the TV.com Scrubs Forum. We know you're eager to get started and we'd love to let you just go nuts hitting that post button. But for your safety (yes, I did say safety... there are some rabid posters out there), we ask that you slow down, read the Posting Rules in the post above, and read the FAQ here. That way you won't embarrass yourself and incur the wrath of the regulars asking questions that have been answered dozens of times in dozens of threads.

    PART I: TV.com/The Scrubs Forum

    I noticed some threads have a red dot or a padlock next to them. What's that?

    The red dot is actually a thumb tack, indicating that the thread has been "stickied". This means that our moderator, WhiteKnightonTV, has specially marked it so that it will appear at the top of the page whenever anyone enters the forum. Stickies are reserved for "official" threads, such as threads discussing episodes and the off-topic thread, so that no-one will miss them and post messages that belong there someplace else.

    The padlock symbol means that WhiteKnightonTV has locked the thread. Once a thread has been locked, no-one is able to post in it. This is done with threads that do not require comment, such as the FAQ and forum rules threads; and also with threads that have gotten out-of-hand, such as threads that have denigrated into flame wars. Finally, duplicate threads are locked so that people will move their conversation into the appropriate thread.

    I noticed I have a "level" marker by all my posts. What's up with that?

    TV.com uses a "level" system to distinguish posters from one another. You move from one level to another by making worthwhile posts and/or writing reviews and contributing information to a show's main page.

    I was up to level 5, and all of a sudden I got reset to level 1! What the frick happened?

    There is a glitch in the system that causes this to happen occasionally. If you wait it out, it will fix itself eventually. However, you can also log out and then back in, or go to edit profile and then hit save changes. Both of these tricks usually resolve the problem.

    This board seems a little disorganized. Do I start a new thread if I have a question or thought about a current episode?

    My personal favorite: Man falling off a cliff. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Thanks to one of our regulars, TheDeadMan, there is an official thread for the current and next episode.

    Any comments or questions about the latest episodes do not need a thread to themselves. Your opinion is as important as everyone else's and can be posted in the thread about the episode. This is to stop a million different threads about developments between characters (most often JD/Elliot) or about certain parts of the episode.

    We'll be bestest friends foreverest if you confine your comments to the official thread. The many regulars who do not live in the USA don't get the episodes at the same time we do, and don't take kindly to having their experience spoiled via multiple threads about some aspect of the episode. Be warned.

    But I just have a quick question about the music/episode title/line in the show.

    If you post it in the stickied thread, we promise someone will answer you. Even though the thread may be large, most of us do read it on a regular basis. Also, http://scrubs.mopnt.com/music/ is your source for all questions related to music. You can also find some news and transcripts on this site.

    There's a lot of weird stuff here--it's not like other boards. What's up?

    We're Scrubs fans here, which means zaniness appeals to us--it's probably one of the reasons we like the show. Some of us are friends off-board, so you may also be seeing some inside jokes. However, non-Scrubs related lunancy belongs in the Offical Off-Topic Thread, so if you see it somewhere else please let us know.

    Are you sure you haven't just been invaded by trolls?

    Well... no, not exactly. Apparently this board was programmed with a Troll Magnet, as we get our fair share of troublemakers. Signs to watch out for are a plethora of threads about the same topic, especially related to


    hostility towards specific posters, and statements like "I hate Scrubs, you guys are all losers." Pleae refer to the Posting Rules for our official policy on dealing with trolls, so that you don't get yourself into trouble.

    Isn't this board moderated?

    It is, actually. A few of the regulars, such as myself (JD_Newbie) and MrPixelAttack have been working with our moderator, WhiteKnight, to try to make the board more official and less troll-friendly. Feel free to PM us with questions or concerns.

    Hey, how'd you do that cool spoiler thing?

    Do this, without the spaces: [ spoiler ] [/ spoiler ] Incidentally, please use these tags when talking about stuff that hasn't aired yet, and keep in mind that a good portion of the board membership is from countries other than the USA, so they may be several days behind when new episodes air.

    Do the show's producers read this board?

    No-one knows for sure. Recent commentaries have alluded to what fans on the Internet think, but it isn't clear that they read any particular board. However, if it helps you be more respectful when writing to think that they do, by all means imagine your favorite cast or crew member reading your posts.

    Where do you get what Bill or Zach says? I wanna see too.

    Zach Braff posts a blog at irregular intervals on his homepage as well as on myspace. I have gleaned information from interviews with Bill Lawrence at NBC's Scrubs page.

    You've mentioned episode commentaries. Where can I get them?

    NBC posts commentaries around the time each new episode airs in the US. You can find them at www.nbc.com/scrubs/commentary.html

    PART II: Scrubs

    So what's this show you all are talking about?

    If you have to ask that, you either wandered in here by mistake, or you're a troll. Check out the tv.com page on Scrubs for information about the show.

    Is Scrubs coming back for a 7th season?

    Yes. It has been renewed by NBC for 18 episodes. There is a slight chance that NBC will order more episodes if the ratings improve.

    Is the 7th season really going to be the final season? Dont'cha think the producers, etc. might change their minds?

    As Laverne would say, with God all things are possible. However, as of now Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff have both said that the 7th season is intended to tie up loose ends and end the series properly, so this most likely is going to be the final season.

    What's up with JD/Elliot or JD/Kim?

    The storyline is a little bit too complicated to summarize here--check TV.com's homepage. As of the season 6 finale


    leaving fans to debate over what's going to happen next.

    Since when does JD live in an apartment? I thought he was living in a tent on his deck...

    In the episode "My Therapeutic Month" JD moved into an apartment. This has been a source of confusion to many Scrubs fans because JD asked Turk to co-sign for the apartment. In the US, this term refers to a person agreeing to be the responsible party should a rentee with a questionable credit history or other background default on his/her obligation; by agreeing to do so, Turk cleared the way for JD to leave homelessness behind.

    When does Season 5 or 6 come out on DVD?

    Season 5 is coming out at the end of May or beginning of June of this year (2007), depending on what country you live in. There has been no information given about Season 6 as of yet, which is unsurprising as it has just ended.

    What's the Janitor's real name?

    AAAAAAAARGH. Sorry, that wasn't directed at you, but towards the many, many people who have insisted on starting multiple threads on this topic. The Janitor is knwon as either the Janitor or Janitor--he has no name.

    But didn't I hear someone call him Ryan/Tom/say he doesn't look Asian?

    See the question above. We do not -- and this is an important point -- have any idea what the Janitor's name is. Bill Lawrence has said that IF the Janitor's name is ever revealed, it will be in the series finale. Any "slip ups" are in people's imaginations.

    That's about it. If you feel ready, go ahead and write that first post. Please remember to check for existing topics before you do so, lest you incur the wrath of our Anti-Troll Posse.

    Welcome aboard.

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