Season 4 Episode 5

Her Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 28, 2004 on NBC

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  • Elliot.

    This episode was in Elliot's point of view, and I'm not sure t was for the better. Every since the last alternate point of view, I have been anticipating this episode in Elliot's point of view. I think Turk has the only non-awkward narration other than JD of course. Elliot & Cox's narration just felt out of place. Also the past two alternate narrations were based around more serious issues, this narration was how to pick the right mentor. We learn that Molly isn't all there when we find out that she is dating a possible convict which makes Elliot doubt Molly's mentoring. I did love how the alternations were transitioned though, by Elliot bumping in to JD both times. Count how many times Elliot says "Frick" in this episode, I dare you. Also a nice Cox/Elliot interaction that we don't see often. JD tries to be the authority figure to his patients, its kind of hard when Cox continuously yells at him though. Carla assigns Turk a bed time, when he doesn't let her sleep. Of course the two side plots weren't much compared to Elliot's main plot. I'm pretty much saying this episode was good, it just wasn't as good as the past alternate narrations.
  • Elliot Wonders Whether Molly Is A Good Mentor, JD Loses The Respect Of His Residents, Turk Has A Bedtime With Carla!

    Elliot Does The Voice Over In This Episode, She Wonders Whether She Should Continue Following Molly, Seeing As She Cannot Hold Her Own Personal Life Together.
    Dr.Cox Yells At JD In Front Of His Residents, Which Then Causes Him To Lose The Respect He Had Earned From Them.
    Turk Tries Hard Not To Snore As It Always Wakes Carla, So They Go To Bed Together, But Turk Isn't Happy At All!
    "Smurfuration,Smurfuration,Smurf!" :D
    J.D. Yells At Dr.Cox In Front Of His Residents & He Earns Back The Respect He Once Had.
    Heather Graham "Molly" Is Really Cool :) I Love Her!! She & Elliot Managed To Make A Fool Out Of Turk On Rapping!!
  • As Elliot narrates we see her bond with Molly.

    This time, Elliot narrates. As she bonds with Molly she find that she is who she wants her mentor to be. She gets fed up with Cox and tells him off, only then to discover Molly is basically crazy. Meanwhile, Turk and JD use tape recorders to put a "edge" on themselves. Pretty good episode overall. Not one of my favorites of Season 4, but it was still funny and had its moments.
  • Ellot who thinks she finally found here mentor. But she thinks her mentor is a crazy person.

    I thought this was a clever episode. Ellot thinks she found here Mentor. She also gets some habbits from here too. Ellot then begins to hang-out with here mentor Molly. But the more she spends with Molly, ther more she doesn't want to be with Dr.Cox. Then one day when Ellot was working with a patient, her fury with Dr.Cox begins, then BAM! She leaves him and Dr.Cox now hates here even more. Then she starts seeing Molly as a crazy person. She goes to Dr.Cox but since with all that back mouthing she did, Dr.Cox shut the door on Ellot. Now Ellot is running around and thinks she has to let Molly go, until Dr.Cox tells Ellot something important. I loved this Episode.
  • Hilarious!

    It is always funny to watch Eliot, because you always know she will do something memorable. One of the best scenes in this episode is her rapping with Molly. One of my favorite quotes from this episode is "She is Peppermint Patty to my Marcy, except without the weird glasses and the strong lesbian vibe". classic.
  • Elliot's turn!

    This is a cool episode, finally Elliot's turn to narrate, first of all she begins to see Molly Clock as her mentor and because of that she tells all what she feels about Dr. Cox right in his face, which causes him to go mad. But later, Elliot discovers that Molly has no perfect life as she falls in love with criminals and junkies and she tries to find Cox's acceptance again. Meanwhile, JD loses her interns' respect when Cox yells him in front of them and later Cox offers himself to him in order to get the respect back, but he goes to way too far, and Carla tells Turk that because he always awakes him when he comes home, they are going to sleep at the same time, which causes Turk to lose some nighttime fun. Good episode!
  • And now it's Elliot's turn to narrate!

    This episode is very cool and is as if there are two narrators though JD is actually using a tape recorder, also a good recurring joke in the episode.

    We get to see some background into Elliot's neurotic character which is both informative and entertaining since, while not being normal in the first place, Elliot realises that her mentor is also a crazy person. This explores the friendship between Elliot and Molly in more depth which is also good to see - Elliot having a new friend outside the main group.

    JD feeling hurt that Cox yelled at him in front of his interns is also a very funny plot with terrific moments aswell.

    Overall, Elliot was definitely a good choice for the latest His/Her Story and I hope that Scrubs continues to do a different narrator for an episode every season because they are some of the best episodes in the series and give great background and understanding to the chosen characters.