Season 5 Episode 10

Her Story II

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 07, 2006 on NBC
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J.D. is annoyed that Julie doesn't laugh, so Elliot encourages him to tell her his feelings and Turk tries to use psychology to fix the issue. Meanwhile, Carla is upset when the Janitor refers to a new nurse as a "hot young Carla", which intensifies her growing concern that she is too old to conceive.moreless

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  • Carla.

    I'm not going to write much since my last review that I worked on for about an hour (I procrastinated) was deleted. And I'm pretty upset about that.

    Comparing to other narrations, this one was my least favorite. Carla's narration was good, it didn't feel awkward or weird. Just the plot itself was lacking, all Carla did was whine about being old, and she takes a fertility test, comparing to the other narrations they've had on this show, this by far was the weakest of all. The side plot didn't help that much, they should have kept Julie on longer, her sendoff was too big for a girl who's only been in the show for 2 episodes. JD ends up breaking up with her because she doesn't think about a future with JD, we get a mention of Jamie, the girl who mysteriously disappeared in season 2. The janitor was particularly funny in this episode. We learn that Carla is fertile, and she continues to try to have her baby. A part of me just wants her to get pregnant already, because I'm tired of all the "Is she or isn't she" this season. Good episode in some places. Just a bad narration episode.moreless
  • The Janitor was particularly funny in this episode!

    Janitor:You know I’m not going to have a kid until that genetic technology they’ve been talking about available for everyone.

    Carla: So you want to pick the sex and eye colour.

    Janitor: No, gills. When that day comes it’s goodbye hospital, hello father son treasure hunting team.

    Carla: Wow. Well you better get cracking, what are you like forty-five.

    Janitor: Forty-three. I know I look a little older but that’s just because I drink and smoke heavily and work with chemicals and sleep on my face.

    Carla: No hard feelings.

    Janitor: I swear on my unborn fish boys life, she will pay.

    I swear on my unborn fish boys life that was freaking hilarious.

    I loved Carla's little Storm (X-Men) impresonation and the way JD and Turk were flipping out, screaming, and then hugging each other. That was another particularly funny moment.moreless
  • Her Story 2. A good episode, but i feel they should of expanded her story abit more.

    Well, well, well. We finally get to Crala's side of things. And after 'The Janitor' calls a new latino nurse 'the young hot carla', she unleashes hell. In a fantasy. However though, even if her story was interesting, which was her getting tested to see if she can have children(it sounds more interesting than i've made out) anyway it really seemed that thy didn't care it was carla narrating, and because of that, it really shows against the audience which was a letdown. And that's why this is probably the worse his/her story.

    The other storylines are good as well. Like JD finding Julie annoying when she says "That's so funny", and doesn't laugh. This storyline features an amazing guest appearance - Billy Dee Williams aka; Lando Calrission (is that spelt right) from Star Wars Episode 5 & 6.

    Overall a good episode, but it feels like JD doesn't stop narrating, he does, but just feels like it. But at least His Story 3 is better. If non of you have seen it.moreless
  • This episode is the one that got me interested in Scrubs.

    I never really watched this show before, but after seeing this episode I have begun to like it and I have started to watch repeats of the show, to see what has happened earlier.

    I watched this episode for one reason only, and that was the fact that Jay Kenneth Johnson (Dr Matthews) was guest starring in it, and I have to see episodes that my favourite actors and actresses are in. So I watched it and realised what a terrific show this and that I should have watched it earlier. However, now that I have seen the light, I will go back and watch older episodes of Scrubs, because it is a truly great show, and I owe it all to this episode, and Jay Kenneth Johnson.moreless
  • And now it's Carla's turn to narrate!

    Sex gongs and 29 year olds everywhere, and what better way to do this hilarious episode than from the perspective of Carla, another fantastic choice for the narration, as it comes at a time that is important to her character in her attempt to be pregnant.

    This is another remarkable season five episode and one more like this and I’ll have a new favourite season. It would have been good to see more of Julie but her involvement was always funny and any more may have ruined it. This episode has some great moments like Jordan being unconscious, JD speaking his narration to help his relationship and Cox putting an arrow through Jordan’s head aswell as his response to JD actually originally having a girl’s name, Joanne (I don’t know who you are but thank you).

    This episode is pivotal to the series as not only does it show Carla as fertile, it also shows JD is no longer a commitaphobe, a trait that will come in handy when it comes to next season since apparently he knocks someone up in the season finale which I can’t wait to see.

    Overall, from Carla’s demonic response to the Janitor’s “young Carla” comment to Cox telling off JD and Turk, this episode is bound to make any viewer proclaim “that’s so funny”.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore


Guest Star

Yvonne Arias

Yvonne Arias

Nurse Martinez

Guest Star

Billy Dee Williams

Billy Dee Williams


Guest Star

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Jordan Sullivan

Recurring Role

Frank Cameron

Frank Cameron

Dr. Mickhead

Recurring Role

Jay Kenneth Johnson

Jay Kenneth Johnson

Dr. Matthews

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • It's revealed that Carla is 36.

    • Featured Music:
      "Happy Together" by The Turtles
      "Ride" by Cary Brothers

    • When Carla guesses how old the Janitor is (while talking about genetically enhancing children) she guesses Neil Flynn's (the actor who plays Janitor) real age. He was forty five when he filmed that episode; apparently the Janitor is two years younger.

    • When J.D. is pouring coffee for the hung over ladies, he first takes a cup, pours little coffee, then takes another cup, which is full.

    • When J.D. and Elliot walk in to the hospital, there is no-one standing behind J.D. Then after a short sentence by Elliot, Carla is resting comfortably against the counter as if she's been there a while.

    • When Turk shows Dr. Kelso the spoon filled with peanut butter, he shows the inside of the spoon to him, but when the camera angle changes, not only does it seem that there isn't as much peanut butter on the spoon as before, but also the outside of the spoon is facing Dr. Kelso.

    • When Julie falls down with her chair, she says that the glass broke in her mouth. How could it, if she wasn't drinking from the glass when she fell and she even dropped the glass far from her head?

    • J.D. says that Julie never laughs and only says "that is so funny", but Julie actually laughs at J.D.'s joke when he says to his neighbor that next time he would beat him at poker.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Elliot: Come on, J.D. This isn't like when you broke up with Mini McSkinny for singing Christmas carols in the summertime.
      J.D.: It was AUGUST! The weather was far from frightful!

    • Elliot: (Talking to a girl while she's drunk) So Carol, do you like jazz? Yeah? How much?

    • Dr. Cox: Oh look what we have here. It's a visual representation of how alcohol affects different ages. We have the young.
      Julie: (Perfectly fine) Morning!
      Dr. Cox: The slightly older.
      Elliot: (Her head in her hands) Please stop talking.
      Dr. Cox: The slightly older still.
      Carla: (Her head also in her hands and mumbles something)
      Dr. Cox: And last the very, very, very old. (Jordan's sitting with sunglasses on and her arms crosses) She is unconscious and virtually unwakeable. Witness. (Shakes her) Jordaroo! Jordalicious! Jordaroni!

    • Turk: You're just too picky with women.
      J.D.: You used to be the same way. Somehow you got over it and now you're married.
      Turk: That's cause I was never as bad as you.
      J.D.: Oh really? Remember Whitney the Snapper?
      (Flashback to Turk in college sitting on a bed with Whitney)
      Turk: I just wanted to say thanks for dinner tonight.
      Whitney: And for dessert you're gonna get a little Whitney... à (snaps) la (snaps) mode (snaps) .
      Turk: Get out.

    • Julie: (While watching Uncle Buck) That's so funny. That's so funny. Look how big that pancake is. That's so funny.
      J.D.: (In pain) Make her stop.
      Julie: That's so funny!

    • Elliot: I remember my first exam with Dr. Matthews. He said, "You're very healthy down there." And then I said "right back at you." And then there was this weird little awkward pause, so I said, "I like to keep a clean shop." And then he asked to see my insurance card.

    • Dr. Cox: Newbie, listen to me. You never stop being annoyed by the little things, ever. Take Gandhi here. Your wife is the bossiest woman I've ever met. Are you trying to tell me that you're not bothered by that anymore?
      Turk: Sometimes I watch Roots to remind myself how good I've got it.
      J.D.: Me too.
      Dr. Cox: Everyone is annoying. I mean, take Jordan. She is just now returning from what I can only assume is her eleventh gynecological visit this month.
      Jordan: I'm saving my breast exam for when you go away next month.
      Dr. Cox: Upsetting but we preserve. Bottom line: There is no such thing as a perfect person. You, tell her.

    • Turk: If you've found someone who makes you happy by just sitting around and holding hands, then eventually all that other stuff won't matter.
      Turk puts his hand on J.D.'s shoulder and J.D. holds it and moans
      Turk: Dude, not me.
      J.D.: I know.

    • Turk: Let's think about some of the great girls you let slip through your fingers. Kylie, Jamie, Gift Shop Girl, Mini McSkinny, Mole Butt, Tina Two-Kids, Rumple Fugly...I'm forgetting someone...
      Carla's narration: Oh my god Turk, if you forget Elliot she's going to cry.
      Carla: Turk, aren't you forgetting the greatest girl of them all? (Discretely gesturing at a dejected Elliot)
      Turk: (Snaps) Heidi Horseface!
      Elliot: Me! Turk, she is talking about me, ok!?
      J.D.: Relax, Elliot, you're Mole Butt.
      Elliot: Really? (Becomes happy) Sorry Turk.

    • Turk: So, when am I gonna get to meet Julie?
      J.D.: Do I want her to meet Turk this soon? What if he doesn't like her?
      Turk: What are you doing?
      J.D.: I'm saying all my thoughts out loud so that I don't mess this relationship up.
      Turk: I don't understand.
      J.D.: I forgot, sometimes Turk is slow. You know what? It's time for her to meet the people in my life. I think she's going to do great .

    • Turk: She's not a guy, honey. Besides, "Young Carla" is a compliment.
      Carla: Really? Well, how would you feel if I said, "Hey, it's 'Skinny Turk'?"
      Carla's Narration: And now his boyfriend will comfort him.
      J.D.: Don't listen to her, Brown Bear. Your body's fierce.
      Turk: Is it?
      J.D.: Like Taye Diggs.
      Turk: Taye Diggs.

    • J.D.: You know what's interesting Turk? She's not saying "that's so sad". She's actually crying.
      Turk: You're an idiot.
      J.D.: Yes I am.

    • Julie: Did you know J.D.'s parents thought that he was going to be a girl. They didn't have a name ready when he was born, so until he was three years old, they called him Johanna.
      Dr. Cox: I don't know who you are, but thank you for this.

    • Janitor:You know I’m not going to have a kid until that genetic technology they’ve been talking about available for everyone.
      Carla: So you want to pick the sex and eye colour.
      Janitor: No, gills. When that day comes it’s goodbye hospital, hello father son treasure hunting team.
      Carla: Wow. Well you better get cracking, what are you like forty-five.
      Janitor: Forty-three. I know I look a little older but that’s just because I drink and smoke heavily and work with chemicals and sleep on my face.
      Carla: No hard feelings.
      Janitor: I swear on my unborn fish boys life, she will pay.

    • Turk: Don’t worry about it baby we’ll just keep trying. Remember that magazine I read about how important it is for the men to have a high protein diet…
      Carla: Turk for the last time you are not eating ribs while we do ‘it’.
      Turk: You let me have no fun.

    • Julie: Hey look, the Clarks are home!
      J.D.'s narration: Unfortunately the Clarks felt that if we weren't building a house, we weren't technically their neighbours.
      J.D. and Julie: Hey Clarks!
      Mr.Clark: Go to hell!

    • J.D.: The immersion therapy didn't work.
      Turk: Dude, relax. I was a psych minor in college. The next time she says "that's so funny", I want you to pretend she says "that's so money".
      J.D.: Ooooh... I like that.
      Turk: Yeah, it's called word replacement - ism.

    • Janitor: Don't mean to bother anybody. I'm just showing nurse Martinez here around the hospital. That's our chief of medicine, that is a patient, and that is you in twenty years. Okay, let's go look at dead people.

    • Carla: That nurse makes me feel so old.
      Dr. Kelso: Oh, calm down, nurse Espinosa. I have it on good authority that she's a dude.
      Carla: I made that stuff up.
      Dr. Kelso: Then it's time for her to meet Bob Kelso, licensed hetero.

    • Turk: Look Julie, I'm very protective of J.D., so it's going to take a lot for you to win me over.
      Julie: Ah, J.D. wanted me to introduce you to my godfather.
      Billy Dee Williams: Hey, Julie's a great girl.
      Turk: (in excited high pitched voice) Ahh-hah-hah! Lando Calrissian! Come here.
      Billy Dee Williams: (laughs) You can call me Billy Dee.
      Turk: Yes Lando, yes.

    • Mr. Morgan: You're a cute couple.
      J.D.: Thanks.
      Mr. Morgan: Wanna buy a baby?!
      J.D.: Ooh sweety?
      Julie: No.
      J.D.: I'm sorry, no thank you.

    • (Jordan is staring at the new hot gynecologist walking down the hall)
      Dr. Cox: Jordan, why would you need seven pap smears in one month?
      Jordan: I got a lot of pap. Move your head so I can see.
      (She shoves his head out of the way)

    • Carla: I got my period. This really sucks. I've been trying to get pregnant for two months now.
      J.D.: I almost bought a baby yesterday.
      Carla: What?
      J.D.'s narration: Don't tell them in case you want it later.
      J.D.: Nothing.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Storm:
      In J.D.'s imagination, after the "young Carla" comment made by the Janitor, Carla demonstrates abilities very similar to that of Storm, a fictional superhero character created by Marvel Comics (as seen on X-Men), who can also control the weather and her eyes also turn white; however, Storm doesn't have the loud screaming ability that Carla showed.

    • Dr. Cox: Take Gandhi here...

      Gandhi, more commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi, was an Indian political leader who throughout his life objected to all forms of violence. The main reason why Dr. Cox calls Turk "Gandhi" is that they are both bald.

    • Lando Calrissian:
      Turk keeps calling Billy Dee Williams "Lando" in reference to his role as Lando Calrissian on "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" and "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi".