Season 5 Episode 10

Her Story II

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • Carla.

    I'm not going to write much since my last review that I worked on for about an hour (I procrastinated) was deleted. And I'm pretty upset about that.

    Comparing to other narrations, this one was my least favorite. Carla's narration was good, it didn't feel awkward or weird. Just the plot itself was lacking, all Carla did was whine about being old, and she takes a fertility test, comparing to the other narrations they've had on this show, this by far was the weakest of all. The side plot didn't help that much, they should have kept Julie on longer, her sendoff was too big for a girl who's only been in the show for 2 episodes. JD ends up breaking up with her because she doesn't think about a future with JD, we get a mention of Jamie, the girl who mysteriously disappeared in season 2. The janitor was particularly funny in this episode. We learn that Carla is fertile, and she continues to try to have her baby. A part of me just wants her to get pregnant already, because I'm tired of all the "Is she or isn't she" this season. Good episode in some places. Just a bad narration episode.
  • The Janitor was particularly funny in this episode!

    Janitor:You know I’m not going to have a kid until that genetic technology they’ve been talking about available for everyone.
    Carla: So you want to pick the sex and eye colour.
    Janitor: No, gills. When that day comes it’s goodbye hospital, hello father son treasure hunting team.
    Carla: Wow. Well you better get cracking, what are you like forty-five.
    Janitor: Forty-three. I know I look a little older but that’s just because I drink and smoke heavily and work with chemicals and sleep on my face.
    Carla: No hard feelings.
    Janitor: I swear on my unborn fish boys life, she will pay.

    I swear on my unborn fish boys life that was freaking hilarious.

    I loved Carla's little Storm (X-Men) impresonation and the way JD and Turk were flipping out, screaming, and then hugging each other. That was another particularly funny moment.
  • Her Story 2. A good episode, but i feel they should of expanded her story abit more.

    Well, well, well. We finally get to Crala's side of things. And after 'The Janitor' calls a new latino nurse 'the young hot carla', she unleashes hell. In a fantasy. However though, even if her story was interesting, which was her getting tested to see if she can have children(it sounds more interesting than i've made out) anyway it really seemed that thy didn't care it was carla narrating, and because of that, it really shows against the audience which was a letdown. And that's why this is probably the worse his/her story.

    The other storylines are good as well. Like JD finding Julie annoying when she says "That's so funny", and doesn't laugh. This storyline features an amazing guest appearance - Billy Dee Williams aka; Lando Calrission (is that spelt right) from Star Wars Episode 5 & 6.

    Overall a good episode, but it feels like JD doesn't stop narrating, he does, but just feels like it. But at least His Story 3 is better. If non of you have seen it.
  • This episode is the one that got me interested in Scrubs.

    I never really watched this show before, but after seeing this episode I have begun to like it and I have started to watch repeats of the show, to see what has happened earlier.
    I watched this episode for one reason only, and that was the fact that Jay Kenneth Johnson (Dr Matthews) was guest starring in it, and I have to see episodes that my favourite actors and actresses are in. So I watched it and realised what a terrific show this and that I should have watched it earlier. However, now that I have seen the light, I will go back and watch older episodes of Scrubs, because it is a truly great show, and I owe it all to this episode, and Jay Kenneth Johnson.
  • And now it's Carla's turn to narrate!

    Sex gongs and 29 year olds everywhere, and what better way to do this hilarious episode than from the perspective of Carla, another fantastic choice for the narration, as it comes at a time that is important to her character in her attempt to be pregnant.

    This is another remarkable season five episode and one more like this and I’ll have a new favourite season. It would have been good to see more of Julie but her involvement was always funny and any more may have ruined it. This episode has some great moments like Jordan being unconscious, JD speaking his narration to help his relationship and Cox putting an arrow through Jordan’s head aswell as his response to JD actually originally having a girl’s name, Joanne (I don’t know who you are but thank you).

    This episode is pivotal to the series as not only does it show Carla as fertile, it also shows JD is no longer a commitaphobe, a trait that will come in handy when it comes to next season since apparently he knocks someone up in the season finale which I can’t wait to see.

    Overall, from Carla’s demonic response to the Janitor’s “young Carla” comment to Cox telling off JD and Turk, this episode is bound to make any viewer proclaim “that’s so funny”.
  • Rather disappointing for such a great show.

    While most of the episodes that switched the narration from JD to another character provided terrific insight on the character's feelings and views on the same issues JD often experiences, Her Story II, focusing on Carla, did not. It basically shared that Carla is insecure, but strong overall. We've known this since season 1. The writers of Scrubs really screwed up a chance for a good episode.

    In addition to the mediocrity, Scrubs managed to make it worse by stealing a page from the Seinfeld book with the "'that's so funny' instead of laughing" story line. Though "borrowing" storylines from other shows is common in the world of sitcoms, I always thought it beneath Scrubs's level.

    To sum it up, Her Story II was one of the weakest episodes yet, contributing nothing to the weakest season yet.
  • one the allusions for this episode say that when carla freaks out, she is showing traits of Storm from the x-men, but its really just showing traits of a banshee, thats why she is doing the loud scream that breaks the "glassman", has the lightening effect

    another good episode of season 5. furthers the on-going stories of each character, and continues j.d.'s relationship issues. i dont think its one of the BEST episodes of the series, but its still a good one. the whole "thats so funny" line is pretty catchy. one the allusions for this episode say that when carla freaks out, she is showing traits of Storm from the x-men, but its really just showing traits of a banshee, thats why she is doing the loud scream that breaks the "glassman" and everything else thats glass, has the lightening effect, and can fly.
  • Back when I first saw the episode where JD was shifting narration duties to another character, I knew it\'d eventually come to be Carla\'s turn. Was it everything I expected?

    Yep. It sucked. Carla has been the most annoying and least interesting character all along on the show. And inconsistent. She\'s strong then needy. Aggressive then a wimp. Assertive then a pushover. You could tell from her character\'s standpoint there wasn\'t much worth going on about in her head and I\'m glad they didn\'t even have her in it much of the episode. But at least it\'s out of the way.

    But there were other things that made it worth watching at least. The best thing about this show is that even the worst episode is completely watchable. Though when I go for round 2,3, 4 etc I may not think that of this one.
  • Is it just me, or is Scrubs starting to loose it?

    Is Scrubs starting to loose it? I don't know, it just feels as though the new season is going downhill very fast. And I hate that I think so, because I love all the actors and I've watched all the other seasons at least twice. So why do I feel this way?
    I don't know. Maybe I just have a black period right now and everything will bounce back to normal soon. Or maybe... I lost my thought. Very well, I just want to know if anyone else feels this way or if I'm alone...
  • That's so funny!

    Oh my god - Never thaught three words can be so annoying. And they really are!

    I liked this one really. Not just because of Mandy Moore - or LANDO CALRISSIAN (Billy Dee Williams - didn't recognize him at first ^^) - but because of the whole storyline. J.D. just can't hold a girl friend, what reminds me a little of me, anyway, he really tries, but ends up breaking up again. This time he did it for a reason though, and at the end he talks about a girl he isn't seeing yet (wonder who that blurry girl is).

    And Mandy Moore is gone again - unfortunately!

    The makers of Scrubs did it again !!! I was watching this episode, oviously cause I am writing it about it now, but anyways... This was a really good episode because of so many reasons. First of all it was a two parter, and there was not a full week inbetween the two episodes. The next thing is Mandy Moore, who I don't care for most of the times, did a really great job, and she played a perfect oposite of JD. The thing about them breaking up was such a wonderful arc that even though it was hard to imagine the show not being around much longer I am really excited about the show continuing as long as it can.

    Just an upstainding show.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • That's so funny. I love Mandy Moore.

    I'm going to talk about this episode as well as the previous one cause I can't remember enough to tell them apart.

    I love Mandy's Moore clutsiness and although each time she does it, it becomes less surprising, I still laughed at it anyways.

    Throughout the episode, I really said, "That's so funny," so many times, but I also laughed as well, unlike Julie.

    I loved the effect of alcohol on the women. As their age increased, they become more wiped out, and the wife of Dr. Cox put a pair of sunglasses over her eyes and sleep-sits. And her husband just shakes her but she won't wake up. Hilarious.

    I also loved when Carla got mad because of her age and turned into Storm.

    There were so many hilarious things in these two episodes that I just can't remember right now. But all I know was that I laughed a hell of a lot, and that's what makes a comedy worth watching.
  • Of why this show out of default of "Arrested" being cancelled is the Best Show now on TV!

    ... Of why this show out of default of "Arrested Development" being cancelled is the Best Show now on TV! It is the only show on TV right now that can make you laugh, think and shed a tear all in the same episode. Tell me another show that offers all three right now. I have slowly come to terms with “Arrested” being cancelled… I don’t think I could stand losing this show also this year… Therefore, people sit the hell down on Tuesday Nights and start watching “SCRUBS” please!
  • A new nurse is introduced and Carla is jealous. But JD's new girlfriend doesn't laugh- so Turk tries to intervene.

    On top of Mandy Moore's continued role as Julie, tonight's episode also featured none other than LANDO CALRISSIAN himself, Billy Dee Williams. Since I'm such a Star Wars nerd, I actually yelled BILLY DEE!!!
    The writing on the show just keeps getting better every season. Zach Braff is such an amazing actor and director. I can see him going far in the business. I wish I could work with him someday.
    But anyway, back to the show.
    If Turk and Carla are having so much trouble getting pregnant, they should consider InVitro or something, right? They're medical professionals(On the show, people...) so they know all about this stuff. I hope the writers finally give them a child this season. I can just see a mini Carla or little Turk. ;)