Season 2 Episode 15

His Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 30, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Since she still won't give him an answer to his marriage proposal, Turk tells Carla that he will keep asking her until she says yes. Later, while Carla and Elliot are having drinks at a bar, a hot guy sits next to Elliot. Paul begins the conversation by complaining about people talking on their cell phones, as Carla is doing exactly at that moment. Elliot starts to defend Carla, but when she gets a look at Paul, she is immediately attracted to his good looks. It turns out that he works at the hospital as well. They immediately hit it off.

Just before they leave the bar, Paul asks Elliot out. But before she answers, she gives him a big kiss. Carla stands off to the side, embarrassed by their public display of affection. But she gets even more mortified moments later because Turk and J.D. have stopped their car across the street. J.D. is running around the car with lit sparklers in his hand and Turk is on top of the car yelling, "Carla, will you marry me?" and asking people to honk their horns in support. Still, no answer.

A day later Elliot finds out what Paul does at the hospital?he's a nurse.

The fact that he is a "murse" (male nurse) bothers her a little. To make things worse, Nurse Roberts spreads the news to anyone who will listen. Bowing to the peer pressure, she cancels their date. She sees him the next day, looking even sexier, follows him into a storage closet and they begin making out. They exit the closet and run into Dr. Kelso. Elliot quickly lets go of Paul's hand and starts to give him an order, like a doctor would to a nurse. Offended, Paul comments to Dr. Kelso, while looking straight at Elliot, that he doesn't understand why she's uncomfortable dating a nurse. He's perfectly fine with his job. He also says that he doesn't think that their relationship is going to work out. After that, Elliot makes an announcement to her colleagues that she doesn't have a problem with Paul being a nurse, but they're just different. Carla then makes a long speech, telling Elliot that she shouldn't let her father's actions and other things get in the way of her being afraid to commit herself to someone. After a little soul searching, Elliot apologizes to Paul in front of some other doctors and asks him out to dinner. He happily accepts.

Dr. Cox is continuing to see his therapist, Dr. Gross, who is trying to get him to control his anger better and to stop lashing out at people. Dr. Kelso asks him to sign his insurance physical form, without actually doing the physical. Not wanting to commit fraud, Cox convinces him to disrobe for a quick physical. Kelso has a fit when Cox notes that his blood pressure is a little elevated, which results in a higher insurance premium. Dr. Cox decides that the therapy isn't doing him any good, so he stops going to Dr. Gross. He quickly returns to therapy when he invites some of the other doctors over to his house to drink beer and watch football and none of them show up.

His spirits are a little better when Dr. Kelso tells him that doing the physical probably saved his life since his high blood pressure could have killed him.

J.D. and Turk have breakfast at their favorite diner. The waitress, Jenny, is friendly to both of them, but she seems to favor Turk, although J.D. thinks that she is partial to him. Turk and Jenny run into each other at the bus stop. She reveals that she really does like Turk. She asks him out for coffee. He's just about to say yes when his phone rings. It's Carla, who says, "ask me again." Turk immediately runs off to see her.

He meets her at the park. She takes out the ring, hands it to Turk and has him bend down on one knee. He asks her one more time. She shakes her head "no," but off of his reaction, smiles and changes it to a "yes." They hug and kiss. J.D. emerges from behind a tree holding sparklers in his hand. He runs around the happy couple as they continue to hug and kiss.