Season 2 Episode 15

His Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • Cox.

    Cox's point of view, at first I was not crazy about this episode, considering Cox's narration started out quite awkward, but later on, I surely did get used to it. This episode was heartbreaking in some ways, since we get to see Cox's really depressing life, it shows that he cares for JD, more than JD will ever know. He thinks about the girl names he gives JD, and when he invites all the doctors to watch the game, no one shows up, and he has to lie to JD, saying that everyone was inside with him. That was such a sad scene. JD even gets a new doctor to be resident for. Cox is also shown talking to his psychiatrist which is also very depressing, since the psychiatrist isn't very good at what he does. Meanwhile Turk continues to ask Carla to marry him, meanwhile temptation might get in the way of Turk getting with Carla, when a waitress asks Turk out. Meanwhile Carla is still thinking about it, while Elliot starts dating a male nurse, Paul. Who she isn't very comfortable in seeing, since he has a "woman's job". We get to see a nice moment from Kelso for once by saying "thank you" to Cox. Carla finally accepts Turk's proposal, which was probably one of the best scenes of the season, since it was a setting stone in Turk & Carla's relationship, Carla shouldn't have made him wait it out so long though. This episode was definitely lacking some Jordan, since it revolved around Cox. Cox asks JD to work for him again, and Elliot gets back with Paul regardless if he is a nurse. All the plots were absolutely amazing, and we definitely get to see a lot of character development from all the characters. A great pivotal episode.
  • The first episode of other character's narration, this time is Dr. Cox's turn!

    This is one of the best made episodes of the entire show, second or first best episode of Season 2. This is a super-sized episode that was very well done, a series classic as it has character 'exploration'. And of course, is also one of the funniest. Lots of great quotes and funny stuff all over.
    The episode first starts with JD having his life in control, even his medium scrubs have a large effect on woman. So he has no stories to tell, JD passes touching Cox, and the POW changes to him "Today's gonna be one of those crappy days, since the moment I woke up" Cox's narration starts. There it is also the story of Turk asking countless times to Carla to marry him, trying to figure out why she's not ready yet. Then there's Elliot story about liking a handsome guy in the bar and they click on. The intro scene is having Turk in the roof of a car with the other cars parked, yelling to Carla to marry him and JD running around with sparklers, right after Carla said she doesn't like public affection. Funny stuff.
    Oohh, there's a lot going on in this episode: Cox throwing a party at which nobody assisted besides JD, Cox visiting his phsychiatrist, Cox receiving advice from JD about giving Kelso a physical and listening to him actually, at the end turns out the decisions benefited him. So he tells his shrink about it, and we see another side of Cox at the end of the episode. Elliot realise the guy is a male nurse and feels uncomfortable about dating him, but Elliot keeps dating him after some awkward time she didn't care what everyone says. Carla is not ready yet to marry, but Turk keeps wondering why, Turk is also being insecure later on. Near the end Carla has like a moment of revelation when giving Elliot a lecture. The episode ends with Turk being paged "ask me again", he leaves Nina and goes running to the park. Turk propose to Carla and get engaged, meanwhile JD runs around with spaklers, again.
    Another thing: JD avoiding the Janitor, another subplot I really liked, there's a lot of funny stuff with it. Anyways, funny stuff: Kelso's physical, Betsy, Johnny the Alzheimer tackling patient, the intro scene, "she got jungle fever, she got jungle fever", Dr. Cox in group, Dr. Cox teasing 'nervous guy', Elliot with Paul in the bar and in the hospital, Nurse Roberts being not much of a gossip, JD in the elevator(my icon) and the Janitor coming down to torment him, some Zeltzer moments, Cox with his shrink, the Todd trying to stop a boob reduction. And the episode is filled with hilarious quotes, read the ones listed, I guarantee you'll laugh out loud.
    Truly one of the most thought out episodes of Scrubs, deserves a space on the top 10.
  • "She got jungle fever,she got jungle fever."

    This episode is very refreshing, i like that Dr. Cox is the narrator insted of J.D. I also like that Dr. Cox gets a good look at himself and starts making good choices that benefit him insted of intesonally choosing the opposite. Dr. Cox's relationship with his shrink is very comical and unusual, that there is conflict between them. I liked that Carla finally accepted Turks purposal after Turks asked her countlessly. The end was nice when it showed Carla say yea and J.D. running around with sparklers. It was good that Elliot finally stops caring what everyone thinks about her and gives Paul a chance even though he is a nurse. It good how J.D. forgives Dr. Cox when he is saved by the Janitor. I liked how everything came together and worked out in the end.
  • Narrated from Dr. Cox's viewpoint

    I can't say anything else but IT'S PERFECT! One of Scrubs finest. A episode you never forget! There are just a handful of these, even though there are a lot of great episode of Scrubs (most of them! Especially in the earlier Seasons!) there are just a few who i actually remember by title. This is one of them! As much as i love hearing JD's thoughts, it was nice to get into Cox's head once. It was hilarious how he went to the shrink and all that. The only thing i DIDN'T like is Elliot meeting Nurse Flowers, who i really really dislike. But it's still a 10 episode, since he isn't in too many scenes.
  • One of the greatest Scrubs episodes ever.

    Well, not only is it in classic Scrubs hilarity, but seeing so much character development all at once and then climaxing with one of the deepest speeches I've heard from anyone on the crew, nonetheless J.D.! And the way he tells his girl perfectly straight at the end with perfect wording, was just perfect. They could not have directed that any better. This is not only a classic, but what the series is about.
  • Fine examples

    Elliot meets a nice guy at the bar, but freaks out when she finds out he's a male nurse at Sacred Heart. Turk keeps asking Carla to marry him, but she still won't give an answer. Dr. Cox feels the pressure he puts on himself everyday: His psychiatrist, his subordination to Dr. Kelso and his paternal feelings for J.D.


    Cant say I liked the Paul guy, I'm glad Elliot broke it off with him. Funny when JD kept hitting him in the cheek with spit-balls during lunch. "Is that a straw?" ... "No, its a pen!".
  • Superb narration by Dr. Cox

    Since she still won't give him an answer to his marriage proposal, Turk tells Carla that he will keep asking her until she says yes. Later, while Carla and Elliot are having drinks at a bar, a hot guy sits next to Elliot. It turns out that he works at the hospital as well. They immediately hit it off. Just before they leave the bar, Paul asks Elliot out. But before she answers, she gives him a big kiss. Carla stands off to the side, embarrassed by their public display of affection. But she gets even more mortified moments later because Turk and J.D. have stopped their car across the street. J.D. is running around the car with lit sparklers in his hand and Turk is on top of the car yelling, "Carla, will you marry me?" and asking people to honk their horns in support. Still, no answer.

    Hilarious storyline and we haven't even got started on Dr. Cox's narration yet.
  • Dr. Cox: No matter where you go in life, always keep an eye out for Johnny the Tackling Alzheimer's Patient. J.D.: What's that supposed to mean? Johnny the Tackling Alzheimer's Patient: (tackles J.D.) Who am I??!!

    Jd and Dr. Cox are both so funny in this episode. I love how we get to see the show through Dr. Cox's narrative instead of Jd's, it's really great to see things from his perspective. Especially with his therapist, totally stellar. I particularly love the scene where Johnny the tackling Alzheimer's patient tackles Jd, totally awesome! But the big story of this episode is Carla accepting Turk's proposal. So cute

    Speaking of awesome and cute, Jd was so awesome and cute with his little sparklers. Especially in the final scene of the episode, he's so adorable!
  • A great creative twist which highlights Dr Cox.

    This episode blew me away the first time I saw it. When JD concluded that he had no stories to tell, and Dr. Cox walked by and took over the narrative I seem to remember myself cheering and laughing. It was not only a funny way to go, but it was a very creative thing to do, a great way of getting insight in other characters and it was a lovely joke with the show's build-up.

    As far as the storylines in the actual episode go they were nothing really spectacular. Turk's constant proposing got a bit old after a while, I didn't find the storyline with Jenny the waitress to be one of the better ones of the season, and Elliot and Paul never really worked for me.

    That is okay though, because this episode was not about them. It was about Dr Cox. And Dr Cox got his moments to shine. His visits to his shrink are great, and his storyline with Kelso was very entertaining.

    This episode also includes one of the best laughs in the history of the show. When Cox's shrink tells him that JD is nothing short of a genius, and we cut to JD singing "Kung Fu Fighting" in the elevator, that's just pure gold! So incredibly funny!

    This episode definitely goes on my "top 10".
  • This episode has everything.

    I love Scrubs because it's not only one of the funniest shows on television, but it's also one of the only ones to give you poignant drama without taking itself too seriously, and that makes the drama all the more effective. This episode is a perfect example of that: the "genius" that just helped Cox with his breakthrough kung-fu fighting, Carla and Turk's love story perfectly set to an amazing Rhett Miller song with the JD's finishing touch. Combine these with such insanely random humor as Pancake Man and Johnny the tackling Alzheimer's've just got to honk for the love of it people!

    This episode is Scrubs at its best. Hell this is TV at its best. And this series just keeps coming up with episodes like this again and again.
  • Great episode...

    This episode is really cool, is one of my favorite, JD has nothing to tell us today so Dr. Cox kind of takes over his place and begins to tell out everything that is going on his life, first of all his visit to the physiatrist and later he finds out that the him is even more dangerous than Dr. Cox and ends up revealing to him an horrible truth revealing him he will end up alone, and an experience with a really bad experience he discovers that JD is not as bad as he thought. Meanwhile, Turk gives up on proposing to Carla and Elliot begins dating a male nurse, and JD gets pick by the Jantiro when he does not lets him in the elevator.
  • Something new and special from a great series.

    This is the first episode in Scrubs to explore someone else's point of view. J.D. has had a monopoly for nearly two seasons, and now "Red" gets a go...wait, no, I mean Dr Cox.

    This may be my favourite episode of Scrubs. Probably is in fact. Few other episodes have this kind of serious exploration of character; all too often we get lots of funny jokes and sweet moments but very pat character conclusions as we all learn lessons.

    But this is Cox. And though there's some contrasts with the rest of the crew, this is about an essentially flawed, tragic, lonely character. It's funny, incredibly poignant, and a really powerful moment of character development (which Scrubs usually does not have, unfortunately).

    And, as far as small, "one episode" moments of character interaction and relationsip development, J.D. thinking at the end (after declaring he had no story to tell at the beginning, thus handing over to Cox - nice artifice) that that one moment of approval made stuff a little more worthwhile...

    I liked that. It felt like REAL emotion, not canned simplicity. Cox's character shone through as the best on the show. Brilliant
  • a different kind of episode...

    This scrubs episode is the first to feature a narrator other than JD. This episode was written from Perry Cox's point of view and for the first time we hear what he thinks which brings a lot of jokes that couldn't be used if the story was written from JD's point of view. This was an excellent move by the writers as it also reveals a lot about the character of Dr Cox, with scenes such as therapy and the party that nobody turns up to with all that money spent on pizza (though that's not really the sad part of the scene) and his reaction to JD leaving him. this was a very risky episode but paid off very well in the end with hilarity and character development.
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