Season 2 Episode 15

His Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • The first episode of other character's narration, this time is Dr. Cox's turn!

    This is one of the best made episodes of the entire show, second or first best episode of Season 2. This is a super-sized episode that was very well done, a series classic as it has character 'exploration'. And of course, is also one of the funniest. Lots of great quotes and funny stuff all over.
    The episode first starts with JD having his life in control, even his medium scrubs have a large effect on woman. So he has no stories to tell, JD passes touching Cox, and the POW changes to him "Today's gonna be one of those crappy days, since the moment I woke up" Cox's narration starts. There it is also the story of Turk asking countless times to Carla to marry him, trying to figure out why she's not ready yet. Then there's Elliot story about liking a handsome guy in the bar and they click on. The intro scene is having Turk in the roof of a car with the other cars parked, yelling to Carla to marry him and JD running around with sparklers, right after Carla said she doesn't like public affection. Funny stuff.
    Oohh, there's a lot going on in this episode: Cox throwing a party at which nobody assisted besides JD, Cox visiting his phsychiatrist, Cox receiving advice from JD about giving Kelso a physical and listening to him actually, at the end turns out the decisions benefited him. So he tells his shrink about it, and we see another side of Cox at the end of the episode. Elliot realise the guy is a male nurse and feels uncomfortable about dating him, but Elliot keeps dating him after some awkward time she didn't care what everyone says. Carla is not ready yet to marry, but Turk keeps wondering why, Turk is also being insecure later on. Near the end Carla has like a moment of revelation when giving Elliot a lecture. The episode ends with Turk being paged "ask me again", he leaves Nina and goes running to the park. Turk propose to Carla and get engaged, meanwhile JD runs around with spaklers, again.
    Another thing: JD avoiding the Janitor, another subplot I really liked, there's a lot of funny stuff with it. Anyways, funny stuff: Kelso's physical, Betsy, Johnny the Alzheimer tackling patient, the intro scene, "she got jungle fever, she got jungle fever", Dr. Cox in group, Dr. Cox teasing 'nervous guy', Elliot with Paul in the bar and in the hospital, Nurse Roberts being not much of a gossip, JD in the elevator(my icon) and the Janitor coming down to torment him, some Zeltzer moments, Cox with his shrink, the Todd trying to stop a boob reduction. And the episode is filled with hilarious quotes, read the ones listed, I guarantee you'll laugh out loud.
    Truly one of the most thought out episodes of Scrubs, deserves a space on the top 10.
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