Season 2 Episode 15

His Story

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • Cox.

    Cox's point of view, at first I was not crazy about this episode, considering Cox's narration started out quite awkward, but later on, I surely did get used to it. This episode was heartbreaking in some ways, since we get to see Cox's really depressing life, it shows that he cares for JD, more than JD will ever know. He thinks about the girl names he gives JD, and when he invites all the doctors to watch the game, no one shows up, and he has to lie to JD, saying that everyone was inside with him. That was such a sad scene. JD even gets a new doctor to be resident for. Cox is also shown talking to his psychiatrist which is also very depressing, since the psychiatrist isn't very good at what he does. Meanwhile Turk continues to ask Carla to marry him, meanwhile temptation might get in the way of Turk getting with Carla, when a waitress asks Turk out. Meanwhile Carla is still thinking about it, while Elliot starts dating a male nurse, Paul. Who she isn't very comfortable in seeing, since he has a "woman's job". We get to see a nice moment from Kelso for once by saying "thank you" to Cox. Carla finally accepts Turk's proposal, which was probably one of the best scenes of the season, since it was a setting stone in Turk & Carla's relationship, Carla shouldn't have made him wait it out so long though. This episode was definitely lacking some Jordan, since it revolved around Cox. Cox asks JD to work for him again, and Elliot gets back with Paul regardless if he is a nurse. All the plots were absolutely amazing, and we definitely get to see a lot of character development from all the characters. A great pivotal episode.