Season 3 Episode 18

His Story II

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • "Meh."

    Like almost all Scrubs episodes, good in and of itself.

    Turk's humanizing was done tastefully, and it was worked in well with his having cold feet about the wedding.

    The thing that I didn't like was the continued depiction of Elliott as just (either) some silly slut, or a mousy dingbat that is moved by the slightest of suggestions (her patient's: "the one who is there when you need him"). Who in their right mind would choose JD over Sean? Definitely not me.

    The way that was handled brought this episode's score way down for me.
  • Turk.

    An episode in Turk's point of view, and I think from this episode we got to see his relationship with Carla more in depth. Also with his patients, and the surgical team with Dr. Miller, who has become more of a likable character now that she has shut her mouth of all that sexist feminine nonsense. Turk makes a mistake in the surgery room, and doesn't have the guts to fess up to the patient, while he is also having trouble sending out the wedding invitations, since he has doubts. Carla always ends up finding Turk's secrets and doubts, which shows how great their relationship really is. His interaction with Dr. Miller was also nice, but Dr. Miller shared the most screen time with Kelso & Cox. Kelso & Cox compete over Dr. Miller's attention. Dr. Miller checks neither in that box. Saying that the only reason she went out with Kelso was to advance her career and saying that Cox isn't too different from Kelso. Turk's point of view wasn't awkward like Cox's was in the beginning, which made this episode more likable. The thing that really won me over was the final scene in which Elliot & JD proceed with their annual lovemaking. It wasn't such a big deal as it was before, but Elliot basically cheats on Sean with JD, and Sean just pops up at JD's door, saying he's back from New Zealand. That was eventful, and foreshadows some future issues as the season starts to close. All great plots, with a nice ending that kept me wondering on what was going to happen in the next episode.
  • Narrated from Turk's viewpoint

    A good episode for Turk, but i thought that Jelliot were kinda lame.
    Turk realizes mailing out the wedding invitations is the last major step before he gets married. A later distraction with Dr. Miller during surgery causes nerve damage to a young concert pianist, to whom he can't admit his mistake. Dr Miller is one of these chracters i somehow can't warm up to. A patient's advice to Elliot makes her realise just how good a friend J.D. has been: her feelings take charge. I found that a LITTLE lame, because...i don't know, there were quite a few Jelliot storylines like that earlier and also later on.
  • By far out of all the Scrubs episodes through Season's 1-6 this has to be the most important show when it comes to Character Development. Turk confirms his love for Carla but JD and Elliot hook up.

    By far out of all the Scrubs episodes through Season's 1-6 this has to be the most important show when it comes to Character Development. Not only does Turk confirm his love for Carla after finally confessing his mistake with an artery surgery. Also J.D. and Elliot hook up after J.D. takes Elliot's place as a clown in Pediatrics. His willingness to be there, when she doesn't even ask is the reason that she comes and they have their yearly hook up. About 90 seconds after, Elliot's boyfriend Sean shows up and takes Elliot away while stunning J.D. Being named "His Story II" it is in the narration of Turk for most of the episode except for the aforementioned final scenes.
  • Another one of the alternate narrator episodes.

    This episode is done from Turk's point of view. It actually isn't much different from what you would expect him to think. We all know he has a god complex and that he can't admit when he's wrong or when he has made a mistake. The special apperance from Kyle Sullivan was pretty good though I think they should have used his character a little bit more to show Turk and his relationship with patients.
    Now this episode is also pretty good. There are many great lines and the feud between Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso is used with Dr. Miller. It's a great little battle throughout the episode.
    The best part though is that in the end, Elliot and J.D. hook up for a little while and until Sean walks back in, the moment can't be beat. This is a great episode.
  • This episode is one of the best episodes of Scrubs and I think that is really good...!

    I like this episode very much, I think that this episode is one of the best episodes of Scrubs, first of all Turk begins to be the one narrating his story and I think that the way he does it is very exciting, because he is afraid of screwing up things because his worriness about his upcoming wedding, but when Carla helps him to reveal something to a patient, he discovers that she is the correct woman for him....

    While, Elliot faces against troubles when she discovers that Sean is so far away that their relationship could be already over, which causes her to fall with J.D. instead and they have a sex night. When they finish after understanding what did they do, Sean comes in an unexpected moment and Elliot is force to go on with him...

    Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Kelso fight for the love of a cute new doctor, in which the ends results that none of them have really interest in her, just to ruin the other lives.

    And J.D. must disguise himself as a clown, after Elliot is unable to do it. This episode is the funniest and greatest of all the season!
  • Turk's story

    One of the most important episodes of the third season, His Story II, told from Turk’s point of view, is outrageously funny with great scenes such as Carla reading Turk’s mind (“make it yourself”), Elliot wondering if all the time she spent at Clown Academy was a waste of time, and Janitor clown shoving JD clown.

    This episode also marks the third year in a row for Elliot and JD to hook up but for the first time, not ending the episode there but going on to Sean coming back ninety seconds after the act and Elliot basically forgetting JD as she runs off with him.

    Another third season great, Turk’s narrative being a brilliant viewpoint and no dull moments in the episode at all.
  • Turk freaks out about the Wedding and hesitates posting the invites, while he has to treat a concert pianist; JD steps in for Elliot as a Clown at peidiatrics for the kids, as she attends a patient, who she asks advice about her boyfriend Sean who is stil

    His Story was better, but it was sure nice to hear Turk narrating for once. He can do it pretty well and give out just as much expression as JD.

    Quite a short episode, on the (Region 2) DVD at 19:50. However that doesn't bother me, it's just something i thought i should mention.

    Also I must say Dr Miller is starting to really annoy me. She is just too much of a Dr Cox which i feel shouldn't of happened. However at least she isn't in many episodes.

    The ending to this is well quite neat. But if you havn't seen it, then i won't spoil it.

    All in all this episode is a very, well, decent episode with quite alot of laughs. Watch It!!!!