Season 5 Episode 19

His Story III

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • One of the best His/Her Stories...

    This episode follows the day in the life of 'The Janitor' and this is i'd say the 3rd best. The Janitor finally gets his moment as 'Dr. Jan'itor' by helping out a patient, and when he over heres some of the doctors calling his job useless, he starts to question his life.

    All though the Janitor may seem like the enemy to JD, in this episode you really do see his heart, and how much he truley does care for people. And by the end of the episode you feel sorry for him.

    JD gets kidnapped by him at the beginning and is not seen until the episode conclusion, which is actually a upside. I know the show would never, ever work without Braff and i was worried when it was rumoured that he was leaving the show, but it was nice to focus on some of the other characters for once.

    Overall a brilliant episode
  • The Janitor (or, if you prefer, Dr. Jan Itor) narrates!

    In my opinion, this is the best of the "His/Her Story" series. We get to see life through the eyes of the Janitor who shows that even he has emotions. Instead of seeing the constant tormenting side of the Janitor, we get to see him ride his roller coaster of emotions ranging from pride (holding the patient's legs down) to dejection (doctors talking behind his back). Even I feel bad for the Janitor when he's made fun of.

    The whole dialog between Turk and Dr. Cox about Turk's blackness is hysterical, as we see how "white" Turk actually is.

    The end of the episode is what really makes this a classic. The patient saying "Thank You" to the Janitor is a very touching scene. It was nice to see someone actually care about what the Janitor does. For once, he is respected.
  • The janitor cleans the spot-light.

    My favorite "story" of all. However it was kind of a tearjerker, even though no one died. I totally understand Dr. Jan Itor, and I'm glad that he can take it out on JD because of the humorous way that he tortures him. I actually don't think that I would have gotten hooked to this show if the janitor wasn't on it, so I am so glad that he finally got to clean the spot-light. I just don't know why they waited that long to put this one in there. Neil Flynn is just sooo amazing to watch, everything he says is so funny, but he also pulls your emotions during those heartfelt scenes. i wish that their were actual janitors like him in hospitals, because then I would get hurt more often. I'm just glad that the guy said thank you. That's what made me cry. This was my favorite episode of the season. And the season was fantastic.
  • Janitor.

    Another lesson learned at Sacred Heart, things change. In Turk's case, that was his lesson. He starts to come in to realization that things are going to change after Carla has the baby, meanwhile Cox picks on him saying he's not really black. Who really stole the spotlight in this episode was of course the janitor. Such a heartwarming plot, we get to walk in the janitor's shoes while JD is stuck in a water tower. Although this episode did feel like something was missing, (Zach Braff of course) this episode was still fantastic. Elliot's plot was just as great. When she becomes very strict with her interns. Carla ends up protecting one of them. It's weird to know that Elliot is in a higher position JD is in, but I guess it makes sense. Cox makes Elliot realize that when she was an intern, Carla helped her. Which wrapped this whole episode up in a bow. The janitor talking to the man who talks through a computer but couldn't because the computer was broken was nice, especially the heartwarming final scene: "Thank you" An amazing episode which what I have to say is one of my favorite different point of views.
  • love the janitor

    im a massive fan of the janitor so this epsidoe really hit home just how funny a character he is and how much i lvoed him. what i loved most about the story with him was that he actually had a heart when someone said he was useless. i felt really sorry for him!

    i wish there was alot more of his own narration like in teh other episdes i know he was busy with the voice dude but iw ish there was more! i also loved the ending witht he sick guy! it actually gave him credit! sub plots this season have gotten weaker and weaker but at least the main story is still strong!

    oh yeah why didnt anyone wonder where jd was?
  • "Bad uterus! Don't do that anymore!"

    This was a great episode for the Janitor. Basicly the Janitor locked up J.D. in a water tower, so he got the episode for himself. He was happy about helping save someones life in an episode, but someone calls him useless and it makes him sad. So then he confides in a disabled paitent who can't talk ["Drill-Fork! You can drill and fork! Mostly fork."]. And after Cox gives the man his new computer [it types for him by reading his eye movements] he thanks Janitor for spending time with him. It was nice to see the Janitor get some respect and I was happy for him. Good episode, I liked Dr Cox making fun of Turk the best [N.A.A.A.A.].
  • A great jaunt into the mind of the Janitor

    The Janitor or Dr Jan Itor, is perhaps one of the most psychologically developed charcters in Scrubs and it is great to be in his world, even if it does mean JD spends the day in a water tank on the hospital roof.

    Dr Cox confronts Turk about his coolness, or the lack of and this annoys Turk. A guy in a mid-life crisis is telling him he isn't cool, there must be a problem. The episode ends with Turk feeling insecure about becoming a father, could this be a sign for a future plot?

    Eliot comes to realise how much Carla helped her through being an intern and that she should lighten up on her interns.
  • My favourite character gets to narrate!

    The His Story episodes are some of the best in the series and I've enjoyed Cox's, Turk's, Elliot's and Carla's so far and the Janitor's was not a disappointment.

    The good thing about the episode is that it doesn't ruin the Janitor's manipulative side since you can see he enjoys tormenting JD and lying to people's faces but it still shows a side that is human when he realises he does not get the respect he thought he did.

    There are so many hilarious moments in the episode such as his sixth sense (knowing when squirrels are afraid) and Cox listing reasons why Turk is not black and this episode is one nobody should miss.
  • This is definitely the best and funniest His Story

    I chose the title out of character but i mean it in a good way. We see a completely different side to the janitor. We see that first thing in the morning he has to do is take care of JD and he does he locks him in a water tower or something. We see that the Janitor can be a nice person at times (most other times he was this nice he did something bad to make up for it) and that he believes his work makes a difference around the hospital. He tries to fix the patient's computer but doesn't succeed. And at the end of the episode the patient says thanks an Dr.Cox thinks he was talking to him but he was realy talking to the janitor. This is definitely one of my personal favourite episodes of scrubs
  • Great!

    What a really cool episode! The Janitor locks up JD in the water tower so he begins narrating the story, in which we discovered some facts about him, for example combining and inventing things, for example combining tools with kitchen utensils, and later when Janitor saves the life of a patient he begins to boast about what he did, and later he discovers that the staff do not take him seriously because he never does anything useful. Really cool!
  • What I consider the best of the His/Her Story episodes.

    Of all the His/Her Story episodes, this is easily my favorite and the best. Instead of transitioning narrators with a pat on the back (can't remember which episode it happens in), Janitor kidnaps napping JD. Its almost as if he hijacked the narration itself.

    As other reveiwers noted, Janitor doesn't get a lot of respect, even around the characters who have been there for the longest time. We see that he has ambition to make a difference even through the act of self-sacrifice ("I had offers from Morgan Stanley, etc"). We see he makes a difference in two ways in this episode,holding the legs of the seizure patient and chatting with Mr. McNair. Only with the seizure patient is his help acknowledged. The arguably larger difference with Mr. McNair is unacknowledged even to himself.

    The rest of this episode is great, from JD's small scenes to Turk maintaining his blackness to Elliot being rough on the interns.

  • A great Episode, Besides one Factor

    The one factor i am talking about is Elliot Reid. What i have started to notice with Sarah's character is that whenever she is given a big and important speaking role, she seems to overact quite a bit. This overacting can make the episode go down in quality quite alot. Beside Sarahs overacting this episode was GREAT, the Janitor was able to handle his role superbly, and his narration was better. In the episode we see the side of the Janitor that we have never seen before. A side of him that is nice and that can be hurt, and this is expressed throughout the episode. But the best thing about this episode is NO JD, without his high pitched annoying narrations it gives a well needed break from him and brings the episode up a bit. 9.9/10
  • Another perfect episode!

    This episode had everything that makes scrubs such a great sitcom. At times it's laugh-out-loud funny, and at times it brings about sentimental feelings towards one or more of the cast members, and in the end it leaves you with a touching moment where you can truly feel the emotion. This episode did all that, and through the eyes of the janitor none-the-less. we finally get to walk through the halls of Sacred Hearts from the point of view of the shows most overlooked characters.
  • The Janitor\'s world is an ungrateful one.

    I\'ve very much enjoyed the last few episodes of Scrubs, and I\'ve always loved when they do one of the episodes from another character\'s point-of-view.

    To see the hospital from the Janitor\'s eyes was interesting. I find the character hilarious, even though he annoys me at times. But I really felt sorry for him, when he was so proud of holding that guy down, and overhearing those doctors. I loved the way that was handled. J.D. would\'ve commented with a little word or sentence, the Janitor didn\'t comment, he just walked away. Great that the guy who couldn\'t talk saw that the Janitor actually have a place at Sacred Heart. (Also, we saw the return of Dr. Jan Itor. Too funny!)

    Turk and Carla are sweet together, and it will be interesting to see how they handle being parents. I hope they get a girl, though.

    Elliot is her nervous, dominating self, and it was really cool to see a flashback, from when she first started out, and giving Carla a little bit of praise. Elliot\'s mother is disturbing. As someone on the show once said, it\'s a wonder Elliot isn\'t a whole lot more screwed up.

    On another note, has anyone noticed how bad Elliot\'s make-up is nowadays? Like, light purple eye-shadow and almost-purple lipstick? It looks horrible.

    I\'m glad we have Scrubs, and hope it stays on another season, now that AD is gone for good, we need some quality comedies.
  • In this episode, The Janitor takes over the narration of the show after making sure JD is indisposed for the day. Meanwhile, Elliot is on a mission to punish an unknown intern for making a mistake.

    This was an excellent episode. You get a real sense of how The Janitor feels about his presence in the hospital. I especially liked the musical selection for the final scene. I also really enjoyed the critical flashback in which Carla protects Elliot from the wrath of Dr. Cox, which makes Elliot rethink what she wants to say to Carla. Excellent episode all around. Episodes like these are the reason I fell in love with the show.
  • At first I though this was going to be a boring episode, but then...!

    When I read that the Janitor was gonna narrate this epidode I though it would ne noring. I mean, the Janitor i sooo funny, but I'm not really sure I'd like to know what he's thinking, you know...?
    But then when he locked in JD I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe, and that made me in a very good mood. And it was actually good to see what a member of the maintenance crew thinks about. We get an explanation to all his lies throughout the years ("Man, I love the rush from lying to someones face!") and also a little background facts about his life (he must be very lonely, does he even have a wife and kids, or is his [possibly sold] squirrel army his only comfort?).
    The other stories where good too, but I missed JD a little. And I wanna see his mom , anybody with me?
  • Janitor's lead role

    One of my fave characters is the Janitor he never gets much of an outing... But this episode he was the lead character I love him he is one of the best characters ever to be created... Some of the episodes lately he's been good in but this episode at the end when the bloke said "Thank you" it brought tears to my eyes... This is now my best episode ever in the whole scrubs world... Watch it and tell me you truthfully it doesn't make you wish the Janitor was in it more then he actually is...
  • Man I like this show!!!

    This episode was a little different…it was narrated by the Janitor. We learn that Turk is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he is a Black surgeon, who is soon to be a father. It makes him feel as if he has lost his mojo. Elliot is trying the “bad cop” approach with her interns. When one of her interns makes a big mistake, Carl covers for her. But Elliot finds out and wants to know who did it. So she decides to use her boyfriend (who is an intern) to get to the culprit. When she finds out who she was and that Carla covered for her, she is reminded of all the times that Carla protected her in her younger days. The Janitor spends time talking to a patient who cant talk back, and JD is locked in a water tower for the whole episode.
  • From a one time appearance to the lead voice of the episode in just 5 short years, Neil Flynn has made it to the prime time.

    Neil Flynn started Scrubs with a couple lines. Then snuck one in past the creator. Since then he's been a guest star in most of the first season episodes (possibly all) that was going to be the punchline if the series got canceled. (He was going to be a hallucination of JD.)

    Then a Full time cast member in the second season interacting with more than JD. He's grown, always using a script of his own mind (he tends never to read the line that's written exactly as written).

    Finally he has reached the highest mark of the episode, higher than his own main story line (which he's had a couple times) he has "the voice" an honor only given to four other cast member besides JD.

    Most people might not think that the Janitor has a great story to tell, however his daily interactions and thoughts are hilarious and to those who enjoy his quips, his thoughts make those seem like chuckles.

    The main stories are still existant, JD is completely absent from the episode except in flash backs (for an obvious reason, guess who disposed of him?)

    Overall it's a great episode, it's exactly why I watch Scrubs, and it brings one of my favorite characters to the forefront, while producing a couple great stories and a very touching ending.
  • Another fine "His/Her story episode" featuring possibly one of the funniest and under-appreciated characters, absolutly amazing...

    Without a doubt this is my favourite Scrubs Episode featuring my favourite scrubs character (Personal opinion out of the way...) The episode focuses around the janitors day being narrated by himself. JD early on is "Gotten rid of" by the Janitor in one of his many hilarious ways.

    The main focus with the Janitor is his sense of belonging in the hospital, does he actually make a significant difference, whilst everyone else is going about saving lifes he is just sat there cleaning up, Is he really needed?

    We finally get an insight into the Janitor thought processes and the reason why he works at sacred heart. He is ridiculed by the doctors and nurses because he doesn't help in the way they do.

    The episode reflects his feelings and is funny yet being sad and evoking strong feelings of pathos for the Janitor.

    The subplots between Cox and Turk and Carla and Elliot are satisfactory, not perfect but overall the janitors story outshines this minor discrepency making another fine scrubs episode.
  • The third installment in the His/Her Story episodes, where the episode is in the POV of a character other than JD. The Janitor locks up JD for the day and deals with the fact that he is someone which everyone in the hospital thinks is usel

    I find this episode fairly entertaining and refreshing mainly because of the absence of JD. The last few episodes of the 5th Season have produced great laughs mostly coming from JD, and I found this episode to be a good change.

    With 3 people dealing with their seperate dilemmas, this episode completely excludes JD except for two quick scenes in the beginning and end. Most jokes, coming from the Janitor and Turk subplots were enjoyable and entertaining. The occurence of Elliot's mother in this episode was a bit forced, and did not provide any good laughs. It had potential, but was lacking in clever lines that we are used to expect from Elliot herself.

    The episode also had a great theme behind it and was definetly demonstrated in true Scrubs style with all there people realizing, and accepting the truths.

    Hopefully in the future we get to see more of these episodes where other characters are featured more dominantly. It'd be great if they made an episode like this for Cox, Kelso, Turk and Elliot.

    Overall very good 30 minutes spent, a few jokes were lacking the punch, but the good storyline and the quality acting from Neil Flynn gives this a 9.4/10
  • We get into the mind of the Janitor, and realize there is more to him than we think...but not much more.

    As with every season thus far, one episode diverts away from JD\'s thoughts to another characters, and this time, we got to hear from the mysterious Janitor.

    With JD out of the picture, the Scrubs spotlight shines less brightly on it\'s star and allows the lesser, but equally brilliant, characters a chance to shine without being overhsadowed by Zach Braff. Neil Flynn is a master comedian, and his narration didn\'t make me miss JD one bit (Dr. Jān Itor!).

    The subplots were funny enough, what with Cox proving that Turk wasn\'t nearly as cool as he thought he was and Elliot introducing her horrible mother to Keith, but the main draw of the show was getting to see the Janitor\'s side of a day, and learning that in some small way, he is indeed appreciated.

    During the final scene, when the patient thanks him as he walks away, Scrubs pulls off another of it\'s perfect touching moments, while not quite the emotional ending such as they\'ve done in the past. It was well scripted, and well done.

    All told, this episode really didn\'t serve to advance the show\'s plot at all, but it provided some great insight into the mind of Sacred Heart\'s most underappreciatred employee.
  • This week Scrubs featured the 5th in their series of \"His/Her Story\" episodes; this one focusing on everyone\'s favourite Janitor. The two sub-plots included \"Elliot being hard on interns\" and \"Turk and Dr. Cox arguing about what black means".

    I\'ve come to expect great things from Scrubs and especially from their themed episodes, which might be why I was so dissapointed with this week\'s episode. The two sub-plots had almost nothing going for them, with both Turk and Elliot acting particularily stubborn, and not even the brief cameo of Elliot\'s mother was able to get much of a laugh. The main story of the Janitor\'s life in Sacred Heart had alot of the minor chuckles I\'ve come to expect from the Janitor, but it was missing the huge laughs that only JD can bring in. And with almost 20 minutes of the episode being completely JD-free, I was left with almost a bad taste in my mouth.

    This episode gets a 6.3 out of 10. (Crummy episode all around, but it is still Scrubs.)
  • The his/hers story episodes are always good.

    Like with the other her/his story episodes, we get to see the hospital trough the eyes of someone else as JD. This time the Janitor, or dr Jan Itor, for that matter. We learn that he likes to invent stuff like the "Drill-Fork, it can drill ànd fork!" and that he thinks the other staff appreciates him as an valuable member of the Sacred Heart Hospital. Offcourse later on we learn that that's not the case, but as a great scrubs-ish ending of the episode, the computer-talking patient thanks him for his attention.

    Besides this character development there weren't many interesting plot developments. Just some great jokes like the bad uterus one (what happened to JD's camera anyway?). O and the scene where Lony kicked Turks ass at basketball was also classic scrubs.

    *crosses fingers for a 6th season* :)
  • A funny story, with a really sweet ending

    There can never be enough janitor in my opinion, and the characters had some revealing moments. The ending was perfect Scrubs, sweet but not gooey.
    Elliots been getting a little out of control, and the jury\\\'s still out on keith, but Carla gives her a reality check.
    Not a lot of Zach braff due to a run in with the janitor, and they never really explain what happened to his video camera.
    The plot really didn\\\'t move forward at all, but its still an enjoyable episode. Focus is on the secondary, or supporting characters, and its nice to see them. Especially the janitors monologues. That character is a classic.
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