Season 6 Episode 7

His Story IV

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • Kelso.

    I would have to say, this is the worst "His/Her/Their Story" ever on Scrubs. Politics aren't funny at all. And probably half of the Scrubs fans didn't even know what the Scrubs cast was talking about. Liberal/Republican who cares!? This episode had a lot of potential since we never really see what's going on in Kelso's head but I just found this episode incredibly annoying.

    Cox getting that upset over a coffee discount was out of character. The only highlight of this episode was the Janitor and killing animals to make salt and pepper shakers. The patient wasn't too great either and all of his conversations with Kelso were incredibly boring.

    One of the worst episodes of Scrubs in the history of time. It wasn't funny, just idiotic. It's a wonder that after all the great previous episodes we've been having, we get something like this.
  • I can see why people don't care for this episode, but I love it.

    This episode was well-plotted, hilarious (the human magic 8 ball had me on the floor laughing), and not to mention it had Kelso at his best. As for the politics, I can understand how seeing your favorite character preach views that you are strongly against might be upsetting, but being a very political person, I found the concept fun to watch. However, I didn't much care for Private Dancer. He was okay in "My Perspective," but his performance in this episode was below par. Also, JD and Carla are hardly in the episode which was kind of disappointing. Kelso's performance is what made the episode great. Other episodes hinted that he had some morals but this episode clinched it. Also, the Janitor's performance as always left me gasping for air. The salt and pepper bunny was classic. The episode was definitely not without flaw but it is still one of my favorites.
  • im a kelso fan

    ok so heres the deal! when i watch scrubs usually the subplots dont realyl go inot my head and ignore them so all this tlak of the iraq war iwasnt really fussed about so i couldnt hate it or love it, i jsut watched it!

    kelso is one of my favorite characters on scrubs and for this reason i really enjoyed his story! the human side of him is genius and being able to see how he works is great! he's not all bad! granted he's an ass but he has his reasons like cox does! all in all i really like the epsiode! wasnt fussed about the sub plot and also lack of laughs have begun to get to me this season!
  • When a soldier who was injured in the war in Iraq is admitted to Sacred Heart, tempers flare and heated political arguments between the staff cause them to neglect their duties. Dr. Kelso narrates for the first time.

    This episode humanizes Dr. Kelso more, as he is generally portrayed as shallow and evil. I enjoyed it because it was not too sappy, as they have done previously in His Story III, when they focused on the Janitor.

    Scrubs tackled an important political issue in an irreverant manner, and the writers portrayed a caricatures of both the Republican and Democratic points of view on the war. The humor was well done, especially Dr. Kelso's monologue at the beginning of the episode, his assumption of the position of Head Nurse, and Elliot and Keith's feelings when they both realize they have common opinions on politics.

    Even though the humor and subject matter were fairly good, I still felt that the episode was a little stale. Perhaps it felt a little too preachy. In short, I feel that this is a very good episode, but not up to par with the rest of the series.
  • His Story IV has a injured patient who starts up a heated topic in the hospital.

    This episode made me think a lot. I am not sure if I am pro war or against it for sure. I really liked this episode. I liked the fight that Cox and Turk had with Elliot. It was classic when they put her embarrassing quotes on the coffee cups. I think that the actor that played the injured soldier did a nice job. I liked how this episode was in Kelso's head. My favorite part was when he followed the cup cake. That was a classes. I hope that if they have another his/her story that it is as good as this one was.
  • A pretty good episode, cleverly filmed and well plotted.

    I thought this was a good episode, mainly because it dealt with some interesting, and very current, issues (Dr. Kelso: So, Pluto's not a planet anymore, whats up with that??). With the hospital divided, Kelso needs to find a way to reunite and used a trick that has been working for many people for many years: a common enemy.

    This episode showed interesting insights into character within the show that would not have been seen before. For example, we learn that Kieth is a republican, as is Mickhead and Dr. Cox and Turk are both against the war on Iraq.. We also learn that JD's secret weakness is geography.. (Oh wait, we already knew that!)

    9/10 because it was a great ep, some classic quotes, my favourite being:

    Janitor: Point to Iraq
    *JD Points to China on the globe*
    Janitor: That's China.
    Janitor: That's an outrageous accusation..
  • Good episode, classic Scrubs!

    I thought this was a very classic episode in Scrubs for a couple of reasons. The minor reason being a focus of a JD and into the mind of someone else. Getting to see Dr. Kelso in a different light is somewhat refreshing. It offers insight into his character as to why he must act the way he does and the image he must porray. I have to admit, that it was refreshing to see a softer side of Kelso but I am very happy he's not changing. The major reason this is classic Scrubs is because it takes a subject as serious as the war in Iraq and makes it funny. The only other place you can see that much comedy involving politics is the Daily show or the Colbert report. Scrubs was able to take a controversial subject and make it enjoyable for the whole world to laugh with.
  • This episode is exactly why I watch this series. The characters build more and more every episode, and this shows a completely different side to Dr. Kelso.

    I've loved scrubs since Season 1, Episode 1. Every character in the show grows and everything seems to work out. In this episode, Dr. Kelso is seen from a different perspective and we get to see characters take sides on a very hot topic in the United States today. It's not every day that a show emphasizes on what's actually going on in the world, but in this episode clearly does. Using the war, and having every side of the debate from the liberals opposing the war, the pro-war conservatives, and even the unbiased opinions. They found a way to make it seem humorous. I especially love the fact that Elliot is even more in love with Keith since he admitted he was a Republican like she is. Dr. Kelso is now viewed as a waste of space in the hospital, and unless everybody hates him and he is the "bad guy," nobody will respect him as the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart. Kudos to Kelso finally seeing that he is the hated one at Sacred Heart and finally accepting that fact.
  • A neat and original view of Sacred Heart.

    I really liked this episode because we finally get to see a more human side to Kelso. Kelso is usually either portrayed as ridculously evil or clueless as to what is going on. It is nice that this episode does not deny that, but rather gives you a motivation as to why he is like this. It's nice to know that he sacrifices himself as the "bad guy" so that his team will be unified, in hatred of him if nothing else. Even in looking at old episodes of Scrubs, I see Kelso in a new light after this episode. Well done all around!
  • Debate over the war in Iraq among the staff helps show why Kelso is Kelso.

    Lots of other people have written reviews about this episode and ripped it for talking about the war in Iraq, blah blah blah blah blah. The bottom line is that because of a controversial topic in the hospital all of the employees are arguing with one another. We get to see the story through Kelso's eyes for the first time and he realizes that because of all the fighting in the hospital sooner or later the whole debate is going to interfere with a patient getting the right treatment. Kelso almost sees this happen to his patient, Private Dancer who happens to be a soldier wounded in the war. As a result of talking to Private Dancer he realizes that he has to go back to his old ways of getting under everyone's skin and giving them a common enemy to hate. Even if you don't like that they talked about Iraq, and I really think people made WAAAAAY too big a deal about that by the way, this episode showed us that Kelso, despite all the mean things he does just to ammuse himself, cares for the patients enough to not care if everyone in the hospital hates him. Even though we all knew he cared about his patients, we finally got to see him prove it.
  • A Change in theme

    This scrubs episode has been given a lot of bad cred when clearly this episode wasn't going for the usual laughs throughout but a episode with meaning and depth. The war on Iraq is clearly something of great importance which is one of the reasons so many people have been creating such a huff about this episode so having one episode linked with the war is barely something that all the supposed scrubs fans can say has completely put them off it. If you can be put of by one little episode how can you even consider yourself a fan. The episode still had humour and has been one of the few episodes showing Doctor Kelso up close and personal which is why i think this episode, even if not one of the best, is still a very good episode!
  • This time it's Dr Bob Kelso turn to tell a story: A wounded soldier from Iraq spawns a debate about the American war on terror, which leads to a neglect of patients, especially the young soldier...

    For the sixth time a Scrubs episode is narrated from a others point of view. This time it's Dr. Bob Kelso's turn. As an aggressor he's doing his thing fine, but telling a whole episode wasn't a good idea. His character is to unsympathetic, even thou he trys to show, that he isn't the monster he pretend to be.
    In my opinion this episode is to political: Comdey isn't the right platform to discuss war or political orientations.

    Hopefully next "His Story" episode will give lawyer Ted Buckland, or in case of "Her Story" Jordan Sullivan a chance. Would be nice to see one of thous telling their story.
  • The story is beyond politics. The issue of debate was chosen to divide the hopsital so Kelso could save the day. This story revolves around the Kelso character but fans' fixation on the politics takes them away from the focus of the story itself.

    I have been told that the three things you do not discuss with your colleagues are: Religion, Ethics, and Politics.

    This is why.

    A lot of people around the fandom only seem able to focus on the political issues of this episode, and only a handful of us who recognizes that the story was beyond politics; that the arguments surrounding this political issue was just a plot device to involve a little used, but important, supporting character and develop him a little.

    This episode is about Kelso and what he means to Sacred Heart. He's the one in charge but who in actuality wield little to no power, and nobody takes him seriously. Because of the deteriorating working condition brought about by the differences on this one topic, he decides that he needs to step up and contribute to bringing things around. It backfired, of course.

    In the end, he uses the one thing he could count on to rally his people: his general unlikable personality and refocus all the hate back onto himself.

    Rarely do we see this side of Kelso: he does give a damn about his hospital, and by god, he'll do something about it.

    The politics was used to bring the Kelso story about. The fact that it is so hotly debated around the fandom should show just why it was used to split the characters up; it IS that controversial that everyone takes a side (with the exception of Ted). They've already done at least one religion episode that I can think of off the top of my head, they've visited numerous ethical debates over the years, they've talked about deaths, the rights of people, relationships (both romantic and platonic) and they all serve the story in some way with enough controversy for an actual plot. This episode was no exception. They needed something big enough to not just create a few squabbles, they needed a topic big enough to disrupt normal hospital operations, enough that KELSO had to step in. The current Iraq war fits that bill so they used it.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and thought both sides were represented equally. I like the fact that they use actual intellectual discussion to make funny dialogues and not just random slapstick comedy. Though they have that, too. That's why this show is so great: they don't rely on any one comedic formula, they incorporate just about everything into the show, including intelligent writing and real heart.
  • What has happened to scrubs !?

    Season 6 has been a disaster for scrubs, I don't know what has happened, I am so dissapointed. I have been following scrubs from the day it was first aired, and every episode had made me laugh, but season 6 is just so hard to watch, i haven't laughed once while watching season 6. Everything has gone wrong, the charecters have got too silly, J.D is hardly in it, they have added the coffee shop which is a feeble attempt by the writers to make the set more interesting, it was fine before. I really hope they ressolve this rut they have got themselves in, and bring the old scrubs bacl to life.
  • "I'm up to the part where George W. Bush gives his "Mission Accomplished" speech on the tank, but I still have like 400 pages left!"

    First off I would like to say that I did like the episode, the debates were funny and it was nice to see each side get a fair voice [though they were all put to far left or far right] and I also liked to see Kelso look more human in this one. It was nice to see that he is not just an evil *******. All that would be bad is that the Iraq jokes seemed tacked on and they just did far Left and far Right like I said, but the only big example of a flat out anti war joke was the one I put in the Sumary [though I will admit, that was a bad idea mr Bush, even though I like the man]. And I won't voice out my opinion right here but if you know me you know what I think. So I will sum this up simpily, the episode was funy, the debate was funny, Kelso was good, Elliot is my new favorite character and J.D. is perfect as a clueless idiot, but it was nice to see him beat Janitor in the end.
  • An incredibly poor episode to complement a poor season.

    So far Scrubs has been poor this season. Fair enough there have been a few good jokes, but this doesn't make up for the fact that so far, nothing great has come from this season, and this episode was one of the worst episodes I have seen.

    The whole Iraq debate going on during the show was so out of character for the show it felt wrong. Usually the show is about issues that come up in. When this episode goes into syndication it will be poorly received, or just ignored.

    Overall, I feel that based on this episode, and the episodes previously, this season may be the last. It reminds me of what happened to friends, all the characters becaming parodies of themselves.
  • Another great installment of His/Her Sotry series. Although I agree that politics arent funny, nurse Kelso is a sure winner.

    I just love when someone bumps JD because we know right away that this will be a special episode. I've wondered what ever goes on Kelso's mind. We know that he is this grumpy old man who doesn't care about no one at all but his hospital budget. But when he encounters a kid who fought in Iraq we get an inside scoop of Kelso's feelings and thoughts about the hospital crew. Things stir up as Kelso changes his ways of never caring about anything at all to trying to help out in the hospital. ANd this is when the episode becomes really funny. We get to see Kelso's dreams about the Navy, about being a Nurse... he even gets to BE a nurse! Pass out the polits shmolitics stuff and focus on what a great character Bob "who has two thubs and doesn't care" Kelso.
  • Well, at least Kelso has.. a heart?

    Although I didn't care too much, it's nice to see Dr. Kelso actually 'has a heart'.
    I know it was "implied" he was pure evil, but it's good to see from time to time he's sort of human as well, and interacting with anothers.
    Anywho, I am glad to see Kelso isn't a total bastard after-all.
  • Don't do this E V E R again!

    While the episode is well written and acted - I absolutely hated it! I don't care if they were 'making a point.' We all already know that the Iraq War is a controversial topic. Nothing new here. Sure, we galvanize by hating the same person, but ol' Bob Kelso has accomplished that 1000 other ways. No need to drag Iraq into the mix. Scrubs is the one place I don't want to hear the words "Iraq War" or "Britney Spears." They DON'T have to address all the burning issues of the world on this programs. Scrubs is a wonderful 30-minute escape from those types of things. The only redeeming qualities? I think I heard a 'bajingo' reference again (always a killer!) & the 'Iraq War for Dummies' book JD was reading. Classic. I love this program - but don't do this - E V E R - again!
  • Politics aren't funny

    Very disappointing, the worst Scrubs episode...ever. I just don't understand why a show that prides itself on being very creative and of course very goofy would waste an episode. The only good thing I can say about the episode is that they tried to take a neutral stance on the war, but it still seemed partisan. After the show ended, I actually felt cheated. I watch the majority of Scrubs reruns and can always find humor, no matter how many times I've seen the episode. When this episode re-airs, I'm not watching it. I'm still a Scrubs enthusiast, but this one really blew.
  • Kelso's turn finally...

    I don’t really understand why people hated this episode so much. Only because it talks about the Iraq War, it is stupid. I just don’t understand, the Iraq War is something that we lived, live and will live and I think that it is great that they are trying at least inform us through a very popular show this way. I just really like this episode.

    Now, this time it was Kelso’s turn to narrate, as he was getting bored and was beginning to get away and outside the hospital due to his lack of excitement. However, a solider that fought on the Iraq War reminds Kelso of the marines of what would have happen if he had stayed over there, which eventually leads to Dr. Cox to remind that the time for Kelso’s use has already passed and that nothing of what he does is needed by anyone, and for a moment or two we have a very sad moment when he think about it. The whole hospital into a dispute between to bands one against and in favor of was very well plotted, though I would have like much more remarks and much more pranks, and the end was quite clever, demonstrating that the whole hospital maintains together and stop from killing each other due to the fact that everyone hates Kelso’s attitude, demonstrating JD’s theory about how some should be hated and some should be loved.

    Now, I think that the episode would have been a lot better if we have more involvement and at least another subplot, they should have bring something up. JD only appears like five times around the episode, with little dialogue. But overall, this episode was still quite impressive.
  • Kelso narrates for the fourth his story!

    The his and her stories are terrific episodes as not only do we learn more about their characters but we also see what goes on in there heads and with Dr Kelso, it would be a difficult task to still make him dislikeable in a hilarious way and Scrubs manages to pull it off.

    The political debate was very funny, especially Ted cheering for both sides and JD's lack of knowledge on current events, and the Janitor's lack of knowledge on geography.

    The ending was very well plotted as it shows that Kelso needs to be hated so differing opinions can be brought together by a common enemy, JD of course coming in too late.

    Overall, while some people believe that this is a way to make the show edgy, I disagree and think the episode was more about an exagerration of hospital arguments and a way to see a different side of Dr Kelso, but my favourite His Stories are still Dr Cox's and the Janitor's.
  • This episode had so much potential, yet failed miserably. My lowest rated Scrubs episode of all time.

    Kelso is struggling with his place at Sacred Heart and how others have lost respect for him. He wonders if he even belongs at the hospital anymore. A wounded soldier provides insight and perhaps a glimpse into Kelso's past that can help him fight through a depressing situation. Sounds like a great premise for a Scrubs classic, especially since it is told from Kelso's point of view, doesn't it? WRONG! Instead we get nearly thirty minutes of a disjointed, out-of-place commentary on the U.S. war effort. It was like the writers were trying to make the viewers aware of their personal stances on the war. Guess what? I don't care what your views are. That's why I watch this show. Because along with the many laughs, Scrubs is a place I can go to get away from politicians and war. Never in a million years would I think I would say this but: I'm beginning to wonder if I really want a seventh season or not. One more year that follows the path that this show is going would only tarnish the brilliance of seasons past.
  • They missed a real chance tonight!

    I am not one who was annoyed that Scrubs decided to take on politics or the Iraq war. In fact i think being a medical show and having a wounded solider come back from Iraq really could have made for amazing and heartfelt television. The likes of an All in The Family in the 70's talking about Vietnam. However the reason this episode misses is that you can tell the writers were so worried about making sure that "both" sides of the issue(s) were shown that it got unfunny! And yes there was a way to drive home that these issue(s) spilt up people including friends and still be funny! For instance JD reading the Iraq War for dummies was FUNNY and his line about having about 800 pages to go after Bush announced mission Accomplished was also a great line! However i agree with others that its absurd that Elliot and Keith wouldnt know this about each other after a year of going out! And that Hilary line to me was a bit classless for Scrubs! i have plenty of friends who do not like her but why put it in there at that moment? The lesson that i feel should have been learned was that no matter what side of the issue you fall on regarding the war there is a pure human element example of course being Private Dancer! Sadly instead of going for the true emotional response that would tie everything together they end with hating kelso for coffee? a fitting ending for an episode that SHOULD have and COULD have been so much more!
  • But not in a bad way, they've made the show more mature, but not losing it's comedy touches.

    His Story IV shifts the focus onto Dr Bob Kelso, the person we've all come to love and hate, and this time we see it through his eyes. In season 5, JD had to tail him and see that he had to make difficult decisions and that it wasn't always easy being the head. In this episode we get the same feeling, and what it's like to lose the ability of controlling those that follow you. Sometimes it is only through ruthlessness and hardship can one be an exceptional leader and Dr Kelso learns this from a patient that has come from Iraq. The debate about Iraq has spread through the hospital, and completely splits the hospital into 2. JD as usual plays a small role in the "his" stories. That's the general outline here.

    There are still some pretty decent jokes mixed in with all the serious stuff, I mean slagathorn....classic, how did they come up with that?!? There are some other bits too, some people may respond well to them, others not so much.

    This wasn't an episode that would have you on the ground rolling in tears, nor was it a spectacle like the musical, but all in all, it was a pretty decent episode.
  • Jumping the shark?

    Last night's episode officially has me worried that the show has started to jump the shark. A couple of laughs, but that was it. Private Dancer? They could have done SO much with that. Kelso as the narrator-- they could have done SO much with that. Scrubs has rarely introduced "issues of the day" into its episodes. That is what makes the show classic and timeless. This episode was very out of place. Like Keith and Elliot wouldn't have known each other's political views after a year together? It was just a way to call Hillary Clinton a beeotch for a cheap laugh-- and it missed. It's sad. Like most of my favorite shows, it's looking like Scrubs is sticking around a little too long. I hope the rest of the season turns it around.
  • Narration through Dr. Kelso had so much potential, but again politics has ruined our fun!

    Usually when Scrubs tries something different they succeed in delivering a great show, but this 'his story' just wasn't what it could have been. The other 'their' stories episodes and the musical episode were fantastic and brought a whole new dimension to the show and I thought 'His Story IV' would be the same. Sadly I was proved wrong. I felt the episode was on par with the best of what Scrubs has produced up to the point where politics came into play. Why would a surreal comedy show try to debate the intricacies of US foreign policy? They may have been successful if they took an entirely humorous approach towards it. They didn't, and the skewed mix of wit and seriousness meant that barely a laugh was to be had, and that is not why people watch Scrubs. Scrubs is a show that should focus on taking minds away from the turmoil of reality for 22minutes a week and continue to lift spirits as it has done successfully for 5 years.
  • Eh... what is with season six?

    I have been more than disappointed in the sixth season of SCRUBS so far and while they have been getting a bit better, the show is still not what it used to be. I can't quite figure it out. I don't mind Braff not being the main character for tonights episode. Kelso had some funny moments, I just didn't find the whole political/Iraq sequence believable. I thought it was done poorly and honestly, a bit cheap. It ended on a pretty touching note and had some very funny moments with the Janitor and his rabbit salt and pepper shaker, but it was still a disappointment.

    Hoping for the best in the upcoming episodes though...
  • Dr. Kelso gets the spotlight

    As an avid Scrubs viewer, I'd have to say that this episode of Scrubs was probably one of my least favorite. Dr. Kelso is a bland character, and while he does have moments, his narration was boring. The whole political battle was really bad and the only thing that saved this episode was the Janitor. The salt and pepper bunny had me laughing real hard! This was, without a doubt a poor episode. Let's hope the next one puts the sixth season back on target.