Season 7 Episode 6

My #1 Doctor

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 06, 2007 on NBC

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    A good episode, this late in the game, it's admirable that Scrubs can still bring good episodes to the table. In the beginning, this episode didn't seem like much. JD bragging about being the number one doctor. Turk & Cox and their antics. The janitor and Lady, his new girlfriend, and Carla being suspicious. Kelso getting free muffins, or having any interest in Harry Potter whatsoever?

    Although, we do have something here that's quite fresh. Now that Elliot is in private practice now *Everyone falls to sleep* she is closer with her patients. When she learns that her patient is going to kill herself, she doesn't know whether to let her die or to contact the police. This is something that could haunt her for the rest of her life.

    This was one of those plots, where the character develops, and becomes more three dimensional. After the whole Kieth fallout, it's nice to see Elliot as a doctor and having more serious plots in episodes, so this episode overall was a breath of fresh air.
  • I love Scrubs!

    Elliot boasts that through private practice she gets to get to know her patients but it comes back and bites her on the ass. Carla is amazed at how the Janitor was able to score such an attractive girlfriend and goes about trying to figure it out roping in Dr. Kelso through blackmail. The doctors are improving their services to get a higher ranking on a website and although J.D. appears nonchalant initially, he is elated when he is ranked #1. This episode touched on a very sensitive issue of euthanasia which I think was handled superbly - comicly but seriously in all the right places. I'm just not sure what Elliot did will please everyone but I probably would have done the same.

    At the nurse's station, Carla tells the Janitor that it's strange he uses a cowboy voice when discussing how "smitten" he is with his girlfriend Lady. Meanwhile, Turk and Cox tell J.D. about their contest to see how long each can stay in a room with a patient who has a smelly fungal infection. J.D. wonders why Cox and Turk compete so much since they're not even friends, and he learns that competition is a cardinal rule of being a man.
    Cox tells everyone that he signed Sacred Heart up for, a website where patients rate their doctors. In the halls, the Janitor continues to annoy by using his cowboy voice. Elliot and J.D. chat with one of Elliot's terminal patients, Shannon, who Elliot has formed a close bond with. At the same time, Cox and Turk begin a contest to get higher ratings on the website.
    Shannon tells Elliot that she purposefully overdosed to try and kill herself before she gets really sick. This goes against everything Elliot stands for and she's deeply upset. In the cafeteria, Cox, Turk, and other doctors review comments left about them on the site. J.D. stops by to rub in the fact that he's rated number one.
    Carla tells the Janitor that his relationship is a lie and won't be real until Lady knows the real, much nuttier, him. In a hall, Turk tells Cox that they can't lose to J.D., no matter what it takes; after all, winning is more important than friendship.
    Elliot and J.D. discuss Shannon's situation, and J.D. tells her she can't let her patient kill herself. Elliot thinks she can handle that and maybe it's the right thing to do. The Janitor takes Carla's words to heart and reveals his stranger side to Lady, including his penchant for stuffing animals with other animals. Carla steps in and puts a stop to it before he totally ruins his new relationship. She advises to "dole out your crazy in little pieces.
    Turk has Todd pose as J.D. to force his rating down on the website. J.D. is pissed that Turk would do this to him. When Turk asks if there's anything he can do to make it up to him, he offers to let him win at basketball while the nurses watch. Outside, Elliot says goodbye to Shannon, who thanks her for being such an amazing friend even as she heads out to follow through on her overdose plans. On a positive note, Turk comes clean about Todd and J.D. returns to being the top-rated doctor for Sacred Heart.
  • Turk & Cox try to get JD out of the running to be the number 1 doctor. Elliot has to face a decision regarding a patient of hers. Carla tries to figure out why Lady likes the Janitor

    The episode was okay. You see Im tired of saying the following sentence: It had potential. Im concerned that many shows this season have great potential but they dont work consistently to bring out the full level of excellence, which the plot is very well capable of. Take Heroes. It was a good idea to experiment with the notion of seeing how the OLDER generation of heroes behaved. The new powers were dullsville, but i dont think it would have really mattered, if the writers had known HOW to develop a character (the developement of Elle was pre-eminent! They should have used the same method for Maya and Monica).

    Back to far as i can interpret it, the boys today were involved in a competion. Now everyone knows that, but the end narration suggests that competition isnt even PART of the theme. The plot line hadnt evolved. As a result, that one message summing up the entire episode was a little confusing (tackling problems? dealing with patients?)
    In the beginning, the narration is basicly about how doctors handle their patients. Now the ending is quite related to that, but only Elliot's storyline seemed to have shown it. Whereas JD and Turk's storyline have more to do with competition than taking care of the patients (they dont sum up the episode by describing WHY jd's and turk's way is efficient. they do so for Elliot but not for the rest).
    In the end, its about tackling problems? I sound jibberish but thats because the message I received was quite...mixed.

    JD, Turk and Cox's storyline had REAL potential. I had high hopes for this one. But JD realizing that these 2 sabotaged him, was way in the end. If it had been in the middle, the story could have proceeded to how Turk and Cox reflected on their actions, whether JD has enough competitive spirit, and whether rivalry is good in hospitals. But instead, we see the writers escaping this plot line, by telling us how Turk "made it up to JD"? Its THAT simple? Now normally i wouldnt mind...but this is Scrubs we're talking about! Simple solutions dont work, because thats not the way of life...Plus they dont really showcase Turk feeling upset. They jump to his "making up" with JD. And SURELY Cox feels something! Even if he doesnt feel sorry at all, isnt it necessary for The Coxinator to describe WHY his feeling shouldnt be construed in the wrong way? And you know, telling JD not to whine because competition WILL be there in a hospital?

    so you see, there are so many alternate routes to take, which will let us FULLY understand the story...

    The Characters. Once more my main beef with this episode is the under-developement of the plot, and the confusing message it sends out. But the Janitor-Carla plot line seemed redundant. Dont get me wrong I LOVE janitor! the show would be nothing without him But Im not the kind of person who loves the character's actions, if they're not really pertaining to the plot line...I think they could have worked in the Janitor story line had they...wait for it...developed the plot saying this for the first time right? Elliot's storyline! ONCE MORE!!! POTENTIAL!!! This had the potential to show us CLASSIC Elliot! The one we all have come to love, even for being a pigwhore. But the writers didnt really work on it...and does anyone find Elliot a bit more reclusive this season? and not elliot? the earlier one blended her ditzy nature with her professional nature and her solemn nature EXCELLENTLY! this season, the character developement seems quite unripe! (I ought to study fruits )

    The acting? I have always felt that writing affects acting so no thumbs up for Faison and McGinley there...which is sad because i adore McGinley...but he's not given enough time this season to be...well COX!!! he seems quite dull now, having lost all his energetic ranting and strides. I hope Cox isnt gone forever! Braff was good. He's been quite good this season. Once more, i think the writing this season has become a bit more lame, and is affecting his character. I only wish he wouldnt look TOO goofy when daydreaming...

    I was about to give my ratings, but you guys would probably kill me for it I think its the 2nd best this season.
    My Inconvenient Truth is the best this season...
    Rankings of Season 7 episodes:
    GOLD WINNER - My Inconvenient Truth
    SILVER WINNER - My Number One Doctor
    BRONZE WINNER - My Growing Pains
    Runner-up - My Hard Labour

    Second Last - My Identity Crisis
    Last - My Own Worst Enemy
  • This is one of those epesiode that actuly has it's own website believe it or not but i just think that is funny no matter what i believe the website was called or .com not sure on which one thou but who ever finds it first i commend you

    Besides the insane plottes and who funny the show is i still give this show a good old fasion 10+ or more if i must but hey you have to see it to believe it for youself that's if you would like a good laugh ever now and again or you can use it as a pick me up when your feeling blue and need a sigh of relife just to get by throw the next day that's why my brother love's this show so much and the reason why i gave it, it's Cleverly plotted just to see what ya'll think of it and no i'm not from texas i'm from the New York/New Jersey areas
  • A surprising approach to a touchy subject...

    This episode was interspersed with plenty of great comic moments, but the true gem of the episode was the suicide storyline with Elliot's patient. I was entirely convinced Elliot would be able to cause her patient to change her perspective and appreciate the sanctity of life regardless of her circumstances, but alas, she didn't. The manner in which the episode ended was rather haunting, and one of the few serious moments in the show that I truly appreciate. This was a top notch episode with an appropriate balance between levity and seriousness, a format which should be followed far more closely.
  • Smart and funny installment, with right amounts of humor and drama at all the right places.

    I usually like to complain more than praise, but I really can't find anything to complain about on this episode - The plot with the patient and her dilemma was interesting, the fantasy sequences / flashbacks were very funny, and it was overall a very nice episode I thought. Plus, we FINALLY got to see JD and Elliot exchange more than 1 sentence. And it was great.

    The only thing I will say is that I am not sure I like what is happening to the characters - they seem to be changing very rapidly and not for the best, I think.

    Kelso was supposed to be this mean person, but now he is too sweet and he is used for comedy relief too often. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it, but I guess I don't mind it. What bothers me more is that Elliot is becoming a little too stable - I really liked when she was all crazy and weird - it made the character! It was really funny, and I thought Sarah played it very well! "One day I had a sunburn like that, and I just peeled all the skin off, put it in a pile and ate it." That is the Elliot I have come to love, and I miss her a little. Of course, I like to see that she matured and developed, but maybe it was overdone a little bit.

    And, thats all for now! I'm eagerly awaiting more eps!
  • This isn't a unicorn, it's a horse with a horn through its head!

    This episode is very funny and while it is by no means a classic, it is entertaining.

    Cox actually caring about the popularity contest, and Kelso's Harry Potter subplot were the only real things that were bad about the episode, one being out of character, but still a great Cox/patient scene, the other just not being funny. The rest was great, though Janitor's girlfriend still isn't the best plot in the world, though it has some funny moments towards the end.

    Todd and Doug were hilarious in this episode, especially since Doug is seldom seen lately and 50% of his two scenes were hilarious (locking a sedated person in a morgue drawer), and the RateYourCock and other great Todd lines were terrific. The plot was hilarious, and while it didn't serve much of a purpose, and wasn't the strongest plot, the laughs make up for this with great scenes by JD, Turk and Cox.

    Elliot's suicidal patient isn't that original (Jill Tracy/My Fifteen Seconds plot twist), but was still quite good, with both funny moments and an interesting ending where Elliot decides to be a friend before a doctor, which is a slippery slope, and a downside to the connection she was referring to while people fell asleep at the beginning of the episode.

    Overall, this was a funny episode, but not one for the record books.
  • Interesting way to deal with a very sensitive issue

    Finally, after four really low episodes that started this season off, we have this weeks episode (and last) that pick it up to real Scrubs caliber. As soon as I saw the topic of Euthenasia being dealt with, I was a little nervous, because this is a very controversial and sensitive issue. As a medical show with doctors, the show has to make the decision that doctors would make, which is to be against Euthenasia, and do everything to not allow a assisted-suicide from happening. The fact that J.D. gives Elliot insight into this issue, and then Elliot makes her own decision was very interesting to watch, especially since the characters growth from the season 1 is apparent. The show has no real laugh out loud moments, but it still is entertaining to watch, and will hopefully end on a positive note.