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Season 8 Episode 5

My ABC's

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 27, 2009 on NBC
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Episode Summary

J.D., Elliot and Dr. Cox choose an intern to be their protegee. J.D. chooses Denise, but doesn't know how to deal with her inability to show emotions. Also, he keeps daydreaming with the Muppets.
Elliot chooses Katie and sees her as a reflection. Therefore, Elliot tries her best to help her.
Dr. Cox chooses Ed and spends the entire day trying to figure out why he hates him so much.moreless

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  • 805

    "It's going to be a long year..." I cannot believe I ever doubted this season, it just took a couple episodes to put things in perspective. The interns have grown on me, all of them. Now I know why the writers wanted to focus more on the interns, they've never made the new interns three dimensional before. The interactions between the interns and the doctors are flawless. My favorite pair is Denise & JD, I love Denise so far, and I'm interested to see why she is the way she is. Even though Kelso doesn't do anything but eat muffins now, he's still a great supporting actor now. The homage to Sesame Street seemed a bit ridiculous at first, but when the ending came along, and it all came together, the Sesame Street homage was perfect. JD & Elliot have their secret relationship going on too. A lot of new arcs, very excited to see how they play out.moreless
  • Everything that made me fall in love with scrubs in the first place. This episode is a brilliant example of why I love this show

    Now it's been a long time since I've been driven to write a scrubs review, and honestly, that's because episodes in the last while have been unremarkable. Now that's not to put down scrubs, even a poor scrubs episode is still one of the best pieces of media on the old telly box today.

    This episode, however, was wonderul. It captured the whole character of the show. The crazy quirky moments of JD's fantasies, the random hilarious lines from the janitor, the 'family-ness' of the main characters, and the tear-jerking patient plots.

    What scrubs does brilliantly, is uses comedy, and simplicity, to really hammer home a sad moment. And it seems, whenever Joshua Radin's music is involved, they manage to really make you stop and go 'wow'.

    I would easily say that this is the best show of the series so far, but it's more than that, it's into the top 10 episodes ever for me. It really reminded me of why I fell in love with this show.moreless
  • Exactly why we should appreciate our inner child.

    Honestly, I would have liked to have seen more of the muppets, like Bert and Ernie, but I wasn't disappointed. Much like a lot of other people I loved Elmo's appearance, even if he flirted a bit more than a 3-year-old monster should, haha!

    This ep was totally not what I expected; I thought it was going to be kinda goofy, like J.D. imagining that they were actually ON Sesame street (kinda like My Life in Four Cameras S4). But the Sesame Street muppets fitted really well with a more adult storyline; it was actually more thought-provoking than goofy and makes us realise that sometimes the simplest lessons in life are the most important.moreless
  • The gang try to school the interns in the rough parts of working in a hospital, while J.D. imagines Muppets from Sesame Street along the way.

    Infectious and fun, 'My ABCs' goes a bit kiddie but nothing wrong with that. Funny and smart and witty uses of the famous Henson puppets. A little obvious with the diagnosis of a hand inside one, but it's all in good fun. Zack Braff shows why he was nominated for an Emmy, and I could see this episode as being the entry for Best Actor, Comedy come July nominations. The new cast of interns is settling in well as zanny underlings similar to the oppressively nutty overlords J.D., Turk and Elliot dealt with during the earlier seasons, a flip-flop of sorts.moreless
  • The docs choose their protégés

    Scrubs has come a long way from a silly medical comedy to a more mature one in its 8th year. Certain trademark stuff such as JD's fantasies never ceases to tickle our funny bone.

    This episode was a little disappointing as it dint live up to the hype created over the sesame street Muppet's theme. It was more centered around Ed being the annoying, laid back, yet talented intern. Denise still driving JD mad with her cold way of dealing with sensitive issues. Katie manipulates Eliot to secure a place in Turk's research team.

    For most part this episode did provide some heartbreaking scenes. Nevertheless, the comedy element was restricted to a few scenes involving Ed. The one where Turk chooses him for the paper, because he thinks it was cool that Ed used three different colors to write his name was a good one. The bear claw scene was funny as well. What we are missing here is some good old Kelso-Cox rambles and JD-Janitor fights.

    Overall,a fine display for a show in what might be its last season.moreless
Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari

Ed Dhandapani

Guest Star

Kevin Clash

Kevin Clash


Guest Star

Eric Jacobson

Eric Jacobson


Guest Star

Betsy Beutler

Betsy Beutler

Katie Collins

Recurring Role

Eliza Coupe

Eliza Coupe

Denise Mahoney

Recurring Role

Robert Maschio

Robert Maschio

Dr. Todd Quinlan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (22)

    • J.D.'s narration: And then I realized why I'd thought about Sesame Street all day. In a way, you can learn everything you need to know from watching it as a kid. Like, always play nice. Always try your hardest. And even, it's okay to cry.

    • J.D.: I think I see what the problem is. (Hangs up the radiography) You have a hand inside of you.
      Muppet: That explains SO many things.

    • Elliot: Hey, did you guys hear the story of the interviews for the new Chief of Medicine?
      Janitor: Actually, they already found someone.
      (Oscar the Grouch comes out from the Janitor's cleaning supplies)
      Oscar: That's right, knuckleheads. There's a new Chief in town.
      (J.D. laughs)
      Janitor: That was a mistake.
      Oscar: Uggh. I'll be watching you, John Dorian. And guess what? My eyes never close!

    • Elmo: Yay, she gets it! She gets it! Yeah baby! Yeah baby! Yeah baby! Thank you. (Leans on Denise's breasts)
      J.D.: Okay, easy buddy.
      Elmo: What, is she your woman?!

    • J.D.: Don't you always fantasize around with the muppets?
      Turk: No, I'm straight.

    • J.D.: I grew up on the streets. Not the hood! The Seasme Street!

    • J.D.: Chicks dig the extra fuzz.
      Grover: Tell me about it.

    • Dr. Cox: Back to this intern that I-
      Carla: -no I don't want to play your "why do I hate this intern game." It's no fun and nobody ever wins.
      Dr. Cox: Fine. I need to find somebody who's more qualified to talk about hate anyway.

    • Turk: (to Elliot) Carla dragged me to the on-call room. Stripped buck naked. Did a little belly dance and then said, "this is for Elliot." Then took a nap. What the hell did I do to you?

    • Dr. Cox: Look. You and I are alike in a lot of ways.
      Janitor: We both harbor an internal struggle between the desire to do good and the urge to become a master criminal.

    • Dr. Cox: (talking about Ed) That's it. I know why I hate him.
      Janitor: Way to go! Want to borrow my plunger? Form a perfect seal around his mouth then...three times, and his Adam's apple pops right out. (Dr. Cox grabs the plunger and walks away) Theoretically.

    • J.D.'s narration: For me, I was just hoping to figure out a way to tell Denise that the first patient we were treating together was going to die.
      J.D.: Listen, Joe, Mr. Fremont's scan came back and his lungs are covered with lesions. He doesn't have a lot of time.
      J.D.'s narration: I was glad I was there, because I knew it would be hard for her to deal with.
      Denise: Huh. Sucks to be him.
      J.D.'s narration: Or not.

    • (J.D. and Turk are looking at a photo on a cell phone)
      Elliot: Hey, what are you guys looking at? Oh my god, is that a picture of a poo?
      Turk: That's not just any poo, Elliot. That's Izzie's first poo in a potty.
      J.D.: I can't take my eyes off of it. It's gorgeous. Oh, I accidentally pressed Send.
      (Carla, the Janitor, Dr. Cox and Ed are all checking their cell phones)
      Carla: Aw.
      Janitor: They're back!
      Dr. Cox: Jack's are bigger.
      Ed: Just found my new screensaver.

    • Carla: (talking about Ed) So maybe you don't like him because he's a freaky stoner weirdo.
      Dr. Cox: No. Surprisingly, that tickles me.

    • Denise: You called me "Jo"!
      J.D.: Do you not like that as a new nickname?
      Denise: Just a little butch. I like banging dudes.
      J.D.: I've heard that's nice.

    • J.D.: Don't let those idiots in radiology hold you up.
      Denise: Dr. Dorian. If they pull any crap, I'll bust some heads.
      J.D.'s narration: Ah. She really is like having my very own "Jo" from "Facts of Life."

    • Katie: Dr. Cox. I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed rounds this morning and I'm going to work harder so you don't just think of me as a...what was it?
      Dr. Cox: A helpless, vapid, incompetent ass-kisser.
      Katie: Actually, I don't remember the ass-kisser part.
      Dr. Cox: That's because I just added it now.
      Katie: It's great. Makes it hurt more.
      Dr. Cox: Good.

    • Dr. Cox: So, Ed, after you've placed a central line on that patient, come and find me and let me know whether or not you've killed him.

    • Denise: (to J.D.) By the way, how can you stand these scrubs. Mine are so far up my butt right now, I can taste them in my throat.

    • J.D.: I really want you to be yourself around me.
      Denise: You really mean that, sir?
      J.D.'s narration: Sir. Loving this girl's energy.
      J.D.: I mean every word, young miss.
      Denise: Well buddy, you have no idea how psyched I am to hear that. I mean, I spent four years in med school, talking like this, so I wouldn't threaten all the male teachers who pee in their pants every time they're even near a strong woman.

    • J.D.: Then I thought, why not pick a woman. Have a little feminine energy in my life.
      Elliot: Oh, you mean like the kind of energy that seeps out of every pore of your body?
      J.D.: Elliot. Why?
      Elliot: (pointing to Dr. Cox) You knew that he was going to say it. I thought it would hurt less coming from me.
      J.D.: Why, thank you.

    • Dr. Cox: (to the interns) Before we do rounds today, who watches "Deal or No Deal"?
      (An intern raises his hand)
      Dr. Cox: Get out.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This isn't the first time Scrubs and the Muppets have collided. In A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, Miss Piggy appears as an "extra" until Kermit takes her away.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: February 26, 2009 on Channel 7.
      Latin America: June 2, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony)
      Sweden: October 28, 2009 on TV6