Season 8 Episode 5

My ABC's

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • JD day dreams Sesame Street Muppets as he, Elliott and Dr. Cox each take an intern under their wing.

    Usually when it comes to 8th seasons loyal fans are treated to the same old same old with a slow decline in episode quaility. But the move from NBC to ABC seems to have invigorated the show with these last few episodes better than what ay ep in season 6 or 7 could deliver.

    This ep sees JD, Elliott and Cox paying close attention to one intern each in the hope to mould them but none of them get what is expected. JD takes on Denise, a textbook talented doctor but a complete lack of compassionfor her patients. JD takes her in the hope that he can teach her to open up more, but JD is only further hurt when a patient is dying but Denise couldn't care less. Meanwhile Elliott takes on a fellow annoying blonde who for the life of me I can't remember her name. She soon finds that she is playing Elliott to get what she wants.

    Probably the best story arc of the ep is that of Dr.Cox and Ed. Cox hates Ed but for the life of him doesn't know why. He seeks help from the Janitor as well as Carla with no results only to realise that he hates Ed because he is lazy and just doesn't care. All the docs end up worse off this ep then when they began.

    On a side note, after JD watches Sesame street with Turk and Izzy he begins to day dream with the Muppets in his head. This minor plot point leads to the moral of the whole episode. This plot device had the potential to be horrible but the writers did a good job to make it funny while at the same time not corny. All those who have seen a Muppet Christmas with the Scrubs Cameo will know what I mean.