Season 8 Episode 5

My ABC's

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • The docs choose their protégés

    Scrubs has come a long way from a silly medical comedy to a more mature one in its 8th year. Certain trademark stuff such as JD's fantasies never ceases to tickle our funny bone.

    This episode was a little disappointing as it dint live up to the hype created over the sesame street Muppet's theme. It was more centered around Ed being the annoying, laid back, yet talented intern. Denise still driving JD mad with her cold way of dealing with sensitive issues. Katie manipulates Eliot to secure a place in Turk's research team.

    For most part this episode did provide some heartbreaking scenes. Nevertheless, the comedy element was restricted to a few scenes involving Ed. The one where Turk chooses him for the paper, because he thinks it was cool that Ed used three different colors to write his name was a good one. The bear claw scene was funny as well. What we are missing here is some good old Kelso-Cox rambles and JD-Janitor fights.

    Overall,a fine display for a show in what might be its last season.
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