Season 8 Episode 9

My Absence

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • Scrubs with no JD..

    Like I've mentioned in my earlier reviews, this is definitely not the good old Scrubs that used to air on NBC. And not only is the script so dull, the acting is way of mark, and looks rather unprofessional. Here we see Dr. Cox trying to teach Carla to keep her attachment toward brain dead patients, though most doctors don't care about vegetables. Turk is elated when he gets the news he is gonna be a dad again, but is heartbroken when no one shares the same enthusiasm. With JD missing, the very thread that held things together was lost. Yeah, some parts were funny, but for a hardcore fan of this show, such lackluster episodes are a huge disappointment.
  • 809

    This episode was a bit lackluster for me, we don't have the main character or the janitor, and it's not like they're filming for something else, they're just not in it. I guess this is when the show hit rock bottom financially. The show's main focus is on JD, without him, it just felt strange and awkward.

    Another thing that was just strange: Since there was no JD, there was not on fantasy. This is the only episode without fantasies, and fantasies are another thing that this show is known for. This show and That 70s Show in the earlier seasons. Then we have something that's a bit forced: Carla being pregnant... again. Remember how hard it was for Carla to get pregnant? In this case, it was just out of the blue. Plus I don't think a pregnancy is what this show needs right now. And when she did get pregnant, it was one of the most special moment on Scrubs. Now it just seems like any other day. Remember in season six when there was three pregnancies going on? It's just getting old, like JD said over the phone. The pros of this episode was definitely Denise, and Carla caring about her patients. A classic plot, and I always love Cox/Carla interaction. An okay episode.
  • JD takes a mini vaction as Carla tells Turk that she is pregnant but no one is all that ecited by it. Elliott pines for JD as Kelso tries to teach her a few things about relationships.

    The first real ep without JD and I must admit that it wasn't that bad at all. This gives me the feeling that this could possibly have been a trial run to see if ABC could pull off a successful 9th season with JD. This week JD has taken a mini vacation and there is a void in the hospital with Elliott pining over him all the time while Turk has no one to tell his great news to.

    Speaking of that news Carla tells Turk that she is pregnant but he can only tell one person but JD isn't there to tell. He quickly spills the beans to everyone but is surprised to see that no one is that excited about it. They tell him that a second baby is never as big a deal as the first and Turk begins to admit that he feels that way as well but doesn't know why.

    In this ep we are introduced to a new intern, Sunny, who is as happy as her name suggests. She wants to keep her coma patient alive for one more day so his sister can say goodbye. Perry naturally refuses to elp as he doesn't care but he suggests that Sunny talks to Carla who does care about that stuff. Sunny approaches Carla but she turns her down for a night of nothing at home which Perry grills her for. Elliott can't seem to go a few minutes without wanting to talk to JD and this brings Kelso in to try and give her perspective on her feeling and her relationship. Elliott is worried about the relationship because she feel too vulnerable but Kelso assures her that relationships are about putting yourself out there and being vulnerable.

    All in all this ep was still quite funny and had a strong message throughout for al characters, but hey that's vinatge scrubs!
  • A Scrubs Episode Without J.D.

    Although I really love scrubs, one has to admit that Zach Braff provides most of it's humor so waiting for a Scrubs episode without J.D. was weird, I really didn't know what to expect, something along "Their Story" from the 6th season (which I really enjoyed by the way) or similar.

    Instead of giving most of the show to the "minor" characters, the show was mainly performed by the other main characters which was awesome in my opinion.

    Turk wanting to get a huge reaction about his new baby was great, his running around the hospital was simply hilarious, and the song from Gooch was again very cool.

    I'm really starting to enjoy Denise, It saddens me that she only entered this season, she's an awesome character and all her lines are simply hilarious.

    Carla's storyline really didn't tick me that much, it seemed it was just filled in order for J.D. to do his moral sum-up of the episode.

    Ted, again, simply great, he's always funny and I do mean always.

    J.D. although not being on the episode physically, he still made me have my biggest laugh of the episode "And that's why you should never trust a Camel", simply hillarious.

    In overall I really loved this episode, although I'm glad that J.D. came back for the next one ;)
  • Funny episode, I missed JD but Turk, Dr Cox and Denise were all great.

    My Absence is notable because it is the first episode this season where JD does not appear, although he is present - on the phone! Although I missed him being there in person, the others were great in his absence. Elliot learnt that she really does love him which was really sweet. Carla and Turk are having another baby and Turk was so funny when he went round trying to get a huge reaction to the news. He was so disappointed that people make so much less fuss over a second baby (now isn't that the truth?) and so pretends to Ted's girlfriend that it's the first. Denise also had some great lines, I am definitely liking her more as the season has progressed. I hope JD's back for the next episode.

    Well it was good's sad that JD wasn't in this episode..I mean personally...I liked moment when Turk was runing in hospital and was looking for him and in the end the got fought for nothing :D that moment fus funny.....also I liked that cray biatch new girl :D shes cool and the last last moment was funnyest when phone was in COx's room JD was talking Cox couldn't find the phone anywhere and he was going crazy and mad :D :D i was laying on the floor :D Cox is great....and I like how Elliot's and JD's realtionship are going,I think on this time everything will be perfect :)
  • No JD - no problem.

    Scrubs is making a comeback this season with cases we care about, relationships being fleshed out, and clever comedy over the silly gags plaguing recent seasons.

    In this episode, Elliot realises how far she's fallen for JD again - possibly in love - when he's away for a week. I'm glad they're handling this relationship with no drama for once, because it becomes a natural love we can care about rather than worry about for an inevitable break-up.

    Carla's pregnant - again! While the announcement came with little fanfare, that itself became Turk's subplot. How we missed him in last week's two episodes. And it's good to see the writers aren't just going to make Ted's girlfriend a one-episode hit.

    It's been a while since there was a Carla-centric plotline I cared about, since it's usually a pretty humourless one, but this time it was brightened by the annoyingly chirpy intern Sunny. Carla's reaction to Sunny's overmedication was priceless.

    So sad to realise we're already halfway through the (possibly) final season, just as Scrubs has found its legs again. At least now it'll be a show worth sending off with a bang.