Season 8 Episode 9

My Absence

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • A Scrubs Episode Without J.D.

    Although I really love scrubs, one has to admit that Zach Braff provides most of it's humor so waiting for a Scrubs episode without J.D. was weird, I really didn't know what to expect, something along "Their Story" from the 6th season (which I really enjoyed by the way) or similar.

    Instead of giving most of the show to the "minor" characters, the show was mainly performed by the other main characters which was awesome in my opinion.

    Turk wanting to get a huge reaction about his new baby was great, his running around the hospital was simply hilarious, and the song from Gooch was again very cool.

    I'm really starting to enjoy Denise, It saddens me that she only entered this season, she's an awesome character and all her lines are simply hilarious.

    Carla's storyline really didn't tick me that much, it seemed it was just filled in order for J.D. to do his moral sum-up of the episode.

    Ted, again, simply great, he's always funny and I do mean always.

    J.D. although not being on the episode physically, he still made me have my biggest laugh of the episode "And that's why you should never trust a Camel", simply hillarious.

    In overall I really loved this episode, although I'm glad that J.D. came back for the next one ;)
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