Season 3 Episode 6

My Advice to You

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • JD has to deal with having Elliot around all the time while he has feelings for her.

    This was an interesting episode, I wasn't really paying attention to Cox's plot, simply because it seemed as though it was a carbon copy of Cox mentoring JD on what to do with a patient, it just seemed so overdone at this point. Kelso manages to get in the middle of JD & Cox's problem when he makes some of the residents go on his side instead of Cox's. JD follows Kelso's orders instead of Cox's which causes some tension. Meanwhile he meets a girl, Danni who he found strange and didn't pay much attention to her due to his feelings for Elliot. I loved the scenes in which JD has to deal with having Elliot around, especially Elliot going on the same bed as JD, that must have been torture for him. Elliot continues her relationship with Sean while he is still in New Zealand. Carla's brother comes to visit, and he hates Turk since he mistakenly thought he was a chauffeur at Carla's mom's funeral. They taunt each other throughout the whole episode, and then Turk finds out that her brother can speak English, so he tries to prove he speaks English throughout the rest of the episode. Then we get a surprise twist as JD seeks Danni feeling like he missed his chance, he asks her out only to find out that Danni is Jordan's sister! That's a twist that boosted the rating for this episode, and it's definitely something I did not expect. Great episode overall, some plots were better than others though.
  • Carla's brother Marco drops by, immediately rekindling the mutual dislike with Turk. J.D. gets friendly with a girl who's as mentally warped as he is, only to find out later she's actually Jordan's sister.

    This was a really great episode. I really like Carla's brother Marco. He is a jerk, i know, but he is just hilarious! In this episode, i actually enjoyed JD and Elliot together which i didn't always in Season 3. Dr Cox is residency director (finally a promotion for him. He's been a 'attending' for how long now?). I really liked Danni from her first scene, which is weird. I only liked a few of JD's girlfriends right from scene one. The fact that she is Jordan's sister is hilarious. The only thing i didn't enjoy that much is Elliot and Sean, but he is actually bearable now (compared to Season 1). They luckily had subtitles for all the Spanish in this one!
  • Freddy Rodriguez

    Freddy Rodriguez guest stars as Carla's little brother Marco, who has a sorted history with Turk and quite frankly hates him. It's hilarious watching Turk and Marco fight, especially seeing as Marco doesn't speak a word of english so he can say whatever he likes about Turk and ignore him for all intensive purposes. But when Marco reveals that he can speak perfect english Turk is left shocked but Carla does not believe him, I mean she would know if her own brother spoke english. Turns out, she doesn't know anything. When Turk makes a lude comment about Carla Marco punches him good and hard, it's totally hilarious. Rodriguez does a really great job, another great guest role cast perfectly.
  • J.D. finds a new "girl-friend"...A review from an artist.

    J.D. starts to think of Eliot in a flirty way then he meets a girl in the elevator... She is named Danni. Danni talks about the... well... Terror of the elevator. If they jumped out in the perfect time they would still be crushed to death... she talks about an inner monolouge. J.D.'s inner monolouge says "weird o". Danny is supposidly stocking J.D. In the meantime Turk is having a spatt with Carla's younger brother who supposidly can not speak english. Then who is this Danni preson... Oh, it is Jordan's sister (Dr. Cox's ex-wife's sister). This is my masterpeice.
  • A great episode!

    JD is still in love with Elliot and is unable to keep his feelings down, suddenly he meets up with a girl named Danni that seems the right person for him as she is totally exactly, but by thinking a lot about Elliot makes JD to lose a chance, but later they manage to catch up with each other, meanwhile Kelso and Cox adviced all of the doctors in different ways which causes for them to get confuse, what a cool episode, it was really funny!
  • Great Episode!

    What an episode. This episode is the 6th out of the 3rd season, and it was great.

    Carla's brother Marco came to town and really hates Turk, after he is mistaken for a valet. It's funny because he "can't" speak a word of english.

    The scene that was probably the funniest in this episode was the montage between JD and Elliot. JD is trying to get over Elliot, as she is dating Sean, however can't because she is around him all the time. This montage is well put together with probably theperfect choice of song. The song was 'Bad Day' by R.E.M.

    Another hilarious scene in this episode is when Turk has found out that Marco speaks English and also that he gets really uncomfortable around sex talk with his sister, Carla. He uses this to his advantage by winding him up, and wacks Turk in the face. Carla then finds out that her brother speaks english.

    This episode is truley great.
  • Very funny episode

    JD doesn’t want to get over Elliot so instead of taking the advice he gave to the strange yet hot woman in the elevator and getting over his ex by seeing someone else, he stays infatuated with Elliot. This plot is very funny and shows how much JD and the new character played by Tara Reid have in common especially the “inner monologue” whom both think is a weird attribute of the other’s character. However, JD eventually comes to his senses but it wouldn’t be Scrubs without an entertaining and unexpected twist at the end, Jordan just happening to be her sister.

    Overall, this is a good episode, JD taking his first step towards getting over Elliot and manages to be very funny aswell.
  • J.D. meets a girl at the hospital while dealing with his feelings for Elliot. Carla's brother comes to town and feuds with Turk. Cox and Kelso battle for the residents in the ICU.

    The beginning of this show is one of the funniest beginnings in the entire run of the series. \"You mean, \'Why is there sliverware in the PANCAKE drawer?\'\", J.D. spitting out the nuts, and the Marco flashback. The storyline of Marco knowing English but Carla not knowing it is hilarious. The beginning with Cox is hilarious, with the Dr. Phil impression and calling J.D. \"Angela\" with Angela standing right next to him.

    The introduction of Tara Reid is done well. She\'s a little better actress than normal in this episode, but bad nonetheless. I like the little jokes that appear early then appear again later, like the Nana Hobbs racist thing.

    All in all, an extremely funny and well-done dramatic episode. One of my favorites.
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