Season 1 Episode 6

My Bad

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 30, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

Ted informs Dr. Cox that he is suspended starting immediately as a result of his previous actions and that his future will be decided at the board meeting. J.D. is having trouble making decisions without his mentor being around anymore. Dr. Kelso assigns J.D. to an important board member for almost fainting. It turns out this board member is a smoking hot beauty, Mrs Sullivan. Dr. Kelso tells her Dr. Dorian will look after that.

Elliot's patient, a shrink named Dr. Greenberg, is wearing a mouth protection and can't reply to Elliott's talking so she goes on and on. Carla's mother comes to visit and Turk wants to hide from her in the bedroom. However, she storms in the room and complains that Turk is here because she is not married. Mrs. Sullivan is not taken by J.D.'s jokes and tells him she's only here to please her mother and he should just do the tests and get it over with. J.D. hates her.

Elliot pours her heart out to Dr. Greenberg. He wants to take a pain pill. Dr. Kelso recommends Perry should go on a cruise ship and be a doctor on there. Dr. Cox doesn't find it amusing and knows that one day Dr. Kelso will notice how bad he really is. At the cafeteria, Turk promises to never sleep at Carla's place again. Elliot is really happy after speaking to Dr. Greenberg.

J.D. goes to see Mrs. Sullivan and wants to help out his mentor but gets interrupted noticing she is packing to leave the hospital and attend a party. J.D. tells her she's a spoiled, bossy, chore of a woman and she should go back to bed and shut the hell up. She finds this very attractive and tells him to take off his pants. He obliges. Carla spends the night at Turk's place but they get a call that her mother broke her leg.Elliott is depressed that Dr. Greenberg was released a couple of hours ago and J.D. sleeps with Mrs. Sullivan.

A few moments later he wants to introduce her to Dr. Cox but he interrupts as he already knows his ex-wife! They don't get along at all. Dr. Cox passes on his bad mood to Carla, Carla passes it on to Turk and he passes it on to Elliott who spills something on the floor where the janitor is cleaning. He accidentally hits J.D. with his mop but isn't sorry.

J.D. catches Jordan at the entrance of the hospital and tells her they shouldn't see other anymore. She tries to fake a sad speech but in fact he doesn't care and has a date. Elliott calls her mom but she doesn't listen well, and Turk listens from around the corner. J.D. tells Dr. Cox that his ex-wife is the answer to get him back from suspension via the board. J.D. says he'll ask her himself but he disagrees. Dr. Cox and Carla take care of her mother. Carla blames Turk for what happened to her. Dr. Cox tries to explain that she fell in the shower and it would have happened anyway.

J.D. asks for Jordan for a favor: help Perry in the board meeting. She says he reminds her of a younger Perry. Turk tells Elliott that also went to see a therapist once and how it's always helpful to talk to something neutral. Carla comes in and tells her they will spend the night at his place if they leave right now, as her mom is staying at the hospital.

Dr. Cox comes out from the board meeting all cheerful. Dr. Kelso tells Jordan that they are making a mistake not to fire Dr. Cox. Jordan did it because she would rather see Perry rotting in the hospital than somewhere else. Jordan blows J.D. a kiss in front of Dr. Cox. Elliott goes to see Dr. Greenberg in his office hours and feels much better. Dr. Cox sits looks at old pictures and remembers the time when they were still together and when they got married. J.D. asks what happened and he replies that she was too much like his mother. Dr. Cox knows J.D. asked Jordan for help, but he denies ever having slept with him.
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