Season 1 Episode 6

My Bad

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 30, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The woman portrayed as Carla's mother in this episode is different from the one shown in pictures throughout the series.

    • The garden used in Dr. Cox's memory scene is the same used for J.D.'s fantasy in the last episode.

    • J.D.'s Girl Names: Agnes.

    • As previously said, during the first season the Janitor was going to be a part of J.D.'s imagination and as such never interacted with the other characters. Nevertheless, in this episode Elliot talks to him when she misses the trash can and spills coffee on the floor he's cleaning.

    • Featured Music:
      "Me and Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul (performed by Donald Faison)
      "Good Life" by Francis Dunnery

    • This episode is the first time we hear that Perry is Dr. Cox's first name.

    • When J.D. passes Turk, Carla & Elliot in the cafeteria you can clearly see two plates of food on Turk's tray but as he and Elliot exit the line, to find a seat, he only has a piece of cake and a small milk.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Cox: She was never boring.
      J.D.: What happened?
      Dr. Cox: Eh, you marry somebody just like your mother, and then you remember you hate your mother.

    • Turk: You know, I went to therapy once.
      Elliot: You did?
      Turk: Yeah. Once, though, like, back in '93 to '94; and then three months in '95; and then I went to Group which was a disaster.

    • J.D.: Oh, thanks, that's-that's special. Look, I have to ask you a favor, but you have to know this is not why we slept together.
      Jordan: Yeah, you had nothing to do with why we slept together.
      J.D.: I think we both know that's not completely true.
      Jordan: Oh, please. Even though you're terrified the Good Dr. Cox'll find out, if I wanted you to go to his apartment right now and have sex with me in front of him, you would.
      J.D.: Please don't do that.

    • J.D.: Dr. Cox!
      Dr. Cox: Okay, Linus, you're way too excited; I want you to get your blankie, go in a corner, and take a time-out.

    • Dr. Cox: Hello, Jordan.
      J.D.'s Narration: Oh, no, no.
      Jordan: Perry.
      J.D.: "Perry"?
      Dr. Cox: You never heard that.
      J.D.'s Narration: I never heard that, I'm not here, and I don't have your ex-wife's bite mark on my neck.

    • Turk: I know it's tough leaving your mother at home, but, uh, I'm really glad you're here.
      Carla: You are?
      Turk: Yes, I am. And I promise... I'm gonna make it worth your while.
      Carla: Oh, baby, we've already slept together - you should be careful about the build-up.
      Turk: Oh... th-that necessary?
      Carla: Yeah.

    • J.D.: Sorry. He's a... Wait, wait, wh-why are you dressed?
      Jordan: Oh, I'm going to a party. I assume my tests are normal, or else you wouldn't be chatting me up. But, gosh, Huckleberry, I sure hope we can go down to the river sometime and race frogs!
      J.D.'s Narration: That's it!
      J.D.: Listen, you spoiled, bossy, chore of a woman.
      Jordan: I'm sorry, what'd you just say?
      J.D.'s Narration: You're in now, go for it.
      J.D.: I'm the doctor, here. So put your gown back on, get back in bed, and shut the hell up.
      Jordan: No one talks to me that way!
      J.D.: Well, get used to it...missy... Um... I didn't mean to be such a hard-ass just now. You can totally wait until I'm gone to put your gown back on.
      Jordan: Take off your pants.
      J.D.: Yes, ma'am.

    • Elliot: Why doesn't anyone ever listen to me?
      Turk: 'In a better place', 'look different', 'feel good', 'kay? That's what usually happens when you see a shrink.
      Elliot: My patient happens to be a therapist, I'm not 'seeing a shrink.'
      Turk: Okay.
      Elliot: And I would appreciate it if you'd stop spreading around embarrassing rumors like that.
      Turk: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm just goofing around. Besides, the last thing I want to do is upset a crazy lady.

    • Turk: I will never sleep at your place again.
      Carla: It wasn't that bad!
      Turk: Does your mother invite the priest over for breakfast every day?
      Carla: Only when she finds me in bed with some guy.... So, yeah, most days.

    • J.D.: I have to be honest, Miss Sullivan; when Dr. Kelso said "board member", I was thinking of this, like, old, grumpy-
      Jordan: That would be my father. He died.
      J.D.: I'm so sorry.
      Jordan: ...Twenty years ago.
      J.D.: Oh. I woulda said sorry back then, but I had a little trouble with my S's...I was five... S's...

    • J.D.: So, uh, how are you feeling?
      Jordan: Great. That's why I'm here. Listen, R.J.-
      J.D.: J.D.
      Jordan: Like it matters. Look, you seem like a nice, spineless little boy, so let's be honest. I'm here because it was the only way to end my beast of a mother's nagging, pseudo-concern.
      J.D.: How sweet.
      Jordan: So, do your little tests; but first, close the blinds, wash off whatever eighth-grade dance cologne you're wearing so we don't add nausea to my symptoms, and I'll need lemon wedges for my sparkling water - which, for some reason, you have yet to get me.
      J.D.: Okay, well let me just check out-
      Jordan: Doing things I want first, your little tests later.
      J.D.: Nice to meet you.

    • Carla: She doesn't want me to have men here because I'm unmarried.
      Turk: Well tell her I needed a place to crash; she doesn't have to know we had sex all night.
      Carla: She speaks English!
      Turk: Then what the hell are you translating for?
      Carla: Because you don't speak Spanish!
      Turk: Oh!

    • Elliot: Wow! I can't imagine picking psychiatry as a specialty after interning as a real doctor... That didn't come out right... It's just, my dad - um, he's a doctor, too - he says therapy is for people with more money than problems. But then... my dad says a lot of things...
      Nurse: Did anyone page a nurse?
      Elliot: No.
      Nurse: It looks like his eyes are screaming.
      Elliot: Please, we're talking?

    • Dr. Kelso: Ah, Sweetheart! Are you getting younger?
      Jordan: Ugh.
      Dr. Kelso: This is Dr. Dorian - he'll be looking after you.
      Jordan: And who will be looking after him?

    • Dr. Kelso: I'm assigning you to a very important board member whose family built this hospital with their bare hands.
      J.D.'s Narration: That can't be true. I hate that expression.

    • J.D.'s Narration: There's a lot of horrible things about being an intern: long hours, constant stress, having to deal with death. But worst of all is the simple fact that the average intern has to disimpact fifteen to twenty bowels a week. That's why there's a sacred oath among interns never to make fun of each other for doing the things we have to do.
      Elliot: Hee-hee. You have to touch someone's hiney!
      Dr. Kelso: Dorian, come with me. And Dr... uh...
      Elliot: Reid.
      Dr. Kelso: Sure, why not. Take over for him.
      J.D.: Hee-hee!

    • Jordan: I didn't do it for you, Perry, I only did it because the thought of you rotting here in this hospital is better than figuring out ways to spend your alimony check.

    • J.D.: Jordan, look I know you're on your way to the board meeting and I know you don't really like me.
      Jordan: I don't dislike you. I nothing you.
      J.D.: Oh thanks. That's, that's special.

    • J.D.: Your ex-wife. She's the answer.
      Dr. Cox: Uhhh... Things that ruined my life. Things that took half my money. Things with sharp edges.

    • J.D.'s Narration: I'll always remember that moment as the first "thank you" I got from Dr. Cox.
      Dr. Cox: Well, geez, Agnes, does the field hockey team know that you're missing?
      J.D.'s Narration: It felt good.

    • Turk: No matter how embarrassing you think it might be, it's always helpful to talk to someone neutral. For example, take a look at me: I am now, thanks to therapy, in a healthy relationship with a beautiful woman who won't sleep over at my house because she thinks I broke her mother's leg.

    • Carla: You may scare everybody else with those crazy eyes, but you don't scare me.
      Dr. Cox: You use your mom as an excuse to not take chances.
      Carla: You're never happy unless you're here.
      Dr. Cox: Admit you're afraid to live your own life!
      Carla: Admit that losing this place would kill you!
      Dr. Cox: We done?
      Carla: It's all I got.
      Dr. Cox: Crazy eyes? Low blow!

    • J.D.: Uh... I just don't think we should see each other again.
      Jordan: The story of my life. Anytime I let my guard down just a little, I get hurt.
      J.D.: I am so sorry.
      Jordan: You know how long it's been since I connected with someone? You know, it's not fair that just because of him I don't get to spend time... Boy, it's hard to keep that going! See ya, D.J., I got a date. "See each other again"...
      J.D.: She's gonna be okay.

    • Dr. Cox: Don't look her in the eyes, newbie; she'll steal your soul. So, how are things going down in the underworld?
      Jordan: Good. And you? Still have a rollicking social life?
      Dr. Cox: Since I cut you loose, it's been one big party!
      Jordan: In the next five seconds, name someplace other than the hospital or your apartment you've been in the last month. Five... Four... Three... Two...
      Dr. Cox: My car! On the way to the... big party.
      Jordan: Ooh. That must have hurt.

    • Dr. Cox: What are you looking at?
      J.D.: Oh, no, I just... I-I like your shirt. Wh-what-what kind of shirt is that?
      Dr. Cox: It's a white t-shirt.
      J.D.: I knew it! Heh.

    • Turk: I can't, it's still out there.
      Carla: Don't call my mother "it"; it implies you think that she's a monster! Now get a move on -- it usually gets up to feed about now.
      Turk: Baby, I don't understand why we couldn't stay at my place. I mean, I coulda done a whole show for you.
      Carla: Ohhh! There's a show.
      Turk: Yeah, there's a show. It involves music, some dancing, occasionally singing.
      Carla: Can you do "Me and Mrs. Jones"?
      Turk: I don't know. What's she look like?

    • Elliot: Since your jaw is wired shut, we're going to give you IV nutrition for a couple days, okay? Oh, sorry, you can't answer! It's like going to the dentist; I hate when they ask you questions, and you have all that stuff in your mouth, don't you? Oh, my God, I did it again!

    • J.D.: So this board member almost fainted? I'll fire up the paddles.
      Dr. Kelso: Ah! Dr. Wisenheimer's back; how was your ski trip?
      J.D.: Sir, I'm confused.
      Dr. Kelso: You annoy me.
      J.D.: Oh, now I get it.

    • Ted: As legal counselor, it is my job to inform you that your suspension is effective immediately. Oh, gah! I'm just the messenger! Your long-term job status will be decided at the board meeting. Until then, and I can not bend on this, I don't want you setting foot on the premises.
      Dr. Cox: I'm going to be here all day.
      Ted: That works for me; that'll be good. I hope that works out...

    • Dr. Kelso: Ahh, Doctor Cox... I've been thinking about your predicament and I think I have a solution. Cruise ships.
      Dr. Cox: Right.
      Dr. Kelso: Think about it, everyone would call you doc, you'd visit exotic ports, heck maybe you'll even get to meet...
      Dr. Cox: Listen, you should go ahead and enjoy this while you can Bobby, because if your evil genie actually does grant your wish and I disappear, the only person you'll have left to contend with will be yourself and when you really get to know that person...oh dear God you'll scream so loud that satan will wanna rip up the contract you signed at birth just to get some sleep.

    • Carla: I can't believe she's sleeping.
      Dr. Cox: I had the intern give her two valiums.
      Carla: Why? Was she in alot of pain?
      Dr. Cox: No... she just wouldn't shut up.

    • Dr. Cox: Listen, I noticed your little boyfriend's name is not on the cast.
      Carla: Are you kidding? Making me leave her alone like that.
      Dr. Cox: Do you understand that she would have gotten hurt whether you were there or not.
      Carla: Nuhn uh.
      Dr. Cox: She fell in the shower. So, unless you two have an extremely disturbing relationship, I'm afraid that you're full of crap.

    • Dr. Kelso: I really think you're making a big mistake. You see the most destructive thing about Doctor...
      Jordan: [Yawns] Yawn. You see I say yawn because when I actually yawn, you don't get it.
      Dr. Kelso: See you in hell.

    • J.D.: Stick to the truth and you can't get hurt, that's my philosophy.
      Dr. Cox: You didn't sleep with her did ya?
      J.D.: God, no!
      J.D.'s Narration: Philosophy is tricky.

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: December 18, 2012 on Prima COOL

    • Title Explanation: "My Bad" signifies J.D.'s bad mistake by sleeping with Jordan.

    • Guest Christa Miller is wife of series creator Bill Lawrence. The footage used as Dr. Cox and Jordan's wedding is actually from Christa and Bill's wedding.

  • Allusions

    • Jordan: But, gosh, Huckleberry, I sure hope we can go down to the river sometime and race frogs!

      Jordan is referring to the character of Huckleberry Finn, who appeared in a few of Mark Twain's books about the South, including Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

    • Dr. Kelso: Think about it, everyone will call you "Doc", you'll visit exotic ports, heck, maybe you'll even get to meet Charo!

      Charo is a singer, dancer, and stage performer (among other things) famous for her flamboyant stage presence and provocative outfits. She has recently begun performing on the world's largest cruise ship, the "Freedom of the Seas".
      Charo also guest starred more than anyone else on The Love Boat, a TV show about a cruise ship who's doctor was called "Doc" and who visited exotic ports.

    • Dr. Cox: Okay, Linus, you're way too excited; I want you to get your blankie, go in a corner, and take a time-out.

      Dr. Cox is comparing J.D. to Linus van Pelt, a character from the classic comic strip Peanuts. Linus is Charlie Brown's best friend, a philosophical soul who always carries a security blanket (which Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy frequently tries to steal).