Season 7 Episode 7

My Bad Too

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 10, 2008 on NBC

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    Definitely had it's moments, and definitely could be a highlight of the season, but everyone is just so out of character, or everyone is becoming a bit exaggerated. Cox's speech's are his thing, having someone else acknowledge that is not great, it's just stating the obvious, and the comedy becomes weak. Also Kelso has become from a mean boss to completely pathetic, since he starts "hanging out" with the group, and he's on good terms with Cox? It makes absolutely no sense. Him digging through a trashcan for cake was funny, but just not Kelso. I've been some sort of pattern this season, as now the writers are trying to get JD & Elliot together again, and like Carla said, some people might not like that (in Spanish)considering the many occurrences in the past. The one thing that this season does have is great continuity. The Janitor is still with Lady, the free muffins are still around, Turk learning Spanish was a couple episodes ago, and they managed to incorporate it perfectly in this episode. Good episode.
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    As the 6th anniversary of Turk and Carla's first date approaches, Turk, in order to surprise Carla with a thoughtful gift, has been learning Spanish for the past few months. Meanwhile, one of J.D.'s patients, Emory (a burn victim), pleads to attend his graduation. Unable to make a decision, J.D. seeks advice from Elliot; She agrees that Emory has treatable burns but that she wouldn't get his hopes up, but J.D. ignores her and gladly tells Emory he can attend his graduation. Later on, however, Dr. Cox reveals that the Emory's leg has become infected and that there is no way he is going to his graduation. Later on that day while Carla is on the phone, Turk is bugging her about "brinner" (breakfast for dinner), she comments on the idea by saying, in Spanish 'The truth is I'd cook breakfast for dinner every night if he'd clean up the apartment for once.' Turk, upon hearing that, quickly cleans the apartment, which Carla sees as a coincidence and, as she had said, cooked him brinner. Seeing as how, understanding Spanish without Carla knowing could actually be an advantage, Turk decides not to tell her and instead tells her that the next day, she could pick out anything she wanted from the jewelry store.
  • What the heck are people on about?

    The question you have to ask yourself is did the episode make you laugh? Because at the end of the day, if the storyline was recycled it was still funny and a different situation. I thought personally My Bad Too was a good episode although the title was sloppy writing and uncreative. Anyway, back to the episode, the Space Invaders part was hilarious especially when J.D and Turk accidentaly knock an intern unconscious. It was funny when Turk spied on Carla as he is now fluent in Spanish even though he learnt the wrong phrase a few episodes ago. And the Graduation Song was hilarious. An above average episode.
  • One of the best from season 7 so far!

    Season 7 has been great in my eyes, but due to the writers strike there are only 11 episodes, but this episode has been one of the best so far!

    The Dr.Cox stealing Kelso's food storyline was hilarious, especially the end scene where he's going through the bin to get his cake and says to JD and Elliot, 'Don't look at me'. That was one of the funniest moments for me. The Turk learning Spanish storyline wasn't one of the best, but i still think it blended into the episode as well, especially when he got Brinner, (Dinner and Breakfast).

    I originally thought the Burn Victim would be a sad storyline, but turned out to be hilarious, along with the, 'Going To Graduation' song.

    In my eyes, one of the best from Season 7 so far.

    Carla is hyperventilating at the nurse's station, telling Turk that she's missed a parents' meeting for Izzy's playgroup. In her panic, Carla proclaims their daughter will now be kicked out of playgroup, drop out of school and probably end up dating a gangbanger who will eventually shoot Turk in the face. Turk tells her she's the most amazing mother. His assurance calms her and she promises he will have good things come his way for his kind words. In the meantime, Cox delivers another one of his speeches, this time about an obese man who can't stop eating. J.D. has a moment of compassion when a high school burn victim is brought into Sacred Heart.
    Carla reminds Turk he has to get the night off work because it's the sixth anniversary of their first date. When Cox asks what his big present for Carla is, Turk lets him in on his secret; he has been taking Spanish lessons. Cox berates Turk for taking so long to learn his wife's language. J.D., on the other hand, thinks it's a good thing because they will finally be able to speak to the Mexican day laborers outside the hospital.
    Elliot asks Lloyd if being an ambulance driver is different from being a delivery driver. Lloyd replies that it's pretty much the same. J.D. runs into Elliot and gets a second opinion on whether his burn victim will be able to make his graduation that weekend. After she reminisces about her own disastrous graduation, Elliot says no. But J.D. feels for the patient, Emery, and assures him he'll make his big day.
    Elliot takes Izzy for the night so Turk and Carla can have a romantic evening alone for their anniversary. When she calls into Scared Heart with Izzy, Elliot finds out J.D. ignored her advice about the burn patient. Back in their love shack, Turk asks Carla if she'll cook his favorite meal, "brinner," a mix of breakfast and dinner. She ignores him, talking on the phone in Spanish, telling her friend she'd cook him brinner if he tidied the apartment once in his life. Turk overhears her and starts cleaning. By the time she hangs up, the apartment is spotless.
    Carla unveils lingerie beneath her gown. Turk is torn between Carla and the feast, eventually choosing the food instead of "unwrapping" his present. Turk then announces that Carla gets to pick anything from the jewelry store as her gift. Back at the hospital, Cox tells J.D. that Emery's leg is infected and he can't go to his graduation. J.D. is faced with the challenge of relaying this news without destroying the kid's spirit.
    Elliot and J.D. concoct a plan to get Emery to his graduation by having an ambulance deliver him. When Cox talks to Carla in Spanish, Turk interrupts. Carla asks how Turk understood and Cox blows Turk's cover by suggesting that Turk learned Spanish to spy on Carla. Meanwhile, back in the ambulance, Lloyd drops Emery off at his graduation. J.D. and Elliot pump him full of morphine so that he can get his diploma wearing his cap and gown over his hospital robes. Carla forgives Turk for hiding his bilingual abilities, in light of the beautiful words he said to reassure her when she missed Izzy's parents' meeting. At the hospital, Carla and Turk have fun by gossiping about everyone else in Spanish behind their backs.
  • So not the best episode ever, but still the best cast of characters on a sitcom right now. Personally I'm just glad they are back. These are just some of the reasons why this is the best US SitCom on TV (and an itemized summary to boot):

    So not the best episode ever, but still the best cast of characters on a sitcom right now. Personally I'm just glad they are back on Thursday night. These are just some of the reasons why this is the best US SitCom on TV (and an itemized summary to boot):

    > Carla's still Crazy
    > JD and Turk are still Dorks
    > Space Invaders with Squeaky Voice
    > Cox is still a Jerk to everyone (and great at it!)
    > Suck It!
    > Speaking Spanish
    > Amigoville :: Spanish-ita
    > Lloyd the EMT
    > Sugar Juice = R2D2
    > Brinner
    > Fat Daddy
    > Welcome to the club
    > (The Graduation Song)
    > Knife-Wrench
    > Kidnapping parents = sweet
    > Misplaced Trust
    > Spanish Sex Talk
    > Burn victim falling down (!?)
    > Friendship Pact
    > Trash Can Cake
  • In this episode Turk learns that speaking another language can work to his advantage. He achieves this by listening in on Carla's phone conversations and this makes his life better. Meanwhile JD has to deal with a burn patient, he turns to Elliot for advi

    I highly enjoyed this episode, it made me laugh and kept me guessing for the episodes to follow.

    Turk's story was captivating and it was a good side story to the main. The concept of Brinner interested me and I found this part highly enjoyable.

    The main story between Eliott and JD was very interesting as it left you with a mini cliff hanger and kept you guessing as to what is going to happen in the next couple of episodes. During this story the friendship and overall relationship of JD and Elliot progresses this made this episode great.

    This episode was highly enjoyable for eveyone and I give it 10/10

  • Turk doesn't tell Carla that he has learnt spanish and uses this to spy on her JD tries to help a burns patient get to his graduation Cox starts hiding Kelso's food

    before this episode i was liking season 7 so far even if it didn't have the same feel as past series but this episode was the worst one i have seen to date which previously was being covered by "My Night to Remember" just because i don't like clip shows

    the main things that irritated me were these:

    the daydream was aweful
    Kelso was made to look like an idiot
    Cox wasn't Cox Janitor didn't harass JD even though they encountered each other JD out of character ditching Turk and putting him in that situation Turk and Carla didn't seem to have the same chemistry as they used to
    there was no deep plot with a strong moment none of the "Their Story" crew showed up in it which disapointed me as they are who i rely on for my quick one liner laughs

    and the list goes on

    the only thing i did like was the body langauge by Elliot and JD towards the end (mainly Elliot) and the sly convo between Turk and Carla that wasn't subbed. It was also good to hear Catch My Disease as it's great to see a few aussie songs making it in lately (even if i'm not a big fan of Ben Lee) as i was extremely shocked when i heard Opportunity in the season 6 finale by Pete Murray one of my favourite artists.

    i only laughed once throughout this episode as this was not the scrubs i love and i hope not too see this kind of scrubs again from now on
  • Turk spies on his spanish bride!

    This episode has its moments from Brinner to graduation, but the quality is nowhere near the classic Scrubs humour I'm used to, and was lacking in both plot and jokes.

    Turk and Carla's plot was hilarious, and definitely the best of the three, with great lines from Cox and Kelso about spying, and Turk eavesdropping, as well as much more, so this definitely raised the rating.

    JD's plot with the burn victim seemed repetitive, and didn't have much to offer in terms of humour, but there were several moments with laughter, so it wasn't terrible. The JD and Elliot "romance" is getting tiring, and they don't work as a couple, so I have my fingers crossed that the episode doesn't evolve into something more, because Scrubs is fast turning into a soapie with the relationship theme turning into the whole show, rather than the medical plots.

    Cox stealing Kelso's food was a childish plot, and the Cox/Kelso rivalries that I loved in the first few seasons seem to be getting stupider now, with Kelso depending on Cox swapping food to help him diet being lame, though there were funny elements sprinkled throughout to make it bareable, but I'd like to see at least one classic Cox rant this season, aswell as a Cox/Kelso argument (a real one, not a playground bully one) because this isn't the Scrubs I'm used to.

    Overall, the episode was good, but had too many faults to be considered great, such as the unoriginal title, the space invaders opening and Lloyd in an episode where Ted, Doug and Todd are absent, Lloyd being my least favourite of these recurring roles since his overuse in the sixth season. Anyway, the episode was funny, but not hilarious, and the plots seemed forced and predictable. I hope the seventh season improves because I don't want Scrubs to lose its spark.
  • Scrubs returned from hiatus with My Bad Too. Turk secretly learns Spanish to surprise Carla on their first date anniversary. Dr. Cox steals junk food from Dr. Kelso. J.D. promises a young burn patient named Emery that he will get him to his graduation!!

    I have been waiting for Scrubs to return, and it finally has. However, this episode wasn't all that great. It was enjoyable, but there were no laugh out loud moments or laughing throught the entire show like many past episodes. I LOVE this show and I don't want to completely bash it, but Scrubs does seem like it's running out of steam. Hopefully the remaining episodes will be better. It just seemed like with this being the last season, the writers and/or actors seem to be getting lazy, but I think it should be the oppisite. I want Scrubs to go out with a bang so we miss it, not so we'll be glad to see it go.
  • JD helps a burn patient go to his graduation.

    I really don't understand why people are saying that this episode was bad. I felt like it was a very good character-driven episode and while not neccesarily hilarious, kept me entertained and smiling throughout. The opening scene felt a bit forced and the amigoville fantasy scene was dragged out a little (however, it was made up for by JD saying "That place was pinata!") but those are the only negative points I had with this episode.

    To all the people who are dogging this episode, I urge you to give it another viewing. Maybe with lower expectations or a bit more of an open mind. I know I wasn't impressed initially until the very end, but the episode improved greatly upon a second viewing.

    Probably my second favorite of the season.
  • Not the best episode of the season, but still tolerable.

    I had bigger expectations for this episode, especially after all we had to wait for a new Scrubs episode. This one fell short of my expectations, but was still tolerable. The Bad: The Janitor was pointless, more of a filler character. JD's fantasy with the Latino workers was really lame. And Dr. Cox's food-hiding game with Dr. Kelso left me wondering if this episode was written by junior-high school kids while the actual writers prepared for their strike.

    The Good: JD and Elliot's chemistry was great. Brinner rocks! Turk learning Spanish was a cool idea (about time I'd add), although I was kind of expecting a scene of Turk in a class struggling with the lessons. The Space Invaders game was funny.

    I give this episode more than a six, but not close to a seven.
  • JD tries to keep a promise to a burn victim and get him to his graduation, enlisting help from Elliot, who assists even though she initially told him not to get the patient's hopes up. Turk learns Spanish. Cox "secretly" keeps Kelso from eating crap.

    Scrubs is a great show, but this episode is horribly lacking. It's nowhere near the tight, clever show we are accustomed to. It's not funny and the character exchanges are tired and predicitable. I mean please, "Janitor, will you help?" What a poor transition and transparent excuse to get that character involved in the conversation. That is sub-par writing for Scrubs. If this is what we can expect, then perhaps Scrubs has run its course. We've read by now that another season is possible, even likely, next year on ABC. I was of the mind that another season would be a great idea, staving off the unnecessary but inevitable end of a terrific show. Tonight's episode has me rethinking that position. Pretty bad. And horrible considering the high standard this show has set for itself.
  • When bad mistakes go wrong, and good intentions get rewarded...

    Turk learns Spanish to surprise Carla on their anniversary, but uses that knowledge to his advantage, and gets brinner in return (breakfast for dinner). J.D. makes a promise he shouldn't keep. The Janitor explains how he is curing Lady's fears (although we didn't get to see her or how he did it). Ted and Todd were absent. Lloyd got a new job: ambulance driver! And Dr. Cox found new ways to torture Kelso: stealing his food. You never see it coming, and Kelso is completely oblivious. Eating the tennis ball was classic!
    Another great episode, but where were the supporting players: yeah Lloyd was funny, but what about Ted? Todd? Jordan? Snoop Dog resident? Bring them back next week!!