Season 7 Episode 7

My Bad Too

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 10, 2008 on NBC

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    Carla is hyperventilating at the nurse's station, telling Turk that she's missed a parents' meeting for Izzy's playgroup. In her panic, Carla proclaims their daughter will now be kicked out of playgroup, drop out of school and probably end up dating a gangbanger who will eventually shoot Turk in the face. Turk tells her she's the most amazing mother. His assurance calms her and she promises he will have good things come his way for his kind words. In the meantime, Cox delivers another one of his speeches, this time about an obese man who can't stop eating. J.D. has a moment of compassion when a high school burn victim is brought into Sacred Heart.
    Carla reminds Turk he has to get the night off work because it's the sixth anniversary of their first date. When Cox asks what his big present for Carla is, Turk lets him in on his secret; he has been taking Spanish lessons. Cox berates Turk for taking so long to learn his wife's language. J.D., on the other hand, thinks it's a good thing because they will finally be able to speak to the Mexican day laborers outside the hospital.
    Elliot asks Lloyd if being an ambulance driver is different from being a delivery driver. Lloyd replies that it's pretty much the same. J.D. runs into Elliot and gets a second opinion on whether his burn victim will be able to make his graduation that weekend. After she reminisces about her own disastrous graduation, Elliot says no. But J.D. feels for the patient, Emery, and assures him he'll make his big day.
    Elliot takes Izzy for the night so Turk and Carla can have a romantic evening alone for their anniversary. When she calls into Scared Heart with Izzy, Elliot finds out J.D. ignored her advice about the burn patient. Back in their love shack, Turk asks Carla if she'll cook his favorite meal, "brinner," a mix of breakfast and dinner. She ignores him, talking on the phone in Spanish, telling her friend she'd cook him brinner if he tidied the apartment once in his life. Turk overhears her and starts cleaning. By the time she hangs up, the apartment is spotless.
    Carla unveils lingerie beneath her gown. Turk is torn between Carla and the feast, eventually choosing the food instead of "unwrapping" his present. Turk then announces that Carla gets to pick anything from the jewelry store as her gift. Back at the hospital, Cox tells J.D. that Emery's leg is infected and he can't go to his graduation. J.D. is faced with the challenge of relaying this news without destroying the kid's spirit.
    Elliot and J.D. concoct a plan to get Emery to his graduation by having an ambulance deliver him. When Cox talks to Carla in Spanish, Turk interrupts. Carla asks how Turk understood and Cox blows Turk's cover by suggesting that Turk learned Spanish to spy on Carla. Meanwhile, back in the ambulance, Lloyd drops Emery off at his graduation. J.D. and Elliot pump him full of morphine so that he can get his diploma wearing his cap and gown over his hospital robes. Carla forgives Turk for hiding his bilingual abilities, in light of the beautiful words he said to reassure her when she missed Izzy's parents' meeting. At the hospital, Carla and Turk have fun by gossiping about everyone else in Spanish behind their backs.