Season 7 Episode 7

My Bad Too

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • k

    As the 6th anniversary of Turk and Carla's first date approaches, Turk, in order to surprise Carla with a thoughtful gift, has been learning Spanish for the past few months. Meanwhile, one of J.D.'s patients, Emory (a burn victim), pleads to attend his graduation. Unable to make a decision, J.D. seeks advice from Elliot; She agrees that Emory has treatable burns but that she wouldn't get his hopes up, but J.D. ignores her and gladly tells Emory he can attend his graduation. Later on, however, Dr. Cox reveals that the Emory's leg has become infected and that there is no way he is going to his graduation. Later on that day while Carla is on the phone, Turk is bugging her about "brinner" (breakfast for dinner), she comments on the idea by saying, in Spanish 'The truth is I'd cook breakfast for dinner every night if he'd clean up the apartment for once.' Turk, upon hearing that, quickly cleans the apartment, which Carla sees as a coincidence and, as she had said, cooked him brinner. Seeing as how, understanding Spanish without Carla knowing could actually be an advantage, Turk decides not to tell her and instead tells her that the next day, she could pick out anything she wanted from the jewelry store.