Season 7 Episode 7

My Bad Too

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 10, 2008 on NBC

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    Definitely had it's moments, and definitely could be a highlight of the season, but everyone is just so out of character, or everyone is becoming a bit exaggerated. Cox's speech's are his thing, having someone else acknowledge that is not great, it's just stating the obvious, and the comedy becomes weak. Also Kelso has become from a mean boss to completely pathetic, since he starts "hanging out" with the group, and he's on good terms with Cox? It makes absolutely no sense. Him digging through a trashcan for cake was funny, but just not Kelso. I've been some sort of pattern this season, as now the writers are trying to get JD & Elliot together again, and like Carla said, some people might not like that (in Spanish)considering the many occurrences in the past. The one thing that this season does have is great continuity. The Janitor is still with Lady, the free muffins are still around, Turk learning Spanish was a couple episodes ago, and they managed to incorporate it perfectly in this episode. Good episode.