Season 1 Episode 13

My Balancing Act

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 15, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D had just asked out a girl in the MRI machine and she turns out to be hot. They go out for their first and J.D. keeps staring at her and doesn't even touch his dinner. They rented their first movie together, kill a raccoon and take pictures together. Unfortunately their date ends with Dr. Cox paging him back to the hospital.

Dr. Cox has been ordered to do rounds. He refers to each intern by physical appearance. Elliot doesn't know the answer and say she's really really sorry. Dr. Cox is surprised that she says sorry and that she shouldn't. He also points out J.D.'s patient who's test have all come back negative. At home, Turk and Carla slow dance and notice they are much more in sync since they told each other of their love. However, there is a problem.

At the cafeteria, J.D. stares at Alex eating. He joins her, and says they can always have a date here if they get interrupted. Alex would like to have a date that actually ends, such as a kiss at the door or with breakfast. They make a date for tonight. J.D. reckons his mystery patient is suffering from Kuru but Dr. Cox rebuffs this diagnosis and says he has more likely a common illness with uncommon symptoms. Elliot wants Carla to open up to her about the sex problem. Turk wants to tell J.D. about the problem but J.D. finds the problem of his patient. Dr. Kelso takes over rounds again and Elliot makes a mistake. Instead of feeling sorry, she just says "win some, lose some". Dr. Kelso, it seems, has gone soft. Carla finally tells Elliot about her sex problem, and that she didn't have an orgasm and reckons it was the "I love you" they have started saying to each other. J.D. presents the new diagnosis to Dr. Cox and he's impressed and tells him his job here is done. J.D. insists of staying around, but forgets about his date with Alex.

J.D. arrives 80 minutes late, Alex has left already. Dr. Kelso hands rounds to Dr. Cox altogether. J.D. tries to explain that he's really sorry for last night, but she dumps him. Dr. Cox noticed him checking his watch last night and that he was really stupid for blowing off the girl to stay at work with him, and that he shouldn't try to become like him. Elliot reckons Carla's problem is a fear of intimitacy and that herself has sabotaged a lot of relationships by not talking things out. Dr. Kelso wants Ted to sort out his traffic violations at court. He refuses, as Dr. Kelso is still weak. Ted tells Dr. Cox that he took away the fear towards Dr. Kelso when he was talking to the residents the other day.

J.D. finds Alex at a restaurant, with a date, and tells her that he would do anything in the world if she would give him a second chance, but she declines. Carla comes home and wants to talk things over with Turk. Ever since saying "I love you" she wonders about the future way too much: kids, house, her mother, funeral costs. Turk doesn't think about these things but that's what makes the great together.

At rounds, Dr. Kelso comes along as he was paged by Dr. Cox. Dr. Cox denies ever paging him and while Bob is still around, totally turns around the way rounds work. Dr. Kelso doesn't think it's appropriate to do the rounds his way and Dr. Kelso finally snaps. Seeing that, everyone gets their fear back for him.

While watching out for a sleeping patient, J.D. gets paged to "Turn Around" and Alex stands there with a picnic basket. They kiss and have a romantic dinner on the floor.
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