Season 1 Episode 13

My Balancing Act

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 15, 2002 on NBC

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  • JD starts dating Alex.

    In continuation to JD meeting Alex, under the MRI machine. He asks her out before he sees her face. In this episode, her face is revealed. JD finds out she is hot, and is ecstatic. They start dating, but they face a problem early in their relationship. JD picks work over Alex multiple times, and it is revealed that it's because he wants to be like Cox. I like the Cox/JD interaction in this episode as usual. Alex breaks up with JD when he stands her up on her date. Meanwhile JD has to find out what's wrong with a patient, alone. The funniest situation: Turk & Carla have an intimacy issue. You'd expect that it's Turk not being able to get it up, but it turns out the problem is Carla: Not being able to have an orgasm. It's also revealed that Elliot has never had an orgasm. Carla tries to help her while facing her own problems. In the end, it turns out Carla couldn't have an orgasm because she was worried that Turk wasn't thinking about the future. Cox takes over Kelso's rounds for a day, and when Kelso returns: No one fears him anymore. All things are resolved by the end. Even Elliot has an orgasm... by herself. JD gets back together with Alex in the end. Cox gets Kelso to be scary again. Definitely a funny enjoyable episode.