Season 1 Episode 13

My Balancing Act

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 15, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Dr. Cox: Here's the deal. I have been coerced by the forces of evil into conducting rounds this morning. So in order to make this a more palatable experence for mwah, I am not going to call you by your names, instead I'll be refering to you by whatever distinguishing physical characteristic occurs to me first., chicken beak. What causes pneumonia presenting with diarrhea?
      "Chicken Beak": Legionella.
      Dr. Cox: Nice job! It turns out your mind is as sharp as your nose. Wow! And you, dye-job, what are the elements of Whipple's Triad?
      Elliot: Ah... I can't remember. I am so sorry.
      Dr. Cox: What in the hell are you sorry about?
      Elliot: Well its just that Doctor Kelso always yells at us when we don't know the answer...
      Dr. Cox: Oh children, you can't let that bloated bag of hate effect you like that, and besides being a doctor is as much about finding the answers as it is about knowing them. For instance, take Clarabell's patient over here, Mr. Yeager. Now we have no idea what in the hell is wrong with him, so we have run tests for everything from meningitis to intracranial mass and according to these results... Oh everything seems to have come back negative, which doesn't necessarily mean that Clarabell is a failure, it doesn't. It just means that she's got to keep trying no matter how frusterated she just might get.

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