Season 1 Episode 15

My Bed Banter & Beyond

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 05, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Today, J.D. wakes up next to Elliot. The situation is awkward and Elliot packs her things to leave. She says it's probably best if they just go back to how things were before. J.D. thinks about how crazy he is about her so he wants to tell her something at the door. She comes out and tells him to just say they should have sex all day so they return to the bedroom.

Later, they get along in bed and joke about the awkward morning they had. Elliot thinks she should leave but he asks her to finish the pizza. They start eating a slice each and start making out again.

One day later, they arrive at the hospital but Elliot wants to keep this private. J.D. isn't afraid of showing how he feels for her. She thinks he just wants to show off in front of the other guys. Dr. Kelso informs them that the staff needs to talk thing at some psychologist research project. Dr. Cox also needs to talk about his reasons for become a doctor: chicks, power, money and chicks. But all those things are not existing anymore. Turk is looking for Elliot and asks J.D. but he asks why he would know where she is. He also recommend Todd asking her out as she isn't seeing anybody. Turk doesn't think that's a good idea but Todd decides to ask her out anyway. She declines and J.D. takes her to the closet where they make out. They also mke out on the roof, in the staircase, in the elevator and so on.

Back on the first day, the pizza has decreased. Elliot wants to have a relationship talk as they have now done it five times. They decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

One week later, J.D. is checking her out while she does a procedure. Dr. Cox claps as try to hide the fact they are together. He asks around and everyone knew it already a long time ago. At the cafeteria, J.D. and Elliot kiss and get interrupted. J.D. says they are jealous as they are not the hot couple anymore. J.D. makes a joke about them having sex and Elliot is offended. She doesn't think that's appropriate conversation in public. She leaves as J.D. continues to make immature jokes.

Two weeks later, Elliot is sick of J.D.'s laugh but he says it's not as charming as she is mad. At bowling, Elliot is frustrated that she is not good. J.D. doesn't want to critizise her but tells her she is really naurotic. Dr. Cox confronts Elliot that she hasn't done some tests yet. She wanted to wait a while longer if she could tolerate her low heart rate. They ask J.D. and he says Elliot is correct in theory but in practice Dr. Cox's method is better. Dr. Cox teaches him to always side with the girlfriend. J.D. finds Elliot and tells her he should have sided with her instead. He continues to make jokes and she doesn't like that he hides behind his humour and can't discuss relationship problems. He on the other hand, claims she never lets anything go. Elliot is getting tired of the situation and they both decide to break it off.

Back on the first day where they got together, the day is coming to an end and Elliot is finally leaving. They kiss at the door and say things are going great...
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