Season 1 Episode 15

My Bed Banter & Beyond

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 05, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Turk: When I was seven years old, the only things that I loved were my ColecoVision and Sandi Lowe. Now, Sandi was as fine as a seven year old could be; I mean, she had the body of a nine-year-old. And I pretty much joined the t-ball team because she was on it. I mean, I didn't really care that much about sports. But, uh, during the first game, I got all caught up, you know? And...fell in love with competing; and so, through high school and college, I pretty much played everything, because I needed to compete - it was my drug. I think that's why I became a surgeon, too, because, every day, you get to step up to the table and go one-on-one against what's-ever wrong with the patient. And if you're really good at it, you win most of the time... I ran into Sandi Lowe last Christmas, and she didn't look so good. You know? And that was kinda awkward, 'cause, well, I look like this.

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