Season 6 Episode 2

My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 07, 2006 on NBC
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J.D. and Kim start contemplating about their future and their baby's future. Turk rushes Carla to the hospital after she goes into labor. Jordan accuses Dr. Cox of not being a more defensive father towards Jack.

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  • Big Time Collegiate Drumline!

    AMAZINGly funny. How many great episodes are there? To say this is my 2nd favorite episode of season 6 and my 17th most favorite episode overall is saying a lot, I mean. This episode really stands out in the comedy department, I cracked up the whole time. And it was jolly at the end, Turk becomes a daddy!

    But the whole thing is hysterical. The funny stuff I think you could spot it right away, just watch the episode and laugh every 30 seconds.

    JD thinks if he adopts a girl he WILL doink her, funnily depicted. Kim says he takes care of a 45 year old uncle who wears diapers because he was kicked by a horse, LOL already.

    "If I hear the word baby one more time, I'm gonna lose it!" Haha how many times did she lost it then?

    "Is he coming? Is he coming?" "She is barely in labor" "Not talking about the baby" "Commence operation Brown Cub!" "He is here and now we can have our baby!"

    "Stylish pimp daddy hat" "Check!" "Big time collegiate drumline" CHECK!" Then that song starts up and their dance is hilarious, JD slapping Turk's ass. The band on their car. "Maybe we should just take your car". That opening is just classic.

    "You are a fattie, fattie, fattie, fattie, fattie!" Cox teaches to be honest to his son. He also plays with a plant saying he is a helicopter. "You put one of those inside of me, what are we gonna do?"

    Miguel is so talented but his attitude keeps getting in the way ROFL. Personally I found hilarious when they are at the drive in and JD says Miguel won't be getting any fries, so her orders 22 fries. "You really thought I wouldn't do it, did you?!"

    So Turk forgets the suitcase and then expect for a miracle if he close his eyes and wishes it deeply, JD too. A dog picks it up, goes through the woods and leaves it right in front of him, before they open their eyes a man steals it! WTF?! Stoner humor.

    Dr. Cox has to listen to Jordan blah about everything and starts eating the newspaper haha

    "Your skin is wrinkly" "Yeah? Well, that shirt you're wearing is gay" How isn't that the most awesome exchange from and old man to a young kid? Hilarious.

    "Just squeeze it out like toothpaste except than being toothpaste is a little black baby" LOL stuff from Elliot. Ted starts recording Carla in bed, and her bajingo was on TV! Janitor thinks is Swamp Thing, Kelso records it, Todd thinks is the Greatest Show Ever, Cox just blatantly says that's the vagina of a 35 year old latino woman to his son.

    JD and Kim are up to discuss the A-word. "1, 2, 3... Abortion" "Appletinis" And Laverne following them around with a Jesus. JD has a discussion with Jesus "How are you not getting this? NO ABORTIONS!" Very stoner humor as well.

    Turk wanted to get the ice to Carla for him to say "Christopher Turk at your cervix" but gets his hand stuck on the ice machine, JD is there for a while and they found out that's how Leonard lost his hand. But he has to talk to Kim so Janitor picks up the call and tells Turk his baby has a tail, Turk says "Told her to stay away from the microwave"

    As JD and Kim can't decide what to do, they flip a coin and it just falls in its edge, no call. Jordan had an abortion and tells a trampy campy old story "Oh, I'm not judging you" "WHORE!"

    When Turk carries the ice machine to the labor room, nurse says "Sorry, Dr. Turk, no ice machines" "Nooo!" Near the end Kelso tells there is a release button because Leonard the security guy got a load of money and he won't fall for it again. His hand is sky blue, he gets to the labor room and Carla is hot so Turk puts his hand on her forehead.

    Turk becomes a daddy and Kim says he wants to hace JD's kid.

    And there is also more funny stuff. This is a very special episode in my opinion, like a fine sample of how this show manages the heartfelt stories with hilarious stuff all over. "And Carla, great vagina!"moreless
  • 602

    Carla goes in to labor, definitely a very special episode of Scrubs. I was surprised a topic as serious as abortion came in to topic in this episode. I'm not sure getting that serious goes well with this show, all I know is that it felt strange watching JD and Kim discuss certain options like abortion, in a comical matter at that. Anyways Kim & JD are trying to find out what to do with their situation, they have to make this decision as Carla goes in to labor. Turk feel as though Elliot is stealing his thunder. When his hand gets stuck in an ice machine, he might miss his daughter being born. Carla has to get a C section and Turk eventually gets out of the ice machine. A near death crisis makes JD & Kim realize that they need to keep the baby. Carla gives birth successfully in the end. Cox works at being a good father, and it's a feel good ending surprisingly since this was such a serious episode in places. A lot of development, this episode. It really sets things up for the rest of the season.moreless
  • Kim and jd decide whether to have an abortion or not, Elliot stops Turk from helping Carla and Jordan tells Perry he's too honest with Jack

    It was a great episode and im glad JD and kim decided to keep their child and raise it together and i hope it works out between them. Dr. Cox is apparently now not going to tell Jack things he's too young to know which i doubt he'll do and Turk finally has a child although it wasn't a boy like they hoped and i hope Issie won't have brain damage the same thing happened to a cousin of mine and he has brain damage for life, hope that doesn't happen to Issie. and now that Jordan, Kim and carla are all having kids Elliot's the only one left; maybe she gets pregnant sometime next seaon or somethingmoreless
  • Pretty good episode. Definintely a few laughs. I don't know if Character Development explains this..

    Pretty good episode. Definintely a few laughs. I don't know if Character Development explains this... but I can see that Turk changes after this episode. Isabella Turk comes into the seen and you can see Turk becoming a father, and definintely more mature and responsible. JD is battling with his and Kim's unexpected pregnancy, and he has to mature and help make a desision. The Jesus thing is a little overplayed in the episode, in my opinion. I was glad to see JD and Kim keeping the kid. But then again, they wouldn't create a four-episode pregnancy arc. This show's too good for that.

    It might not have been the funniest episode but it without a doubt wasn't bad. I can say I laughed a lot and it was amusing. People say season six was weak and I disagree. I liked it.moreless
  • Isabella Turk is born!!

    I loved the whole premise of this episode. And yes it might be 'Baby, baby, baby' but so what! J.D. and Kim start contemplating about their future and their baby's future, leading to a couple hilarious fantasies including JD hitting on a hot blonde which turns out to be the daughter he put up for adoption! and Jesus saying 'No abortions'. Turk rushes Carla to the hospital after she goes into labor but gets his hand stuck in an ice machine after he starts to feel left out thanks to Elliott. Jordan accuses Dr. Cox of not being a more defensive father towards Jack. I just love the way Cox speaks to his son. Its so un-father like.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Rene Hall

Rene Hall

Nurse Rita

Guest Star

Julian Acosta

Julian Acosta


Guest Star

Evelina Oboza

Evelina Oboza

Hot Blonde

Guest Star

Aloma Wright

Aloma Wright

Nurse Laverne Roberts

Recurring Role

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Jordan Sullivan

Recurring Role

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks

Dr. Kim Briggs

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • In this episode, you can see the front of the apartment building where J.D., Turk and Carla have lived over the series. The number of the apartment building is 12629.

    • When Jack asks Dr. Cox what is showing on the television, he answers: "That's the vagina of a 35-year-old latina woman", but in "Her Story II" Carla admits to the gynecologist that she is 36 years old.

    • In this episode, Jordan announces that she got pregnant when she was nineteen and it was her first time having sex. However, in "Her Story II" she claimed to have given up a child for adoption in high school.

    • Featured Music:
      "I Saw" by Matt Nathanson (Coin flip scene)
      "Miracle" by Foo Fighters (Final scene)

    • J.D.'s fantasies:
      1. 50-year-old J.D. hits on a hot blonde, which turns out to be the daughter he and Kim put up for adoption.
      2. J.D. asks Jesus for help making a decision about the baby, who tells him "no abortions".

    • Carla finally gives birth, to Isabella Turk.

    • It's finally revealed how Leonard, the big black security guard with the afro and hook hand, lost his hand: He got it stuck in an ice machine.

    • After Turk announces the baby's name, the camera pans from left to right over the applauding crowd in the waiting room. Between Todd and Ted, just at the bottom of the screen, the heads of J.D. and Kim can be seen moving as if they were kissing, which they only start doing two shots later.

    • Kim found out that she was pregnant only three weeks after Jordan, but Jordan is now four months pregnant and already showing, while Kim is not showing and, since they're just now deciding whether or not to keep the baby, it's unlikely that she's three months pregnant.
      This isn't necessarily a mistake, but Jordan said she had been tired lately and could have been pregnant for quite a while.

    • When Elliot announces to the group about the complications after the C-Section, in the back of the second shot is Bill Lawrence, the creator and executive producer of Scrubs.

    • The two guys from Bill Lawrence's other project "Nobody's Watching" had an appearance in this episode. Both of them were dressed as orderlies behind J.D. and Kim, when J.D. is talking about having sex to gauge the relationship.

  • QUOTES (56)

    • Jack: Where do babies come from?
      Dr. Cox: "Where do babies come from?" Well... When a mommy and a daddy love each other very, very much, sometimes they close their eyes... and they make a wish.

    • Dr. Kelso: Turkleton! If you are trying to get the same five million dollar settlement that damn hook-handed security guard got, you're outta luck, stud. Because I put a little release button right here on top.

    • Jack: My mommy had an abortion.
      Jordan: She sure did, sweetie.

    • Jordan: I think about it from time to time, but it would have been the biggest mistake to have that baby.
      Kim: We've talked, we've made lists, and we've been as logical as we can here, and we've still got nothin'.
      Jordan: It's not a logical decision. If it's right, you'll feel it in your heart.
      J.D.: Yeah, but what if we don't feel anything?
      Jordan: Maybe that's your answer.

    • Jack: My mommy had an abortion. My mommy had an abortion. My mommy had an abortion.

    • Jordan: So, you guys gonna keep it?
      Kim: Um, maybe... we-well, if we do-we can-then we... maybe not.
      J.D.: Um, we don't-prob-well, there's a lot to con-because-we'll probably... maybe not.
      Jordan: You know, I had an abortion.
      Dr. Cox: All right, Jacky, as promised, let's go find ourselves a li'l stethoscope so you can hear what your butt sounds like.
      Jack: Daddy, what's an abortion?
      Jordan: Enjoy.

    • J.D.: So... you decided what you wanna do? You know what, neither one of us should have to go first. How about, on the count of three, we both say what we think we should do.
      Kim: Okay.
      J.D.: One, two, three.
      Kim: I got nothing.
      J.D.: Appletinis.

    • Janitor(into phone): Relax, I'll have him out in one second. He puts the phone down, and goes next to Turk with a handsaw) All right, hold still - nobody likes a jagged stump.
      Turk: NOOO!
      Janitor(into phone): He's being unreasonable... Okay.
      He puts down the saw and slaps Turk across the face.
      Turk: Aaaaaggghhh!
      Janitor brings his hand back and slaps Turk across the other cheek.
      Turk: Oh!
      Janitor: That was from me.

    • Turk: Hey, baby, look, I... Yeah, he-he's right here... Hold on. (Hands his phone to J.D.) She won't talk to me.
      J.D.: Hi... Yes, I know he missed your wedding, too... All right, hold on. (He slaps Turk across the face) That was from her, not me.

    • Keith: Hey, guys. Carla, let me just see how far you can reach here. (He stretches out her arm, her fist just short of his face.) Okay, perfect. Turk would like you to call him because he's stuck in an ice machine.
      Carla: What?!
      She takes a swing at him, but misses.
      Keith: See, that's why I took the precaution. Heh.
      Carla grabs his hand and pulls him down into a headlock
      Carla: Kim, would you be a sweetie and give Turk a call for me?
      Kim: Yes, ma'am.

    • J.D.: So what is Elliot's plan?
      Turk: Ah, it's really simple: See, when Carla says "I'm thirsty," Elliot'll say, "Oh no, I forgot the ice chips." That's when I walk in, ice in hand, and I say, "Christopher Turk, at your cervix!"

    • Elliot: Okay, candles are all lit - lavender scented, your favorite. And here's a picture of your mom to watch over you. And then I've got this kit in case you want to bronze the umbilical cord and use it for a keychain. I practiced at home on some calamari.

    • Jordan: Will you just cut the crap and stop treating your son like he's your drinking buddy?

    • Kim: All right, so then what's the final tally?
      J.D.: Nice. Let's see, that's twenty cons and nineteen pros. I guess we gotta abort.
      Kim: Yep.
      J.D.: Wait, I'm sorry. That's an eyelash, I made a wish. It's a tie - abortion's off.

    • Kim: You know what's making this so hard? This relationship is so new, we can't tell if we have a chance of making this work long-term.
      J.D.: You know what might give us an inkling? We haven't technically had sex yet. That might help us find out if we're on the same page... you know... in the boudoir.
      Kim: Are you hitting on me?
      J.D.: I'm sorry, I'm being an idiot, aren't I?
      Kim: Nope. Clothes off. We're doing it.

    • Laverne: Did somebody just say "abortion"?
      Kim: Laverne, with all due respect, this is none of your business. Or Jesus's.
      Laverne: I believe He would beg to differ.

    • Turk: All right. I'ma go tell your sisters that this bad boy is about to pop off.

    • Turk: Anyway, he taught me everything about streaming video; and now, thanks to me, your sisters in Chicago will be able to witness the birth of our child live via webcam!
      Carla: Turk! That's so sweet!
      Turk: You know, I do what I do.

    • Jordan: First the fat lady, now this? He's three, Perry! Do you have to be so blunt with him?
      Dr. Cox: I'm not gonna B.S. my own kid.

    • Dr. Cox: Ah. Sorry, Jack, the machine's broken. Looks like you're gonna have to guzzle your juice down without any ice. Pretend, um... You know, pretend it's gin.

    • An orderly wheels a chair over to Jordan.
      Jordan: Yeah, I'm only four months pregnant, ace.
      Carla: Oh, yeah, I think you're looking for me.

    • J.D.: Miguel has such raw talent, but his attitude keeps getting in the way.
      Elliot: Unbelievable.

    • J.D.: Okay, Brown Bear, commence Operation Brown Cub! Suitcase!
      Turk: Check.
      J.D.: Stylish big daddy hat!
      Turk: Check.
      J.D.: Big-time collegiate drum-line!
      Turk: Check!

    • Kim: Yep. All right, well, look, we don't need to make this decision tonight, right? I mean, plenty of time.
      J.D.: I'm totally fine with stalling.
      Kim: Great! 'Cause if I hear the word "baby" one more time, I'm gonna lose it!

    • Old J.D.: So beautiful! I hope you keep some ice in this locket, 'cause you're making me hot all over!
      Girl: Actually, it's the only picture I have of my biological father. D'you wanna see it?
      Old J.D.: What? Oh! Sure! Uh, I'll take a look at it - first thing tomorrow morning, huh?

    • (J.D. sits on his unicorn)
      J.D.: Alright, Justin. What should my specialty be? Oncology or radiology?

    • J.D.: Here are the final pros. Kids are great...
      Kim: Yes.
      J.D.: We both make good money...
      Kim: Yes.
      J.D.: Your boobs will get huge...
      Kim: True.
      J.D.: I can finally buy beanie babies without feeling weird, and kids are great.
      Kim: Which we already said.
      J.D.: Tax deductions!

    • Todd: Oh and Carla, there's something I wanted to tell you. Great vagina.
      Turk: So helpful.
      Carla: Don't take it out on the Todd! He was just giving me a complement. Thank you, Todd.
      Todd: Happy to say it.

    • Carla: Ahhh! Elliot, I can't do it!
      Elliot: Okay, okay. I want you to imagine that your uterus is like a tube of toothpaste, and you're just trying to squeeze out all that minty fresh gel. But instead of minty fresh gel inside, there's a little black baby.

    • Kim: I don't know what to do. I mean, having a baby can completely ruin your life, you know? Not to mention, as a urologist, I have seen what childbirth can do to you down there. Heh. I mean, I examined this one woman last month and it was like (Imitating echo) "Hello...hello...hello...hello..."
      Carla: (Between contractions) Not a good time, Kim!

    • Turk: Look, Elliot, I'm really trying to be involved in the birth of my child, but you just keep boxing me out.
      Elliot: That is not true. Now, outta my way, I've gotta order the birth announcements, put in the carseat and find a yard to bury the placenta...oh, my God, I'm a monster! Turk, I am so sorry, I just love babies so much.
      Keith: It's true. Sometimes she makes me wear a diaper.
      Elliot: Keith! Private!

    • Carla: So what's next, Turk? Because so far, I'm half deaf from a drum-line, I have no suitcase, and the entire hospital has seen Miss Priscilla!
      (Elliot looks confused)
      Carla: I named her after my high school art teacher.
      Elliot: Oh, my God! So did I! Mr. Hebbler. (To Carla's crotch in a low, raspy voice) "It's nice to meet you!"
      Carla: Ew.

    • Jesus: She's right, J.D. Every life is precious.
      J.D.: But what if having this baby is a huge mistake for us?
      Jesus: Okay, I'm gonna make this real simple: No abortions, okay?
      J.D.: But what if...
      Jesus: No abortions!
      J.D.: Lemme finish! What if the parents were like abusive drug addicts who would neglect their kids?
      Jesus: Oh, well, in that case it'd be okay.
      J.D.: Really?
      Jesus: No abortions!! How are you not getting this!?

    • Turk: Hey, baby. I know things haven't exactly gone smoothly so far, but I promise you I'm about to make it up to you. I spent all weekend talking to my cousin who just so happens to be the world's biggest blerd... (Everybody looks at Turk quizzically) It's a black nerd.

    • Jordan: (To an orderly) Move it along before I eat you! Chop chop.

    • Jack: (Subtitled) I'm a helicopter, I'm a helicopter, I'm a helicopter.
      Kim: He's so sweet!
      Jordan: Mm.
      Kim: You put one of those inside me! What are we gonna do?

    • J.D.: Yeah, I'm not a big fan of adoption.
      Kim: You think if it's a girl, you'd doink her?
      J.D.: I know I will.

    • Kim: So, uh, let's you like kids?
      J.D.: Of course I do! What about you? Any nieces or nephews?
      Kim: Yeah, I have a nephew. Although he's forty-five. But occasionally I do have to change his diaper...he was kicked by a horse.

    • Jack: (Pointing and singing) You're a fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty!
      Woman: What's your son doing?
      Dr. Cox: Apparently he's doing the "fatty dance." Inappropriate? Well, maybe. But I'm raising my son to be a straight-shooter. That's his mom, right over there.
      (Jordan waves from the doorway on the other side of the room)
      Jordan: Ohh, thanks for including me.

    • Kim: This sucks. I mean the hardest decision I've had to make in the last year was what hairstyle to get. And even then, all I did was open up an Us magazine closed my eyes and pick a random celebrity.
      J.D.: Kirsten Dunst?
      Kim: Owen Wilson.
      J.D.: Ohhh.

    • Jordan: Congrats, Perry. My son just asked me if my vagina had ever been on television.
      Dr. Cox: And did you tell him not since the late eighties when you were trying to make it as "an actress"?

    • Jack: What's Gin?
      Dr. Cox: Gin is an alcoholic beverage, which, if your mommy's strong genes are any indication, you'll eventually learn to love as it slowly destroys a giant portion of your adult life.

    • Turk: Is he coming? Is he coming!?
      Elliot: Turk, she's barely in labor (Pointing at Carla)
      Carla: He's not talking about the baby.
      (J.D. enters)
      Turk: He's here, and now we can have our baby!

    • (Janitor is on the phone with Elliot and sitting next to Turk, whose hand is stuck in an ice machine)
      Elliot: OK Janitor, Carla's starting to push. Tell Turk.
      Janitor: Got it. (to Turk) Your baby has a tail.
      Turk: I told her to stay away from the microwave.

    • Jordan: I was nineteen and working in Nantucket as a waitress and dating this amazing guy named Andy, curly blond hair, dimples and eyes that were either sky blue, or powder blue, I could never figure out which... anyway, his best friend Curt knocked me up. (J.D. and Kim start staring) Don't look at me like that, he was the first guy I had ever slept with.
      J.D.: Oh, we're not judging you.
      J.D.'s Narration: Whore!

    • Turk: (In the ice machine) Dude, I am totally stuck.
      J.D.: Just try to get it out.
      Leonard: (Pointing with his hook) I would not do that.
      J.D. and Turk: That's how it happened.

    • J.D.: Should I get a baby too?
      Turk: I'm a little preoccupied right now. Why don't you ask your unicorn?
      J.D.: Ah, this is way over Justin's head...he's never been in love. Not real love, anyway.

    • Kim: J.D., we need to talk about all of our pregnancy options, even if it makes us uncomfortable. One of the things that we could do...that we haven't mention yet, the 'a' word.
      J.D.: I know.
      Kim: Abortions.
      J.D.: Appletini.
      Kim: What?
      J.D.: (Awkwardly) Oh, I thought that we could discuss abortion over appletinis.

    • J.D.: OK, ladies we are here.
      Carla: What the hell took you so long? Oh, my god, did you stop for food?
      Turk: We had to, honey, J.D. promised the band that we'll feed them.
      (Flashback with J.D., Turk and the band in a burger place)
      J.D.: Yeah, let me get twenty-three cheeseburgers, twenty-three shakes... (To Miguel, the drummer) Hey, Miguel, if you don't stop drumming you are not getting fries. Twenty-three fr...(drumming returns), you know what? Twenty-two fries, (turns to Miguel) twenty-two fries, you didn't think I'd do it, did you?

    • J.D.'s narration: My brand new girlfriend was pregnant, and we were trying to decide what to do.
      J.D.: Should we keep it or get rid of it?
      Kim: I don't know...if we keep it, it will just end up in the dumpster. (Pause) OK, enough pizza talk.

    • Jesus: What just happened in there, because I don't see any wedding rings!
      J.D.: (Picking up the Jesus figurine) Laverne, is this your Jesus?

    • Carla: Cameraman?! Nuh-uh! No man's gonna be filmin' my pooter unless he's completely asexual.
      Ted: (Entering the room) Hellooo.
      Carla: Oh, hey Ted. (Looking back at Turk) Cool.

    • Todd: (Seeing that Turk has accidentally streamed the baby video to all the TVs in the hospital) Greatest. Show. Ever.

    • Jack: Daddy, what's that?
      Dr. Cox: That is the vagina of a 35 year old latina woman.

    • Jack: (To Dr. Kelso) Your skin is wrinkly.
      Dr. Kelso: Yeah, well that shirt you're wearing is gay.

    • Jordan: Anyway, I was thinking we need new table linens for the dining room. Well, not so much table linens as placemats. What do think's prettier, burgundy or mauve?
      Dr. Kelso: What the hell's with her?
      Dr. Cox: She's mad, but she can't give me the "silent treatment", because she knows I'd actually love that. So she's giving me the "talk until I commit suicide treatment".
      Dr. Kelso: Sucks to be you.
      Dr. Cox: You have no idea.
      Jordan: ...What else do I need for that? Oh, I need new pillow shams. And I-I like cotton, but I think we should get a cotton blend because that's easier to clean, and I hate ironing. Maybe we need a new housekeeper. Maybe the housekeeper should come every single day now.

  • NOTES (2)