Season 6 Episode 2

My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • Big Time Collegiate Drumline!

    AMAZINGly funny. How many great episodes are there? To say this is my 2nd favorite episode of season 6 and my 17th most favorite episode overall is saying a lot, I mean. This episode really stands out in the comedy department, I cracked up the whole time. And it was jolly at the end, Turk becomes a daddy!

    But the whole thing is hysterical. The funny stuff I think you could spot it right away, just watch the episode and laugh every 30 seconds.

    JD thinks if he adopts a girl he WILL doink her, funnily depicted. Kim says he takes care of a 45 year old uncle who wears diapers because he was kicked by a horse, LOL already.

    "If I hear the word baby one more time, I'm gonna lose it!" Haha how many times did she lost it then?

    "Is he coming? Is he coming?" "She is barely in labor" "Not talking about the baby" "Commence operation Brown Cub!" "He is here and now we can have our baby!"

    "Stylish pimp daddy hat" "Check!" "Big time collegiate drumline" CHECK!" Then that song starts up and their dance is hilarious, JD slapping Turk's ass. The band on their car. "Maybe we should just take your car". That opening is just classic.

    "You are a fattie, fattie, fattie, fattie, fattie!" Cox teaches to be honest to his son. He also plays with a plant saying he is a helicopter. "You put one of those inside of me, what are we gonna do?"

    Miguel is so talented but his attitude keeps getting in the way ROFL. Personally I found hilarious when they are at the drive in and JD says Miguel won't be getting any fries, so her orders 22 fries. "You really thought I wouldn't do it, did you?!"

    So Turk forgets the suitcase and then expect for a miracle if he close his eyes and wishes it deeply, JD too. A dog picks it up, goes through the woods and leaves it right in front of him, before they open their eyes a man steals it! WTF?! Stoner humor.

    Dr. Cox has to listen to Jordan blah about everything and starts eating the newspaper haha

    "Your skin is wrinkly" "Yeah? Well, that shirt you're wearing is gay" How isn't that the most awesome exchange from and old man to a young kid? Hilarious.

    "Just squeeze it out like toothpaste except than being toothpaste is a little black baby" LOL stuff from Elliot. Ted starts recording Carla in bed, and her bajingo was on TV! Janitor thinks is Swamp Thing, Kelso records it, Todd thinks is the Greatest Show Ever, Cox just blatantly says that's the vagina of a 35 year old latino woman to his son.

    JD and Kim are up to discuss the A-word. "1, 2, 3... Abortion" "Appletinis" And Laverne following them around with a Jesus. JD has a discussion with Jesus "How are you not getting this? NO ABORTIONS!" Very stoner humor as well.

    Turk wanted to get the ice to Carla for him to say "Christopher Turk at your cervix" but gets his hand stuck on the ice machine, JD is there for a while and they found out that's how Leonard lost his hand. But he has to talk to Kim so Janitor picks up the call and tells Turk his baby has a tail, Turk says "Told her to stay away from the microwave"

    As JD and Kim can't decide what to do, they flip a coin and it just falls in its edge, no call. Jordan had an abortion and tells a trampy campy old story "Oh, I'm not judging you" "WHORE!"

    When Turk carries the ice machine to the labor room, nurse says "Sorry, Dr. Turk, no ice machines" "Nooo!" Near the end Kelso tells there is a release button because Leonard the security guy got a load of money and he won't fall for it again. His hand is sky blue, he gets to the labor room and Carla is hot so Turk puts his hand on her forehead.

    Turk becomes a daddy and Kim says he wants to hace JD's kid.

    And there is also more funny stuff. This is a very special episode in my opinion, like a fine sample of how this show manages the heartfelt stories with hilarious stuff all over. "And Carla, great vagina!"
  • 602

    Carla goes in to labor, definitely a very special episode of Scrubs. I was surprised a topic as serious as abortion came in to topic in this episode. I'm not sure getting that serious goes well with this show, all I know is that it felt strange watching JD and Kim discuss certain options like abortion, in a comical matter at that. Anyways Kim & JD are trying to find out what to do with their situation, they have to make this decision as Carla goes in to labor. Turk feel as though Elliot is stealing his thunder. When his hand gets stuck in an ice machine, he might miss his daughter being born. Carla has to get a C section and Turk eventually gets out of the ice machine. A near death crisis makes JD & Kim realize that they need to keep the baby. Carla gives birth successfully in the end. Cox works at being a good father, and it's a feel good ending surprisingly since this was such a serious episode in places. A lot of development, this episode. It really sets things up for the rest of the season.
  • Kim and jd decide whether to have an abortion or not, Elliot stops Turk from helping Carla and Jordan tells Perry he's too honest with Jack

    It was a great episode and im glad JD and kim decided to keep their child and raise it together and i hope it works out between them. Dr. Cox is apparently now not going to tell Jack things he's too young to know which i doubt he'll do and Turk finally has a child although it wasn't a boy like they hoped and i hope Issie won't have brain damage the same thing happened to a cousin of mine and he has brain damage for life, hope that doesn't happen to Issie. and now that Jordan, Kim and carla are all having kids Elliot's the only one left; maybe she gets pregnant sometime next seaon or something
  • Pretty good episode. Definintely a few laughs. I don't know if Character Development explains this..

    Pretty good episode. Definintely a few laughs. I don't know if Character Development explains this... but I can see that Turk changes after this episode. Isabella Turk comes into the seen and you can see Turk becoming a father, and definintely more mature and responsible. JD is battling with his and Kim's unexpected pregnancy, and he has to mature and help make a desision. The Jesus thing is a little overplayed in the episode, in my opinion. I was glad to see JD and Kim keeping the kid. But then again, they wouldn't create a four-episode pregnancy arc. This show's too good for that.

    It might not have been the funniest episode but it without a doubt wasn't bad. I can say I laughed a lot and it was amusing. People say season six was weak and I disagree. I liked it.
  • Isabella Turk is born!!

    I loved the whole premise of this episode. And yes it might be 'Baby, baby, baby' but so what! J.D. and Kim start contemplating about their future and their baby's future, leading to a couple hilarious fantasies including JD hitting on a hot blonde which turns out to be the daughter he put up for adoption! and Jesus saying 'No abortions'. Turk rushes Carla to the hospital after she goes into labor but gets his hand stuck in an ice machine after he starts to feel left out thanks to Elliott. Jordan accuses Dr. Cox of not being a more defensive father towards Jack. I just love the way Cox speaks to his son. Its so un-father like.
  • All about the kids.

    Yep it's all about the kids in this one. J.D. and Kim are strugling to decide what they should do about there unexpected pregnancy. Cox and Jordan are have a few different views on how to raise Jack and last but definetly not least Carla and Turk become parents... but not before Turk nearly ruins it.

    I really enjoyed J.D's fantasies. Hitting on his daughter who he gave up for adoption... classic. Then he have J.D. talking to Jesus for advice on abortions and then later Jesus wondering where the hell their wedding rings are J.D. and Kim get it on.

    Turk tries to help the in labor Carla out cos he feels like Elliot is stealing his moment. It backfires when he gets his hand stuck in the ice machine. The Janitor makes himself of us and slaps Turk a few times and takes some photos with him.

    I'm realling loving Cox kid Jack. Classic stuff from him like the Fatty, fatty, fatty and the My mum got an abortion. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

    There are complications with Turk and Carla's baby but everything truns out okay and they give birth to a girl named Isabella.

    Seeing the child makes J.D. and Kim realise that they want to go through with it and have a child.

    A special epeiosde due to due birth of Carla and Turks child and a hillarious one to. This one gets a 9.5
  • A very special episode.

    This great episode follows up from a great season premiere. This episode see's the birth of Turk and Carla's baby, and the decision from JD & Kim on what to do with their unborn child. The humour in this episode contiunes from the original 'Scrubs' humour invovled in 'My Mirror Image' and even includes some laugh out loud moments, including JD's Jesus fanatasy and Carla's vagina shown on TV throughout the hospital. Another thing about this episode which makes it soo great, is the number of fantasies and flashbacks. Everyone knows how much they have been reduced since season 4. But there are quite a load in this one, all which i think are funny. Flashbacks/fantasies include 2 Jesus fnatasies, one where JD rides a unicorn to soul search, old JD trying to hit on his adopted daughter, JD and Turk taking the marching band for food, and i'm not sure if theres more.

    Before i watched this episode, i had watched all of season 6 apart from this one. Partly becuase i didn't think it'll nothing special. Carla gives birth, big deal. But man was i wrong. One of the best this season so far.

    It's also an episode which slams n the emotion as well, with Carla needing a c-section. Dr. Cox's and Jordan's son was funny as well, and how Dr. Cox was being really blunt with him about everything.
  • Carla and Turk's baby is finally born and Dr. Cox and Jordan discuss raising Jack while getting ready for their second baby. Meanwhile, JD and Kim discuss their new baby and the options involved in the situation.

    Dr. Cox and Jordan continually disagree on how exactly Jack should be raised. Dr. Cox believes that he should be totally honest with Jack while Jordan thinks that there are some things a child shouldn't hear. Carla goes into labor and the group is all at Sacred Heart awaiting the birth. During this painful and anxious time for Turk and Carla, Elliot again reveals her selfish and idiotic nature by completely taking over the procedure and blocking out Turk. She FINALLY sucessfully describes herself (a monster). Carla ends up having to get a C-section and after some tense moments, a healthy baby girl is born, Isabella Turk.
  • This was a pretty good episode, to me.

    I only recently started liking Scrubs when Comedy Central started airing re-runs of them. So, I'm not all that up to date with some of the comments that allude to previous episodes. But, I really liked this episode. I was happy that J.D. and Kim decided to keep their baby. I was even more happy that Turk and Carla had a healthy baby girl. I was freaking out when I saw the commercials for it and Elliot was like, "Something's wrong." I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I really like the name, Isabella, also. It's very pretty. My favourite part in this whole episode was with Jack and Dr. Cox. Jack started calling that lady fat and did, what Dr. Cox calls, the Fatty Dance. Jordan is all pissed because Dr. Cox is so blunt with Jack. I can understand that. I'm pretty blunt, but only to a certain extent. Dr. Cox came through at the end when Jack asked how babies were made.

    Dr. Cox: When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...*looks at Jordan*...they close their eyes, and they wish really hard."
  • Baby! Baby! Baby!

    This epsiode of "Scrubs" has babies on their mind. Except for Jack when he made fun of a obese woman. I rather learn about oberity on CNN, thank you. As for the Baby plots, JD and Kim talk about the future of their baby, and that left me a bith bore. Tuck and Carla deliver their new baby, but Tuck is stuck with his hand up a ice machine. Not much to laugh at. I came to a conclusion why Emmy voters voted "Scrubs" as best comedy series. Because they didn't watch the series. it's either "Scrubs" or "the Gilmore girls," and guess who came on top?
  • Awesome

    Awesome J.D., Great moments and crazy Turk. This episode really is a reason why i watch this show.
    Just the Scenes where Carla doesnt want to talk to Turk, J.D. with his unicorn,the praying scene with the dog, Dr. Kelso says the shirt is gay...i could go on and writa the funniest scenes together but then we would have all the scenes.

  • Is it really the way to deal with an abortion? Nice episode anyway, with some usual Scrubs moments! we finally know why the guard has the hook! ^_^ SPOILER ALERT

    I guess i didn't enjoy this episode much all because of the JD's and his girl's way to deal with the abortion matter, i mean come on, who could be so selfish to choose on a creature's life on a pros and cons list, or so immature to flip a coin to decide!??
    But anyway, this is what i think about this matter, and i'm sure many other persons will disagree with me on this! Well i can't do anything about that, i just found it really silly and diseducative...even though i found really funny the "throwing the pizza in the dump" sketch!
    I'll admit i'm not a great fan of Turk, but the whole hand stuck in the ice machine was really hilarious, and when he got his hand out of it i couldn't stop laughing.
    We finally learn how the guard lost his hand and got his hook! I didn't see that coming...but sadly this is an hint on support to the fact the authors are surrendering on endidng the show, since they start revealing all the little secrects!
  • Baby Turk

    Turk's daughter is finally born and they defenitely catch the happiness and the drama of the actual situation of birth. Turk was hilarious, getting his hand caught in the ice machine. I mean only he and JD could manage to get into that kind of situation moments before Carla was going to have the baby. But hey it led to the explination of how that guy got a hook for a hand, which I know we were all dying to get explained.

    Good for JD that he and his "baby" decided to keep their baby, I knew they couldn't get rid of a child. I was surprised that they even considered it, but good for them for making the right call.
  • Scrubs deals with abortions in a very realistic way.

    This episode was even better than the season premiere, with great character development for a lot of characters, including JD, Kim and Jordan.

    Dealing with abortion is a risky issue but Scrubs pulls it off perfectly with great humour surrounding the subject aswell.

    Carla having the baby is a very important episode and it was great that it helped the other pregnancy story regarding abortion and Jordan being revealed to have had an abortion to show that in some cases it's best to have an abortiona and other times, Laverne can be right.

    Overall, this episode is definitely worth watching because not only does Turk get his hand stuck in the ice chip nmachine but Cox's parenting techniques are just totally hilarious.
  • Cool episode, a little emotional, but it was a great episode!

    I like this episode, even a little better than the previous one. JD and Kim struggle on what to do about their child and even get to consider the abortion but unable to decide, since they have Jesus and Laverne against the abortion, but they are unable to decide which decision to make. Carla goes into labor, and Turk wants to be seen as the brillant hero for Carla, but Elliot keeps overshadowing him by doing all the things that Carla specifically needs. Turk wants to get Carla some water but gets stuck in the ice machine that causes Carla to get mad at him. The doctors discover something wrong with the baby that could kill her, and Carla needs Turk to be with her. Turk eventually manages to get out of the ice machine and be with Carla at the last minute. Eventually, the baby comes out and it is name Isabella Turk. While, Jack makes fun of a fat woman and Jordan realizes that Cox has been treating Jack as a drinking buddy rather than his son, and tells him things too directly, but Cox eventually manages to keep that from affecting his son. And finally, when everyone sees Turk and Carla's baby, JD and Kim decide finally what to do... have the baby...
  • JD & Kim discuss what they are going to do with the pregnancy while Turk and Carla prepare for the birth of their first child...

    ... which is interesting as Turk - like when getting married - does everything wrong while trying to be perfect. Carla plays the emotional side of childbirth well, despite being still funny. The bigger side of the story is JD & Kim who are undecided on whether to keep their unborn child... which ultimatly is decided up - for how long? I dont know, Elizabeth Banks isnt even signed on for the season. Classic funny from the team, Elliot's baby desperation, JD's beany bear love, Turk's icechip adventure... and Cox's son (who is pretty much the best child ever). All over fun: especially in the reveal of "Brown Cub's" name... which is: Well, that wouldnt be as fun if i told you would it? Anyways, a little Turk should make everything interesting - and so should Kim's pregnancy.