Season 1 Episode 3

My Best Friend's Mistake

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 09, 2001 on NBC

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  • Another great episode with an annoying song and emotional moments.

    As Turk spends a lot of time with Carla, JD feels left out and is in the meantime totally stressed because he thinks that he has to kiss Elliot in 48 hours or he will be "just" friends with her forever. But Elliot has another problem: Kelso is calling her sweetheart and - ill-adviced by an annoyed Dr. Cox - she confronts Kelso.
    Additionally there is a patient both JD and Turk treated who gets worse now and JD thinks that his friend did a mistake.

    There are a lot of good moments in this episode: I really liked the whole "Erasure" concept and thought that it linked the stories very well. Dr. Cox's rant at Elliot (the blablaologist etc.) was just great and I laughed the whole time. The funniest line was in my opinion "I miss you so much it hurts sometime" which was just hilarious.
    Furthermore I liked the story, the emotional moments and the first steps of the JD/Elliot relationship. Plus Ted starts to sing.

    To sum it up: Great and funny episode with emotional moments and wild fantasies and a great rant by Cox.