Season 3 Episode 22

My Best Friend's Wedding

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 04, 2004 on NBC

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  • The absence of a cliffhanger left me unsatisfied.

    I thought this episode was pretty great, the thing that turned me off about this episode is that it didn't have much of a cliffhanger. Sure, it was Turk & Carla's wedding, but a season finale should tie up almost all the plots that had happened that season, and if not, they should leave it in a cliffhanger fashion. The thing that I was hoping to be resolved in this episode was the JD/Elliot plot. JD did a very bad thing with making Elliot sabotage her relationship with Sean and go with JD. But when you look at it at a different point of view: JD didn't ask Elliot to sleep with him, all of the things that happened were to Elliot's choices. The only reason that Elliot is mad at JD is because she wished she loved him. It was nice to see her in JD's position, the position he was in all season. The case of unrequited love. Turk & Carla's plot was of course: great. Turk & Carla don't even end up getting married because Turk arrives late at the wedding, but they eventually do because of fate. Turk's patient was a priest so they end up getting married before they go on their honeymoon. Danni continues to be hysterical. Cox & Jordan's relationship keeps on going strong. The only thing that was left up in the air was if JD & Elliot were going to be friends again, which didn't entice me much. Where's the cliffhanger that we got from the past 2 seasons? This finale was missing something, but overall it was a pretty great episode.
  • The day of Turk and Carla's wedding.

    Turk is delayed in a tricky surgery, and when he finally finishes he ends up at the wrong church. The ceremony is cancelled, but the reception is held regardless. I really liked that twist! I actually thought that this was gonna be a typically boring wedding episode. I'm glad that Danni was in it, even though her and JD broke up. The only thing kinda bothering me was Jelliot with their will they, won't they tension. Everybody knows that sooner or later they'll sleep with each other again. They should either break them up for good or get them together for good. But this is getting old...
  • Elliot got what she deserved

    This is the part of the series where I really began to dislike Elliot. I'm not sure if the writers wanted me to feel sympathy for her that J.D crushed her, but I say Good for him. She makes the comment, "If we were meant to be together I never would have gone home with you that night and sabatoged everything I had with him." Better statement yet would have been "If we were meant to be together I never would have had sex with you that night he was in New Zealand." She cheated on Sean which isn't bad enough, she wanted J.D to be okay with it and everyone else to be okay with it too. From this episode on out I really ended up rooting for any kind of bad thing to happen to her character. Devotee's might disagree with this comment, but how come Elliot doesn't become the tent dwelling poop fainter who can't drive? Isn't Karma a funny thing?
  • This episode requires to "Think outside of the box".

    In truth, literally everyone expects JD and Elliot to be "together", this i believe is to be the " main strength of the show" as quoted by another reviewer. However, the writers seem to know what everyone expects, thus concludes the reason as to why they make JD and Elliot separate; because it enables them to add more suspense to the story, rather than your average "Oh! I know that he'll end up with her!, its like oh my god, so obvious!" In Turk and Carla's wedding, they end up being unofficially married, however, it actually represents the fact that even though marriage seems to be the biggest part in an individual's life, it indeed, can be done in the simplest way from doing it in a huge church to getting married in a medical hospital room- by a patient who is a priest. Overall, i believe this episode has become a little less like scrubs, and more of a humorous show. Perhaps, it is because it shows how the biggest things in the world, can be tempered down into something simple, which can be easily remembered.

    Although the story of this episode seems to be a little far of from a typical scrubs show, it is, i believe, still able to satiate the viewers of this remarkable show. :)
  • Turk and Carla's wedding

    It's Turk and Carla's wedding day, unfortunately things don't exactrly go super smoothly. Turk ends up being late but good news it gives Jd just enough time to find Sean and try and reconcile he and Elliot. And lemme tell you this is another episode that has some super funny Sean moments, he is seriously hilarious another great guest star in the perfect role. I mean the man grows this insane beard in like three days, it's awesome. Anyway, after managing to get Sean to the church JD get's a little over excited. There's some singing ivolved, it's really funny. But Sean and Elliot almost seem to want to give their thing another shot but because of what Elliot did just can't bring themselves to do. Fortuantely, Turk and Carla end up a lot better off. Though they don't actually end up getting married in the fancy church they have a kick butt after party and a very romantic ceremony at Sacred Heart with a the two of them performed by a priest/patient. All in all it's very sweet, but I'm still a little mad at Jd!
  • it's wedding day! But there's a twist.

    Angry Elliot is here. Still annoyed at JD for what he did, she injured him before saying she hopes he dies, which, I suppose, is understandable, since she no longer has Sean OR JD.

    One of my favourite moments of Scrubs is when Elliot rips of Carla\'s sister\'s eyebrow by accident. I always find Sarah Chalke\'s facial expressions/reactions absolutely hilarious.

    Turk not making it to the wedding was sad to see, but making it to the wrong wedding was funny. But it was great to see that Carla wasn\'t super mad or anything, and they ended up getting married.

    This was definitely a great ending to the best season of Scrubs so far, leaving me wanting much, much more.

    Highlights of the episode:
    * Carla\'s practising of \"classic kiss\", \"sexy kiss\", and \"slutty kiss\"
    * Elliot\'s hair!
    * You\'re dealing with...two sisters with three eyebrows\"
    * Elliot and Carla\'s amusing emotional reactions
    * The dancing at the wedding (especially Elliot\'s)
  • Season 3 finale: Turk and Carla's wedding day.

    I agree with another reviewer. This is not the best episode. How many times has Scrubs gotten Elliot and JD together just to break them up? Just once I think they should let them have a healthier relationship.

    The rest of the episode is decent, a little cliched though. It seems as if the director was packing too much into one episode or just didn't tie things together well enough.

    Good thing I'm not watching these in real time (week by week) because I can start Season 4 right now. But the end of season 3, a great season, seemed a little anticlimatic. I don't really feel the NEED to watch the season 4 beginning because this episode was a samll disappointment and didn't leave me hanging.
  • A little dissapointing

    This episode did nothing for me. It was probably the worst episode ive seen so far. However this doesnt make it that bad.
    I really just found a lot of the jokes fell flat. The whole jd and elliot thing was a bit of a let down. And the going to the wrong church, everything going wrong on the day was a little cliche, which is not like scrubs at all.
    There was a couple of highlights, such as elliot and the eyebrow, and carlas brother is always funny. But all in all not scrubs best moment, there is plenty of funnier episodes in the serious
  • My Best's Friends Wedding... great episode!!!

    This episode is really great, Turk and Carla finally get married and that causes some anguish and excitment among the pair, and it get even worse when Turk's boss doesn't lets him go just because she wasn't invited to the wedding, and after Carla gets mad at Turk just because of that, and later they believe that they are not going to get marry and later that brings great troubles. Meanwhile, JD tries to make something to make Elliot forgive him, and that means great troubles, this is episode is really cool.... really!
  • Turk and Carla get married

    Turk and Carla finally tie the knot in this season three finale which also involves JD trying to get Elliot to be his friend again and Cox and Jordan skipping the wedding ceremony in an attempt to nap more.

    This has very good scenes such as Kelso drunk and addressing Turk as Turkelton, Ted’s band being paid eight dollars for the wedding songs and Sean’s impressive four day beard growth.

    The end of this episode and the third season ends the season very well, Turk and Carla being married by the patient that Turk was late to the wedding due to the complications.

    Overall, this episode is very memorable with moments from The Todd, Danni and an embarrassing eyebrow incident to top the humour off.
  • Turk and Carla's Wedding

    An incredibly special episode with probably the best writing I've seen so far. Bill Lawrence did a fantastic job directing. Although most of the episode took place around the church, it made the episode even better. The interviews with people at the wedding were so funny, especially with Danni around.
  • Turk and carla's wedding, big mishaps and great camios

    Love this installment. everything goes wrong at turk and carla\'s wedding. Elliot is still mad at J.D. for telling her that he doesn\'t love her.
    lots of funny instances, george takei plays the priest who looks like sulu, which was mentioned by turk because he wanted to get married by the \"guy that looks like sulu\"

    the reception was funny because kelso got drunk, carla snapped, and ted\'s band played the reception for $16, where can you find a band to play your wedding for that little?
    turk and carla get married in the end by the patient that turk saved and the reason why he was late to the wedding

    great episode
  • Disappointing content and sloppy writing

    I was rather disapponted with this episode. Here's why: The relationship between JD and Elliott is one of the show's main strengths and brings continuity between episodes. Although the 'will they, won't they?' aspect was poked fun at only two episodes earlier ("You guys aren't exactly Ross and Rachel" says the Janitor) I think most people assume they will get together.
    Therefore I don't understand why the writers have JD suddenly decide he doesn't love Elliott after all, contrary to what we've been led to believe for the last 3 series!
    That is my main criticism, but there are other points where the story starts to challenge the viewer's suspension of disbelief, such as when Turk is more than willing to run the high risk of making himself late for his own wedding. Or Dr Cox not bothering to turn up to the ceremony, or Sean's ridiculous beard...
    All in all the script is rather below par, certainly not what we'd expect from a season finale.