Season 4 Episode 19

My Best Laid Plans

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 01, 2005 on NBC

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  • One of my top five favorite Scrubs episodes of all time.

    I've come up with three main points as to why this episode is so flippin' amazing.

    1. Zach Braff's direction. The stretch/real-time/summary relationships in the directing of the break up scene was absolutely fabulous. The less perfect but still awesome direction of the 'what could have happened if JD pushed Molly's bangs back' was great. Normally I don't like when actor's put their hands in the director's role, but in this case I think Braff did an excellent job.

    2. The music choice of "Closer" by Joshua Radin was brilliant and so perfectly fitting for the direction which, as stated above, was creatively above-average.

    3. Neil Flynn's performance is so impressive in this episode. His interactions with blonde doctor are so moving that it makes me teary-eyed everytime I watch it. The Janitor is not given nearly as much attention as he deserves for his acting chops, and Neil Flynn's dramatic storyline in this episode blew me away. [This episode is just another reason why Neil Flynn is my absolute favorite actor of all time.]
  • The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, except sometimes they go just like you want (Like this episode)

    This episode is the climax to the last 4 or 5 episodes and really the season has been working towards this episode.

    I'm not gonna bore everyone with the summary of the episode but instead give the good and bad points of the episodes.

    First off, I tip my cap to Mr. Braff for the Direction of this episode, his second; the scenes with JD and Molly and JD and Kylie at the end are supurb with the a great use of editing effects and 2 great selections of music in Cary Brothers "Waiting for Your Letter" and Josh Radin's "Closer". When they have serious moments in this show, they work best when they coinside with great music.

    Those serious moments are some of the best this show has had this season, probably next to JD's dad dying. However, the drama moments in this serious have become a little more hit and miss, so when they have an episode that is spot on it is obviously one of the best of the season.

    The funniest moments also are some of the best. i.e. Cox and Janitor battle; specifically Cox running Janitor's van into the wall and is post reaction, and absolute classic. Also a note of hilarity is JD's "nightly ritual" (pleasure myself, weap, and repeat).

    My favorite part of this episode is the use of the old phrase, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry". They set the entire episode toward this, and 3/4 the way in you think that maybe this isn't true with Turk's, JD's, and Janitor's success in their lies or bad decisions.

    But in the last 5 minutes it all really does go awry. JD, who was in the clear, is too honest to Kylie about his date with Molly, and he loses her. Janitor is just as close to success until Cox exploits him for his misdeeds. Luckly for him he gets to apologize and explain his actions and Elliot seems to forgive him. However, Turk is not as lucky when Carla leaves him after finding out he had not told his ex-girlfriend, that he was talking to, that he was married. The episode ends with JD and Turk alone in their living room pondering what they have done and how they can fix it.

    The way this episode, and this show for that matter, teaches lessons to its characters really will make you look at your own life in a different perspective, is something that can only be found in less than a handful of series on television.

    This episode is 10 out of 10 tug boats.
  • JD is getting impatient with having sex with Kylie and is quickly having his cake and eating it too as he has drinks with Molly Clock who is back; Janitor bets Dr Cox that he'll go out with Elliot; and Turk is speaking to his former high school girlfriend

    Directed by Zach Braff, this episode is fulled with laughs. In my opinion the best episode of Season 4. This is a Must See Episode. Alot of the humor is involved between The Janitor and Elliot as he goes out with her for a bet, even though he actually has deep feelings for her and continues going out with her when he has won the bet. However he doesn't tell her he hasn't won.

    Turk and Carla's marriage problems continue from "My Roommates" and to make things worse, Turk begins talking to his Ex.

    And JD is sick and tired of waiting to have sex with Kylie. However, Turk convinces him to have his cake and eat it too as Dr. Molly Clock arrives back to Sacred Heart. Due to him having a huge crush on her and hopping he'll have sex with her that night, he blows off Kylie and goes to the bar with her.

    A Very Well written episode by the lead star of the show. Watch this episode people, seriously.
  • Girl problems everywhere!

    Season four keeps getting better and better, this episode being one of the funniest so far, the ending, while being entertaining, also makes you feel disappointed in that JD didn’t get with either of the girls he’s been dying to all year and Carla and Turk’s relationship does seem to be getting worse by the episode.

    The Janitor’s plot is a barrel of laughs and shows he and his imaginary relationship with blonde doctor finally completing its circle when he learns her name after accepting that they will never be. Cox destroying the van is a brilliant way to end the plot, the Janitor rejoining his old gang.

    The episode is very well plotted with humour and creativeness really shining through, one relationship being ended, another looking that way and a year-long crush being concluded, making the next episode one that I, for one, will try my hardest not to miss.
  • Like the title suggests, we get to see the best laid plans of three of our male characters go awry.

    I keep seeing this episode pop up in reruns and it just reminds me how much I enjoy it. It's one of my favorites of season 4, second only to "My Life in Four Cameras". Here we see the three underhanded and not completely honest plots set up by three of our guys and how my half of the human species can completely mess them up, especially when we make a stupid offhand comment as in the cases of Turk and J.D. With Turk, we get we get the least central and seemingly malicious action as he, having a bit of a cool period with Carla, connects with one of his old girlfriends. While Turk's intentions are relatively innocent, his turns out to have the most consequences of all, giving us an open and uncertain ending. It's a little worrying.

    J.D.'s old crush Dr. Molly Clock returns and Turk helps him decide that since he isn't getting any from Kylie, he should go for Molly. Unfortunately, for J.D., he's not quite that much of a jerk. Even more unfortunately, he's also a bit of a blabber mouth. And his pecker is British. Who saw that one coming? I certainly didn't. My favorite storyline of the night has to be the Janitor's plot to get a date with Elliot and his vehicle to vehicle bet with Cox. As the two tormenters in J.D.'s life, I like it when Janitor and Cox square off. Add to that we get two different sets of brain trusts, the first made up of a few familiar of the hospital "blue collar" staff, and the "new" one made up of secondary all stars: Ted, Doug, and the Todd. It doesn't get better than that. The Janitor/Elliot scenes are pretty nice, and I enjoy seeing them as friends. They also get a very sweet ending, giving Janitor at least something to be somewhat happy about. The scene where he explains why he did what he did is a good one. Even better is Cox's maniacal glee as he smashes the Janitor's steady ol' van into the building where it in true Hollywood fashion promptly explodes. Janitor sums up the entire situation for our best laid planners with two simple words: "Bad day." Indeed it was, Janitor. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better and those Turkletons will make up.
  • Zach Braff directs this amazing episode.

    Wow, Zach Braff (JD) really proves himself in this episode, as an actor and a director. All plot lines were absolutely genius in this episode, and Zach worked with them perfectly. Dr. Molly Clock comes back once JD continues to be iced out by Kylie, he still hasn't had sex with her after a month of seeing her. It was nice to see Molly again, she always helps the episode immensely. Turk starts talking to an ex-girlfriend over the phone, and Carla has a problem with it while they continue to have marital problems. Turk tells her that she needs to not make a mountain out of a mound. She thinks she is doing that when she tells him to stop talking to her. The janitor bets he can go out with Elliot, if he can, he gets Cox's Porsche. Being the nice person that Elliot is, she pretends to date the janitor so he can get the Porsche. The janitor ends up tricking Elliot in to dating him. His feelings for her are revealed and Elliot remains friends with him by the end. I was surprised to see so much development from that one crush the janitor had this season. JD plans to go out with Molly, he almost ends up having sex with her, but he decides to be the good guy and come home to Kylie. He ends up telling her he went out with someone else just as they were about to have sex for the first time. Kylie & JD break up, and JD gets nothing. Turk stops talking to his ex only to reveal that he never told her he was married, and so the Turk & Carla conflict becomes way more serious. I loved all of the plots and the direction, editing and acting was amazing. Amazing episode.
  • Molly returns!

    Dr. Molly Clock makes a return from Milwaukee and J.D. suddenly has his eyes on her. Turk and Carla run into relationship trouble when she discovers that Turk is finding time to talk to his college ex girlfriend behind her back. When she confronts him about this, Turk claims she is just making "mountains out of molehills", a tendency she's had in the past.

    Janitor brags to Dr. Cox, saying that his future includes him and "blonde doctor" Elliot ending up together. Dr. Cox doubts that the Janitor would ever be able to hook up with Elliot, and challenges him by placing a wager. Dr. Cox pits his Porsche up against Janitor's van, with the winner receiving the loser's vehicle. Janitor agrees to the deal and converses with his new "brain trust", looking for ways to land a date with Elliot. Ted suggests getting in with the best friend, who in this case, would be Molly, but it doesn't go as planned.

    Janitor finds Elliot and tells her about the wager, and Elliot is more than willing to fake a relationship with him so Dr. Cox will lose his Porsche. Dr. Cox discovers Elliot in the Janitor's arms and holds up to his end of the deal, but the Janitor lies to Elliot, saying that Dr. Cox won't believe it until they go on a date.

    J.D. blows off a date with Kylie to go out with Molly, Elliot, and Carla, hoping to score big with his longtime crush. Since Elliot must leave to go on her date with the Janitor, J.D. ends up convincing Carla to leave with her so she can reconcile with Turk, but mostly so he can be alone with Molly. After J.D. gets a few drinks in his system, he works up the courage to kiss Molly. They soon after leave for J.D.'s apartment where they start getting undressed, but we find out that it was all a dream, leading back to the point where he was about to kiss her. In reality, he ends up turning her down, and leaving her at the bar.

    Janitor returns with Elliot to the hospital where Dr. Cox asks them how the Porsche was, which reveals the Janitor's lie that he had it all along, and that his relationship with Elliot was an act, which means Dr. Cox wins the bet. Elliot becomes disappointed that she was lied to like that, but the Janitor shows a bit of remorse by saying that she's the only one around that treats him like a real person. Elliot admits that she actually had a good time and walks away.

    J.D. rushes to Kylie's apartment, realizing that she's the one he wanted all along. She tells J.D. that she's actually ready to have sex. After quickly getting undressed, J.D. drunkenly tells her that it was fate, and that he was with a girl he could have had sex with, but ended up denying it. However this backfires, revealing that this was the reason he blew Kylie off in the first place. Kylie gets upset and tells him to go, leaving J.D. with no one.

    Turk is excited to tell Carla that he has cut of all ties with his ex. Carla is curious how he did it so quickly, and Turk tells her that he just told her that he was married, which greatly upsets Carla
  • J.D. screws up a promising relationship with the guest-star-babe-of-the-month. Again.

    I consider myself to be a fan of Scrubs, and I especially like that the writers clearly have a great deal of affection for the characters that they have created, and try to give them real human problems. Nonetheless, this episode pretty much is exactly what critics of the show have in mind when they say that the typical Scrubs plot has the characters learn an important life lesson which they then forget by the next week's episode. How many times do we have to watch J.D. meet a woman, start a relationship with her, and then screw it up because despite his supposed intelligence and compassion, at bottom, he's basically a tremendously shallow person? I get the point. He's a tremendously shallow person who screws up every relationship he has. It would be much more interesting if they gave him some kind of depth by exploring the question of why he screws up every relationship he has. The truly great sitcoms (here I'm thinking of shows like The Bob Newhart Show, Barney Miller, and so on) had the courage to allow even their silliest characters to become more three-dimensional as the series went on.
  • Zach Braff directs a very well written episode. I'd have given it a 10 if it wasn't so depressing.

    This episode was really good. It wasn't as funny as a normal Scrubs episode, but that's because it wasn't supposed to be. It was incredibly sad.

    Turk (temporarily) loses Carla, and JD loses both of the women he was interested in. I'd have to say he deserves it, trying to have two women at once. However, it was really disoncerting to watch both of them go. I really liked Kylie, I thought she and JD were great together. But the biggest loss was that this is the last episode with Molly in it, and Molly is easily my favorite guest character of all time. I really hope she's brought back sometime soon.

    Janitor's plot was also sad, it was painful to see how much he likes Elliot, and how Dr. Cox ruins his car. If I was Elliot, I'd totally date Janitor. He's cute and funny. But like 20 years too old.

    Overall, this episode is wonderfully done but quite melancholy, and the final appearance of Molly.
  • Blonde doctor

    Janitor: You know, I don't really appreciate you messing with my lady.
    Cox: Your lady?
    Janitor: Blonde Doctor and I are going to end up together. I'm talking the whole shebang. House in the 'burbs, Volvo in the driveway, dogfighting ring in the basement.

    Janitor: Gentlemen, Crazy-Eyes Margo. I've called the Brain Trust together for one reason: I have to find a way to make Blonde Doctor mine.
    Randall: Burn down her apartment.
    Troy: I have an idea, but we're gonna need a tugboat.
    Janitor: Tugboats and arson, that's all I ever get from you guys. I can not stand how funny the janitor is! So great!
  • JD, sometimes you don't know when to stop yappin'.

    Wow, JD, you really do muddle up your best times.

    As you can tell by the summary above, the three main plots revolve around Janitor, the Turks, and JD's sex life.

    You've got to give it to Janitor in this episode. Elliot really does seem to be the only one to treat him as a person and not just a "maintenance engineer." Too bad she doesn't realize that til the end.

    He also manages to take fine care of Cox's car but Cox rams his van into a wall AND shoots him down in front of Elliot. Yet, Janitor remains tasteful towards to two and is the nice-guy-finishing-last in this episode.

    The Turks' plot is less colorful than the other two but still adds the tension to their already stressed relationship. Carla walks out in the last scene to leave us hanging.

    The cinematography is fantastic in this episode especially with the sexy montage with Dr. Clock that mirrors the frustrating and depressing montage at the end.

    I must say, Heather Graham looks extraordinarily attractive and I'm sure JD's British giblets would agree.
  • The worst laid plans of mice and men

    A satisfying episode, that nonetheless will make you fear for the future of mankind. Here, most of the male characters are trying to have too much, and end up with so little. It’s reminiscent of the ‘dog with two bones’ story: A dog sees a reflection of his bone in the water, and drops his own in order to grab the reflection. Naturally, he ends up with neither. JD, Turk, and the Janitor all do ‘bad’ things in this episode, and lose out, mostly with good reason. In fact, the unusual occurs here, with both Cox ‘winning’ for once (you’ve got to laugh at his malicious glee when the Janitor’s van explodes), and Kelso being portrayed as a kind father to a Vietnamese lovechild (thus winning the highly coveted ‘Credulity Stretching’ prize).

    On the JD front (and there is plenty of JD front in this episode!), Molly returns and he, having been in a month-long sexless relationship with Kylie, decides he needs some action from elsewhere. Speaking of, Molly’s return seems to have prompted the entire female cast to go low-cut, but maybe this is just to get the male audience to sympathize with JD’s horny situation. Apparently, he’s currently going through a ritual of “pleasure myself, weep, and repeat”, but its still hard to commend his actions. Even though he came to his senses by episode’s end, it was too late, and he’s going to have to wait just a little longer for some cake.

    Turk, meanwhile, behaves just as appallingly. Repeatedly calling an ex-girlfriend and getting away with it by capitalizing on Carla’s melodramatic tendencies is bad enough, but then its revealed that he didn’t even mention Carla’s name in the phone calls. It’s nice to see Carla leave at the end, simply for the fact that the show hasn’t had any dire romantic situations since the days of Elliot and Sean. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for Turk and Carla, and a little of me hopes so, because we’ve still yet to see in four years what they are like as single folk. As for now, Turk’s rightfully cakeless.

    Our final storyline involves the Janitor, and yes, I did use Janitor and storyline in the same sentence. It’s about time. Having made a bet with Cox, he tries to get a date with ‘Blonde Doctor’ (it’s a nice moment when he realizes she actually has a name!). Winning the bet by telling Elliot what was going on, he then pretends Cox won’t admit defeat unless they have a real dinner date. Unlike Turk and JD, he gets to redeem himself at the end by explaining his actions. Elliot forgives him, and leaves us wondering if something might ever happen there. Probably not. (As Cox says, the Janitor doesn’t usually get the girl)

    The episode was well directed, with some nice editing techniques used to show JD’s most emotional scenes. The breakup with Kylie was particularly effective, with speedup and slowdown showing their argument to the tune of some downbeat song that was surprisingly appropriate. JD’s conversations with Mr. Peeps, however, were completely embarrassing.

    Not to say that this episode wasn’t funny though. Indeed, Scrubs seemed to have regained its funny bone, with a deliciously evil scene involving the destruction of the Janitor’s van, and Molly’s severely possessive patient tackling JD to the floor. The balance between comedy and drama was just right for once. 4 out of 5 Baseless Popcorn Boxes.
    Best line: “I don’t want to appear selfish, but stop what you’re doing and focus on me.” ---- Janitor