Season 4 Episode 12

My Best Moment

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 07, 2004 on NBC

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  • Teamwork.

    A great teamwork episode that was heartwarming and it was the first holiday themed episode that I didn't think was the weak one of the group. This episode was insightful, eventful, and it just made you think afterward. The point of the episode, was everyone's "best moment" in medicine. Everyone has different best moments, but in the end, this became their best moment. A definite Christmas miracle I would say. Cox comes in to realization that JD is a great doctor, Carla gets to be heard, Elliot connects with a little kid, and Turk can do a surgery with people watching. The end if this episode made me smile, everyone telling this story. We even get to see a nice side of Kelso for once. As he pays for someone who doesn't have insurance. In the beginning, JD makes a promise that he would get his patient home for Christmas in time, and by the end, he completes that promise. A good heart warming episode that was definitely one of the stand out episodes of season four. Amazing episode.
  • It's Christmas time and JD asks everyone what their best moment in medicine is.

    JD explains to his class what his best moment was, having sex with some woman on New Year's Eve. He then asks the doctors their best moments. Meanwhile, a man is admitted to the hospital along with his son Tyler. Carla thinks she knows whats wrong with him but no one listens. Everyone goes through their best moment in their head. Turk is worried because familys now get to watch operations. Meanwhile, JD gets mad at Cox for always watching him. Carla tells them whats wrong with the man and also tells Cox about JD's problem. The man needs a operation, but Turk is ok because Elliot lost Tyler. However before the operation Tyler is found. Turk gets through the surgery anyways. Cox let's JD take care of the man himself. Now JD is explaining to his class that is his real best moment.
  • When a student asks J.D what is favorite moment in medicine was, J.d couldn't answer. J.D then asks his collegues their best moments. When they realize they do not have a great best moment, they strive to change this as a new patient arrives.

    This is by far one of the greatest episodes of Scrubs that doesn't really strike hard on the comedy scale. This plot is heart-warming and it engulfs the viewer from the beginning. This episode also shows that each actor/character can participate in a serious, soap opera type episode. The humor that is shown in this episode is enough to get laughs from the viewer, but not enough to destroy the true point of this episode. This might be one of the best episode of Scrubs that has tried to establish a point throughout the whole episode and I give kudos to the writers for this episode.
  • Set at Christmas, a captivating episode bring all the gang together creating the best moment in medicine.

    This episode links all the characters together nicely. Set during Christmas it combines all the characters qualities and shows their strengths and insecurities. The character development is brilliant in this episode the softer side of Dr. Kelso brings a balance to the ‘devil’ image presented with his usual actions. The end recount of how the gang all worked together to save Mr. Milligan and allow him to have Christmas with his son is inspiring. JD is finally ready to take the next step and proves himself as a doctor which is difficult for Dr. Cox to accept but through the episode he lets go. Carla finally feels as though she is valued as it is her catch that tips JD off as to what the real problem with Mr. Milligan is. It is good to see Carla finally get some recognition for her hard work. I feel Elliott could have been developed a little better however considering how she has huge issue with small fears it is good to see her get over this one. All and all this is the most captivating episode of Scrubs to date and is a must see for any Scrubs fan.
  • This episode shows the best moments in the medical history of the characters. It mixtures some very funny moments with very emotional ones.

    The episode stars with JD being asked by some students about his best moment in Medicine. And then the funny flashback moments start to interact with the very emotional ones in the present.

    The present story evolves around Mr.Milligan and his little son. They enter the hospital in Christmas Eve and JD promises them that they´ll leave before Christmas. But, of course, it won´t happen so easily.

    The interesting thing is how everyone gets involved by Mr. Milligan´s history. It was splendid the way that the writers developed each character´s relation to Mr.Milligan´s case. JD taking care of the case all by himself; Dr. Cox learning how to deal with JD´s "independence"; Elliot facing her fear towards kids; Carla being listened by the doctors; Kelso showing his good side; Turk dealing with performing a surgery while somebody´s watching him.

    And the scene when they are all "telling the story" is amazing!!
  • What was your best moment in medicine?

    This episode was a very good one because it has both brilliant jokes and a clever plot with a few revelations and a bit of drama to top it off.

    The best moments in medicine were hilarious, especially since none of the moments really involved important medical procedures except the Todd’s miracle five. Kelso actually showing a soft side for only the second time in the series was a good choice by the Scrubs writers and was handled well.

    Elliot, JD and Cox’s best moments before the closing minutes were very funny indeed and overall, this episode is one that should not be missed as it deals with many serious and funny issues.
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