Season 5 Episode 8

My Big Bird

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D., Turk, Elliot and Carla care for a patient. However, the four of them neglect him, as they each attend to their own matters. The patient eventually dies, and the foursome are invited to a Morbidity and Mortality Conference, to find out who was responsible for the death.

The "council" first listens to J.D., who narrates to them what he did. He had treated another patient, who had not thanked J.D. for doing his work properly. As a result, he asked Turk to drive him to that patient's house, to get the "thank you" which he deserved. However, at the patient's house, the patient refuses to thank J.D. for "doing his job", because it's not like anyone thanks HIM for doing HIS job (the patient is a garbage man). As a result, J.D. spends the entire afternoon sitting on the sidewalk and thanking all the garbage men for doing their work. Turk meanwhile, who tries to return to the hospital, is stuck in traffic.

Elliot tells the council what SHE did. She had made out with the father of a patient, under the impression that the father's wife was dead. However, when she later realizes that the wife is alive, she accidentally tells the man to tell the wife about the kiss. The wife starts to chase Elliot around the hospital. Elliot tries to explain to her, that they both have been wronged, but the wife duct tapes Elliot to the wall as a punishment.

Carla then tells the council what SHE did while the patient was coding. She had realized that the lottery was on that night and tried to get as many people as possible to chip in for lottery tickets. As she spent the entire afternoon "losing the lottery", she wasn't able to attend to the patient.

When everyone starts to feel that ALL the four people are at fault, Doug comes in with an X-Ray, which shows that the radiologist had made an error, and NOT Turk, J.D., Carla or Elliot. When the foursome celebrate, Dr. Cox tells them that they got lucky and they could have very well been the MAIN people responsible for the patient's death.

J.D., Turk, Carla & Elliot then become more attentive to their patients, carrying this guilt wherever they went.