Season 5 Episode 8

My Big Bird

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on NBC

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  • "What would you do with 100 million dollars?"

    So much unforgettable things in this episode, and they are held by flashbacks and hilarious fantasies. This episode had all of the above in what makes Scrubs episodes great. Being emotional, hilarity, directing, writing, plot. The plot itself was genius. A patient dies, and Turk, Elliot, JD, and Carla are all held in to see who's fault it is. This is shown in flashbacks while they are all in the room trying to figure out who's fault it is. All plots were flawless.

    Lets start off with Carla's plot: "What would you do with 100 million dollars?" The janitor would train a shark to kill JD. Cox would buy an impenetrable glass to trap Jordan when she's being annoying. Elliot would buy "the right man" Carla would make Turk pregnant, and JD would do research so he separate his head from his body and still live. All the fantasies were absolutely hilarious! The whole nursing staff and interns chip in to buy lottery tickets. They are almost sure they are going to win.

    Meanwhile Elliot makes out with a random guy and didn't realize he had a wife. So his wife hunts for her to "kill" her throughout the episode. Elliot the whore. She ties her up with tape in the end, which i found absolutely hilarious. Turk & JD go to a patient's house when he didn't thank JD after leaving the hospital, they are stuck in a predicament when Jason Bateman's (the patient) character has a bunch of ostriches that taunt JD and Turk. The plot was a bit too ridiculous for my liking, but it fit, and I love Jason Bateman so it was good. In a way it was everyone's fault, since Elliot was tied up, Carla was losing the lottery, Turk was stuck in traffic, and JD was thanking garbage man. In the end they find out it was someone else's fault, but inside they know it was their fault, because of Dr. Cox. It continues to haunt them, which was an amazing ending to this episode, it tied everything up perfectly. Amazing unforgettable episode.
  • This episode is basically set in one room using flashbacks to discover who is at fault (either J.D., Turk, Elliot or Carla) in a Morbidity and Mortality Conference. Being set in one room may seem dull but the flashbacks go into so much detail.

    This episode sticks in my mind so heavily as it was one episode I missed when it was originally aired and I caught it when I had almost completely lost interest in scrubs, especially the newer episodes which I thought were just average. Then...I saw this.

    The episode was incredibly well written with each character taking on a certain role and dealing with it in a different way. We see Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso on the same review panel which makes them allies which is completely different from what we normally see when they are normally at completely different ends of the spectrum. J.D., Turk, Elliot and Carla act like suspects in a murder trial which is made all the more humorous by the ranging reactions to being on trial. An example is J.D. reaching across the entire table to get a microphone to talk to people ten feet away from him. It was just pure comedy gold as everything was silent and in such a real scenario but something has just happened which is so ridiculous but still manages believability.

    The back stories about all the character's days are hilarious. J.D. is up first with his need for praise from his patients and how he gets upset that he doesn't get it is just so funny. Then even funnier is when he goes to a patient house with Turk to seek a "thank you". Elliot making out with a married man, then discussing it so openly with loads of people is insane and a huge laugh. Carla's obsession with the lottery brings in a lot of hilarious one-liners with people saying what they would do with the hundred million. Then when J.D. does his fantasy sum up thing but it isn't at the end had me laughing out loud really loudly as it is out loud which makes Kelso scold him. It ends with them getting out of it on a technicality but them still having ghosts of the patient following them. It ends on quite a depressing note which fits well.

    In this episode the humour was fantastically done with a mixture of one liners, scenarios (which arc over into a larger scenario), expressions and body language. This episode truly restored what I first felt about Scrubs when I watched the pilot episode. This episode was cleverly made and balances story, humour and emotion well without just piling on one and missing the others. Amazing episode, watch

    Hell of a quote-

    Mr. Sutton: I'm a garbage man. How many times a day do you think I get thanked?
    Turk: SIX!
    Mr. Sutton: You're off by about...six.
    Turk: TWELVE!
    Mr. Sutton: Starting to see why Leon outfoxed you...

  • Dead patient. Hospital inquest. Jason Bateman. And... ...ostriches.

    The backdrop for this episode is the hospital's inquest into the death of a patient. Who is responsible: J.D., Turk, Elliot or Carla? But, that has basically very little to do with what is going on. Jason Bateman makes a memorable appearance as J.D.'s patient who refuses to give him a thank you after J.D. cures him. Bateman, who plays an ostrich owning garbage man, offers some of the best lines of the episode. Hopefully, Bateman will make another appearance on Scrubs before the show ends.

    The writing for this episode was phenomenal. Disparate and ridiculously hilarious storylines are woven together nicely by use of the hospital inquest. One of my favorite episodes.
  • Turk,Elliot And JD And Carla Are Under Investigation When A Patient Dies Under Their Care, JD & Turk Were With Mr Sutton, Elliot Was Busy Running Away, And Carla Was Trying To Win The Lottery With The Rest Of The Nursing Staff Plus The Janitor.

    J.D.,Elliot,Turk Are Under Interrogation After A Patient Dies While In Their Care, Bob Kelso Calls For A M&M Conference, And Finds Out That:
    1. J.D. And Turk Had Gone To Find Mr Sutton, To Make Him Thank JD For Treating Him, And Gets Mauled By Ostriches In The Process.
    2. Elliot Was Busy Running Away After She Finds Out The Man She Had Been Kissing Earlier Was Married, And His Wife Isn't Dead.
    3. Carla Was Trying To Motivate The Staff To Get Them To Buy Lottery Tickets.

    One Of The Best Episodes Ever, Especially When J.D. & Turk Gets Beaten Up By Mr Sutton's Ostriches And They Both Fly Through The Window! Robert "Bob" Kelso Is So Funny! He Ate Ted's Sandwich!
  • Slip

    there is a short sideout during this episode featuring doctor cox and jordan, explaining just what he'd do if he won 100 mill.

    Cox is trying to watch the game and has jordan in a glass case so she cant interrupt him. However to tempt him to break the case with a hammer labelled for "sex emergency only" she unbuttons her bouse. This is where it got really interesting cos she then proceeds to rub her left boob against the glass, however as this bra she has on is tranparent you can totally see her nipple!!!. This was just great Christa Miller is Sah-MO-Kin hottie and i would definitely like to see mroe of her nipples!
  • A patient dies so a conference is held to see who is responsible, JD, Turk, Elliot or Carla?

    What a hilarious episode with ostrigious's, lottery winner's fantasies, Elliot being taped to the wall with a sign beside her saying "I'm a whore". This is clearly Scrubs at one of its best as it had so many great lines and scenes that just crack me up. Some of the outstanding lines were when Turk miss read a patient for saying 12 instead of 0 when he was guessing how many times a garbage man gets thanked. The garbage man/patient said he was off by about 6 when Turk said 6 originally. Another great bit was when Jd was testing the microphones out, and had to climb all the way to Carla's to speak, even though The conference board were standing 10 feet away. Outstanding episode.
  • Shoe shopping! Floating Head Doctor! Hundred Million Dollar Lottery! Ostriches! This episode has it all.

    There are some terrific scenes in this episode such as JD’s Floating Head Doctor dream, Cox’s Jordan proof glass dream and the Janitor’s million dollar dream which involved sharks and JD.

    The whole episode had a great storyline, with the backtracking to see whose fault it was for the patient’s deaths, the whole lotto plot and Elliot plot of kissing a married man (causing her to be tied outside the hospital being “quoted” as saying an interesting thing.

    The whole JD wanting to get gratitude, especially the ostrich scenes was absurd and not as funny as the others but it did have some funny scenes.

    Overall, the episode has its moments like Kelso almost dismissing the case because he was hungry and Cox’s reaction to the four being on trial but the episode was not as good as the hard to beat previous episode, My Way Home.
  • funny!

    Dr. Cox: And the categoty is... DING! "Things that have a better chance of happening than YOU winning the lottery" Tedscape, throw 10 seconds on the clock, would you please? And GO! Brain transplants, Britney Spears having another hit record, the Rolling Stones going on a farewell tour & actually meaning it, me caring about just ANYTHING that happens on Wysteria Lane, Jessica Simpson winning an oscar, Jessica Alba winning an oscar, Jessica Simpson becoming Jessica Alba Simpson...
  • Plus, I make belts out of their necks...

    Nothing like a Jason Bateman cameo to make me realize what TV has lost. Scrubs is to Arrested Development as Harry Potter is to Lord of the Rings - inferior but nonetheless entertaining. Bateman's deadpan was very similar to the kind he uses on AD and it provided the 2 biggest laughs in the episode for me.
  • They waffle ironed my foot!

    I really liked that they showed that all the playing around could have consequences (even though none of the regulars were found to be at fault). It kind of reminded us that they are doctors, and people put their lives in their hands. So, the serious part of this story was pretty good. I really liked the end with the ghost following them all around. Their mistake literally following them around.

    "But how was the comedy" you may ask. Well, it's Scrubs. The comedy is always good. JD and Turk taking on the ostridges was great (Leon getting Turk after he escaped had me rolling)

    I found everyones fantasy of what they would do with the money to be quite funny as well. It's things that would be impossible, even with the money. I find that funny because people always say that, if they had the money, they would do this impossible thing with it, like having money is a magic lamp that brings any wish true.

    The hug scheduel was great too. "He's hurt. Hug him. Hug him now!"
  • Excellent plot that comes together in the end very well.

    Once again Scrubs executes a perfect combination of comedy and drama. The plot follows each of the main character's individual distractions from work and in the end, it all catches up to them in a manner that comes together as a solid piece of writing. Guest star Jason Bateman from Arrested Development is an added bonus. This episode combined with My Way Home created an hour of pure Scrubs perfection.
  • Well designed episode

    After having watched the episode a few times i realized how unique the plot devices truly were. The M&M conference allowed the episode to be told, not as a flashback, but as the visual contribution to what we are lead to believe the characters are saying. This is examplified in certain cases where characters would respond to questions which reference the vingettes throughout the show.
    One example is Dr. Kelso asking Elliot, "Whose a whore?" This question refers back to the scene which took place the previous day, leading us to believe that Elliot herself had just remarked on the event.

    All in all, a very well designed, and of course, witty and clever episode.
  • Shoe Shopping...

    One cool Scrubs

    This Episode was full of Jokes, Gags, and once again a morale part! Liked it - Although J.D., Turk, Carla and Elliot weren't responsible they could have been - Because they did not the thing they should have done.

    Every joke in the Ep was perfect - One of the best on scrubs ever: The Janitor imagining what he would do with 100.000.000 $ - Just hillarious.
    Or Cox being immune against the "Shoe Shopping" issue.

    I loved it, though it was not the best - But this says nothing about the quality of this episode. A classic scrubs! You'll enjoy!
  • Best episode this season.

    Haven't had so much fun with a single episode of Scrubs in a long time. Lots of gags in this one, from the beginning to the end. Also, there was the more serious issue, which was handled nicely in the end. The cameo by Jason Bateman was a real treat, but unfortunately his part was very small.
    It is clear to me now that the show still has plenty of laughs to offer.
  • Season Five's Best ..... So Far

    What a classic Scrubs.

    The flashback method and connectivity of al the little plots points was great. Jason Bateman, even though in it for only a mere few minutes (Sadly...), was his great hilarious self.

    J.D.'s hug schedule had me rolling, as did Turk and J.D. vs. The Ostriches.

    A nice silly episode with a really great and thoughful vintage Scrubs ending.