Season 5 Episode 8

My Big Bird

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on NBC

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  • This episode is basically set in one room using flashbacks to discover who is at fault (either J.D., Turk, Elliot or Carla) in a Morbidity and Mortality Conference. Being set in one room may seem dull but the flashbacks go into so much detail.

    This episode sticks in my mind so heavily as it was one episode I missed when it was originally aired and I caught it when I had almost completely lost interest in scrubs, especially the newer episodes which I thought were just average. Then...I saw this.

    The episode was incredibly well written with each character taking on a certain role and dealing with it in a different way. We see Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso on the same review panel which makes them allies which is completely different from what we normally see when they are normally at completely different ends of the spectrum. J.D., Turk, Elliot and Carla act like suspects in a murder trial which is made all the more humorous by the ranging reactions to being on trial. An example is J.D. reaching across the entire table to get a microphone to talk to people ten feet away from him. It was just pure comedy gold as everything was silent and in such a real scenario but something has just happened which is so ridiculous but still manages believability.

    The back stories about all the character's days are hilarious. J.D. is up first with his need for praise from his patients and how he gets upset that he doesn't get it is just so funny. Then even funnier is when he goes to a patient house with Turk to seek a "thank you". Elliot making out with a married man, then discussing it so openly with loads of people is insane and a huge laugh. Carla's obsession with the lottery brings in a lot of hilarious one-liners with people saying what they would do with the hundred million. Then when J.D. does his fantasy sum up thing but it isn't at the end had me laughing out loud really loudly as it is out loud which makes Kelso scold him. It ends with them getting out of it on a technicality but them still having ghosts of the patient following them. It ends on quite a depressing note which fits well.

    In this episode the humour was fantastically done with a mixture of one liners, scenarios (which arc over into a larger scenario), expressions and body language. This episode truly restored what I first felt about Scrubs when I watched the pilot episode. This episode was cleverly made and balances story, humour and emotion well without just piling on one and missing the others. Amazing episode, watch

    Hell of a quote-

    Mr. Sutton: I'm a garbage man. How many times a day do you think I get thanked?
    Turk: SIX!
    Mr. Sutton: You're off by about...six.
    Turk: TWELVE!
    Mr. Sutton: Starting to see why Leon outfoxed you...

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