Season 5 Episode 8

My Big Bird

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Turk and J.D. are helping Mr. Foster into the MRI machine, Turk mentions J.D.'s bracelet with the phrase "Sasha forever." After the machine was "fired up", as J.D. puts it, his left hand is magnetically attracted to the machine due to the bracelet being present on his wrist. Turk's left hand is also attracted to the machine because of his watch.

      In reality, the powerful magnet in an MRI machine is always on, and no personnel, doctor or otherwise would have been allowed near the machine with any ferrous metallic objects. Additionally, the magnet is in the circular part of the machine, so J.D.'s bracelet would likely not have been attracted to the outer part.

    • During the Morbidity and Mortality conference (when J.D. crawls over the table to find a working microphone) the first angle shows Turks cellphone neatly aligned with the upper left side of his notepad. However, when the angle changes the cellphone is disturbed and to the right of Turk's notepad.

    • When the police shoot up J.D.'s scooter, the last shot fired knocks out the kickstand which shatters and is obviously made of wood. In reality the kickstand would be made of metal, not wood (and metal does not shatter).

    • Carla should not be present at the M and M conference. Whilst nurses are very important members of hospital staff, they are never legally responsible for patient care. Only doctors would attend these conferences as they deal with the decisions taken in that patient's care and whether their death brings to light any personal or institutional issues which need to be addressed. Nurses, as they do not make decisions regarding patient treatment, are not involved in these.

    • After Ted is thrown against the window when Doug is trying to straighten out the dead patient, you can see the dead guy's feet are moving.

    • During the floating head doctor sequence J.D.'s head moves toward an extra, Nurse Myers. When he does this she runs away from him, but when the camera turns back in front of J.D.'s head she is walking.

    • When Perry fantasizes about trapping Jordan in a glass box, an small door can clearly be seen on the back of the box. Even were it simply locked, that wouldn't explain the hammer to be used "In Case of Sex Emergency".

    • When Perry tells Ted to set the time for 10 seconds Ted actually counts to 14 seconds.

  • Quotes

    • J.D.'s Narration: After a day like today, there's really only one thing you can do.
      (Cut to a bar with J.D., Elliot, Turk and Carla present)
      J.D.: (Making a toast) To bad radiologists!
      Dr. Cox: (Entering) Wait, wait, let me get in on this. Let's also have a toast to Mr. Foster's widow and his fatherless kids. (Raises his beer bottle and drinks)
      Elliot: Dr. Cox, it wasn't our fault!
      Dr. Cox: No, because you were lucky. You know as well as I do that it could have been any one of your faults. Congrats again. Have a, eh, have a swell party. (Walks out)
      J.D.'s Narration: It's never easy when someone accuses you of screwing up...especially when you know it's true.

    • J.D.: Why ostriches?
      Mr. Sutton: They're such majestic creatures, don't you think? And, you know, they're kind of like my children. (Removing belt and displaying it for J.D.) Plus, I make belts out of their necks.

    • J.D.: Elliot, would you do me a favor and cover Mr. Foster for me? I have to go Mr. Sutton's house and get the thank you I deserve.
      Carla: You are so obsessing about this.
      Turk: It's like the time you you were convinced the cafeteria workers were giving you small waffles. How'd that work out for you?
      J.D.: They waffle-ironed my foot. But, this different, buddy. Look, I need a ride.
      Turk: Pass.
      J.D.: Oh, pass, huh? Well, this is what happened last time you passed.
      (J.D. presents his waffle-ironed foot)
      Turk: Okay. Put the foot away. Put the waffle foot away.

    • J.D.: Sooo, Mr. Sutton. When you came in with heartburn, I bet you thought I'd kick your butt right outta here. But, not this guy. I admitted you and I stayed up all night studying your EKG because I had a hunch...and no girlfriend. But, it was mostly the hunch thing. And, that hunch paid off because if I hadn't found that blocked artery you'd be dead right now.
      J.D.'s Narration: And here comes the gratitude. The two words every doctor lives to hear.
      Mr. Sutton: Later, Dude.

    • Doug: Sorry I'm late. I got the keys to my Miata stuck in the cadaver.

    • J.D.: Did you try to escape?
      Turk: I did escape. There was one waiting in the car.
      Mr. Sutton: That's Leon. Loves the car rides.

    • Turk: Can I admit something to you? I kinda missed not getting my hug today.
      J.D.: Here comes your vanilla bear!
      J.D. leans over to hug him
      Turk: J.D., J.D, oh J.D.
      J.D. falls out of the tree

    • J.D.'s narration: So a patient was a dead and one of us was going to be blamed.
      Turk's cell phone of dramatic music plays
      J.D.: Dude, you've got to change that ring.
      Turk: You think so, huh? (Into phone) Mom, not now.

    • J.D.: Don't be such a baby! It's a magnetic image. I apologize Mr. Foster. I'm a little upset. My scooter, Sasha, was assassinated this morning.
      Turk: Yeah, he was so attached to that thing. He used to wear a bracelet that said "Sasha forever".
      J.D.: Come on, Turk. It was just a joke. And I only wore it for one week.
      J.D.'s wrist hits the machine
      J.D.: Ok so I still wear the bracelet.

    • J.D.'s Narration: It's never easy when someone accuses you of screwing up, especially when you know it's true. When that happens you can't track it off, because in a hospital the best way to learn from your mistakes is to carry them with you...

    • J.D.: (Speaking at the microphone) This whole experience got me thinking about the nature of gratitude. I guess in the end, whether you're a doctor or a garbage man-
      Dr. Kelso: Dorian! What are you doing?

    • Elliot: I've been making out with a married man while his sick child slept a few feet away. Oh my god! I've become my mother!

    • Turk: Dude, don't sweat it - It says here that the ostrich is generally a docile creature.
      J.D.: Thank God!
      Turk: It also says their kick can kill a man!

    • Mr. Sutton: I'm a garbage man! How many times a day do you think I get thanked!
      Turk: 6!
      Mr. Sutton: You're off by about 6.
      Turk: 12
      Mr. Sutton: Starting to see why Leon outfoxed you!

    • Dr. Kelso: Who's a whore?
      Elliot: That'd be me, sir!
      Dr. Kelso: Oh.. of course!

    • Carla: Hey, Dr. Cox. You wanna put in for some lottery tickets?
      Dr. Cox: Oh gosh, Carla! I would, I really would! But you see, I already set fire to a big pile of money just this morning!

    • Turk: Dude, he keeps a hug schedule with his friends!
      J.D.: Okay, Turk.. looks like someone's getting crossed off their 2 o' clock spot and getting penciled in for never! How does that feel? Does it sting?
      J.D.'s Narration: He's hurting! Hug him.. hug him now!

    • Ted: Hey Carla, did you hear the lottery's up to a hundred million? If I win that baby it's separate beds for me and my mum!
      Carla: Yeah, and you could spend the other 99.999.000 on therapy!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jaws:

      In the Janitor's fantasy, he envisions J.D. jumping into his shark-infested pool. As J.D. bobs up and down in the water, ominous music plays and the camera is placed at water level to suggest that the shark is closing in on J.D. In the movie Jaws, similar music and camera angles were used to indicate that the shark was nearing its victims.

    • Scooby Doo
      When Mr. Sutton walks out on Turk and J.D. and Leon enters the room, J.D. says "ruh-roh", a la Scooby.

    • Desperate Housewives:
      During Dr. Cox's 10 second rant he mentions how he doesn't care one bit for what is happening on Wisteria Lane. This is a reference to the popular TV show, Desperate Housewives which is set in the neighborhood of Wisteria Lane.