Season 2 Episode 6

My Big Brother

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 31, 2002 on NBC

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  • JD's brother comes to visit.

    I wasn't expecting enjoying this episode that much since I've had experience at not liking the family based episodes of this show, but this episode turned out to be pretty entertaining, not to mention dramatic. JD's brother, Dan, comes to visit, JD finds out that he is ashamed of his brother, a feeling at first he thought was jealousy of Elliot & Dan connecting. He makes it obvious he is ashamed, which becomes a problem between the brothers. Meanwhile Elliot tries to fix the problem. This episode is also loosely based around Halloween. The janitor claims he's going to trick JD, and there is mystery gorilla running around. Turk gets sucked in with Cox, when he starts acting insensitive for his patients. I enjoyed the Cox/Turk plot. Turk tries to be more sensitive, but Cox gives one of his famous speeches in the end saying they have to be insensitive to "get by." So both plots were enjoyable, and JD's brother became likable instantly. Carla should have more main plots, lately it seems like she's just been pushed to the side or was a tag along to someone else's plot. Kelso ends up being the gorilla in the end, yet we don't see the janitor getting around to tricking JD. Great episode, that brought character development and a message.
  • JD.'s older brother drops by for a visit

    JD can't hide how ashamed he is of his less-successful life from his 'loser' brother Dan. Turk learns a lesson when he makes a bet with Dr. Cox if a patient lives or dies. Halloween has a mysterious person in an ape-suit running around the hospital, much to Dr. Kelso's disgust of the holiday. I really enjoyed the JD and Turk plot. Dan was annoying a few times, but most of the time i enjoyed it. Dr Cox was suberb and Turk was cool as well. I didn't mind the Halloween theme that was going on in the background, maybe that's because Halloween is once of the holidays i do not dislike THAT much. I didn't exactaly like Elliot with Dan though. But that's the only thing i can complain about.
  • Fine example

    J.D.'s older brother Dan is in town. Turk is thrown out of a patient's funeral for not knowing his name and feels even worse because earlier he made a bet with Dr. Cox over another patient's life.


    This episode was slightly more dramatic than others but it did have its section of laughs. I love Dan, hes awesome but he wasn't in season six, whats up with that? Turk and funeral scene was funny, he just went there to eat, well not really, he went there to not feel guilt but boy did that backfire! And if that wasn't enough, more guilt to follow with that bet.
  • Clever episode!

    This is a pretty good episode and I kind of like it really much, JD's big brother finally comes to town and with that JD begins to feel great. Until, he discovers that Dan has on with Elliot and vice versa, but unfortunately JD discovers that JD is not jealous because of that, but the fact is that he is ashamed from Dan being his brother, and that makes things going a little really rare, and the situation is left out until some time later. Meanwhile, Turk bets his life on a patient's life and that makes him to feel terrible, and also when he is thrown out form a patient's funeral for not knowing his name "Bob" this episode is really funny, and I like in top of all that Kelso was in fact the gorilla. It was pretty good.
  • Not the best, but still entertaining.

    My favourite plot is the Turk one where he makes a bet with Dr Cox on "whether a patient would live or die" and then can't remember the name of the patient who died, as much as Carla hinted it.

    The Janitor declaring that he would give JD a trick, not a treat, for Halloween, and then a guy in a gorilla suit later knocks the files out of his hands, leading to a good twist at the end.

    JD's big brother, Dan pretending to be a doctor at the start and Dr Cox listing the things he hates more than JD were my favourite parts in JD's plot, the ending being a realistic yet somewhat disappointing final scene.