Season 2 Episode 6

My Big Brother

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 31, 2002 on NBC

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  • JD's brother comes to visit.

    I wasn't expecting enjoying this episode that much since I've had experience at not liking the family based episodes of this show, but this episode turned out to be pretty entertaining, not to mention dramatic. JD's brother, Dan, comes to visit, JD finds out that he is ashamed of his brother, a feeling at first he thought was jealousy of Elliot & Dan connecting. He makes it obvious he is ashamed, which becomes a problem between the brothers. Meanwhile Elliot tries to fix the problem. This episode is also loosely based around Halloween. The janitor claims he's going to trick JD, and there is mystery gorilla running around. Turk gets sucked in with Cox, when he starts acting insensitive for his patients. I enjoyed the Cox/Turk plot. Turk tries to be more sensitive, but Cox gives one of his famous speeches in the end saying they have to be insensitive to "get by." So both plots were enjoyable, and JD's brother became likable instantly. Carla should have more main plots, lately it seems like she's just been pushed to the side or was a tag along to someone else's plot. Kelso ends up being the gorilla in the end, yet we don't see the janitor getting around to tricking JD. Great episode, that brought character development and a message.
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