Season 2 Episode 4

My Big Mouth

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 17, 2002 on NBC

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  • Elliot stops at nothing to be noticed.

    This episode was hilarious, definitely a lot of funny scenes. Plot wise, this episode was also good. But the thing that stood out from this episode was definitely the comedy. When Carla opens up to JD, and he blabs to Turk, it starts a war between them, when Carla starts telling people JD's secrets. Turk continues to compete with Bonnie, and Carla is suspicious that Turk has a thing for her. I'm liking their playful competition. Bonnie could definitely be a great add on to this show, she definitely is funny for it. Meanwhile Elliot tries to be "colleagues" with Dr. Cox, but no one notices her so she agrees to be the bearer of bad news to stay on Cox's good side. That was my favorite plot because we usually don't see that much Cox/Elliot interaction and this plot was perfect for them. Cox's words of advice to her were divine, so true. By the end, no one wins the on going battle with Bonnie & Turk. Another surgeon goes on the trip with Kelso instead. Carla start to open up to JD by the end, she's learned to forgive. Elliot learns not to try so hard on being noticed. A solid episode with hilarious scenes.
  • Hilarious!! Classic Scrubs episode!

    JD and Carla's relationship deteriorates when J.D. accidentally lets out some of Carla's secrets.The surgical residents compete for a trip to Mexico with Dr. Kelso.
    Elliot worries that she isn't presenting a competent image to Dr. Cox and takes on some harrowing cases to improve it.

    I found all the plot hilarious! Dr Cox was suberb and had a classic rant that gets me every time. The only thing i didn't like is BONNY. She is extremly annoying and even thought that is part of the storyline, she just bothers me for some reason. It was a great episode for Elliot, who was HILARIOUS!
  • Fine example

    J.D. insists that Carla should open up to him. When she finally starts to do that, J.D. screws it up by telling Turk.
    Elliot is desperate for attention from Dr. Cox.
    Turk sees himself in an ethical dilemma when Dr. Kelso picks him over a female surgeon to spend a weekend in Mexico.


    Well it's wierd that there was a surgical trip this episode and a medical trip last episode but maybe theres some sort of connection between them both. Typical for the main characters to get chosen? (Turk and JD) even though we never saw JD go and Turk told Todd to go instead.

  • Funny moments

    I can't stop thinking about Dr. Kelso's excuse to Carla when she gets mad at him. Every now and then it pops into my head and I start laughing. It's just funny to see an intimidating man get intimidated, even when she does it to Dr. Cox in episode 208 when she is yelling at him for sleeping with his ex wife.
    I watch scrubs for moments like those.
  • Good episode!

    This episode is really cool, because JD feels like if Carla never opens up to him, but when he does he feels so happy, but in the end it turns out badly when he accidentally tells Turk about it and that makes Carla to get revenge over him to tell the nurse that JD took switches around in order to be with her, and later that makes things even worse so JD tries to make up with her. Meanwhile, Turk discovers that Kelso choose him because of being a man, not because of being a great doctor, and Elliot tries to do anything to get Cox attention. This episode is really cool!
  • All the plots are hilarious!

    The Janitor's torment in this episode is hilarious, starting with the terrific:

    Janitor: It makes me so...
    JD: Sad?
    Janitor: Yes, that's it, I'm a Janitor so I'm not smart enough to think of the word sad!

    And just getting better from there with the introduction of the cafteria pal of Janitor and the terrific phone scene.

    The other plots are fantastic too, especially Turk having to decide between he or Bonnie to go with Dr Kelso then deciding to torture Kelso by sending The Todd.

    Elliot's bad news plot is my second favourite with Dr Cox getting her to deliver all of the bad news that he has for patients.

    A brilliant episode though JD's main plot wasn't as entertaining as the other two, though it does have some great gags.