Season 4 Episode 22

My Big Move

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 12, 2005 on NBC

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  • JD and Turk kiss.

    This episode was pretty much the aftermath of Turk finding out that JD & Carla had kissed. Turk tries to find someone to blame when he realizes he isn't okay with JD & Carla kissing. I loved the fry scene! The janitor demands new uniforms from Kelso only to get a wimpy uniform that makes him look weak. Cox tries to understand his teenage patient, Elliot seems to be the only one that does understand her so Cox asks for her help. Meanwhile Jordan starts to feel insecure about her appearance so she gets botox and has no emotion throughout the episode, which is the key to how Cox's patient is feeling, that was an amazing tie in based on a girl's insecurities which was what was wrong with the teenage patient in the first patient. Elliot was able to understand her. It was nice to see a Cox/Elliot plot, we haven't seen a plot like that in a while. Turk chooses Carla to blame, JD then kisses Turk to demonstrate that's all it was, an innocent kiss. Turk eventually gets over it when he swallows his pride, and Turk & Carla's marital problems are finally resolved, it took awhile but it was a really great arc in season four. The janitor goes back to his old outfit in the end. As the season is almost coming to a close, some arcs are closing and some new are beginning when JD reveals he is moving out for Turk & Carla's sake. A great episode with amazing development that owned up tot the cliffhanger.
  • Dr. Cox and Elliot, Carla and Jd

    Dr. Cox and Elliot, after being forced to seek her help with one his patients, actually ends up helping Dr. Cox out with Jordan. Helping him to understand that even though Jordan is this really confident and at time frightening women she can still be insecure sometimes.

    Carla and Jd, after taking her out for a little fun and talking up of Turk to help get them back together, share a drunken kiss. Now, it's not really anything to even sneeze about and at first even they don't think so but in the morning they see things a little differently. They both begin to panic and even cause Turk to have sort of a nervous breakdown involving frenchfries. And even though for awhile it causes even more strain on Turk and Carla's relationship it kind of spurs them to get back together and Jd to move out. All things considered it really helped them all to move onto the next phase in their lives and their relationshisp.
  • Jan Itor gets a new uniform

    This was a very well plotted episode, one that follows on from Carla and JD’s innocent kiss in the previous episode and Turk’s reaction to it.

    The janitor’s new uniform was hilarious, the colour causing nobody to be afraid of him anymore and Jordan’s botox was another terrific subplot along with Cox trying to be Lindsey’s girlfriend.

    The main plot is surprisingly hilarious, which is tricky to do on a show when it’s the aftermath of a lip-cheat. JD thinking about whatever is in the background of the shot, Todd knowing when something wonderful and horrible has happened and Carla and JD trying to get Turk to choose each other to be mad at are examples of the humour that come out of the episode and, like the last episode, has an ending that opens the doors for the next episode where it seems JD will be moving out, though hopefully it isn’t identical to My Roommates.

    Overall, each plot is fantastic, all getting laughs out of me numerous times, especially the Janitor.
  • Another example of this season's maxim of, "Can't men understand the women in their lives?" Do they have to get all last season of mash?

    Look, I'm normally a huge fan of this show, but this episode kind of lost it for me. There's a few good moments, like where JD kisses Turk, or the entire Janitor story line, but I'm starting to really hate this whole thing of how much men need to learn about adolescent girls. It may be true that every woman still has that teenage girl inside of her, but hell, every man still IS that teenage boy, so we've stuck by that one pretty well. Maybe it's just me, but whenever Elliot gets all preachey, I just want to throw my TV out the window. So yeah, men don't understand women, but they never do the episode that explains how women don't understand men. All I'm asking for is a little balance, and frankly that whole Elliot story, besides being preachy, wasn't funny. Besides all that, I feel like a few writers are getting a bit too into Cox's narcissism and loosing out on his whole self-hating edge which makes the narcissism standable. As viewers, we need them both in order to understand him, and to like him.
  • Sacrifices


    It always had to happen, yet when it happened it was surprising nonetheless. I’m talking about JD’s announcement that he was moving out of the flat he has shared with his best friend for four years. He made the right choice, but it seemed like a very low-key affair, with even Turk seeming nonchalant about this. It’ll be interesting to see if JD is annoyed about this next episode, but at least Turk and Carla’s marriage is (seemingly) safe once again. I could be wrong, but I think that’s the end of this particular story arc, which gave us six episodes of slightly tense times, hoping for the best. Now that it’s over, there’s a sense of closure not only for that relationship, but also for JD’s realization that sometimes Turk’s wife needs to come first. It would have been a nice way to end the season and maybe it was supposed to be. Did the writers actually know there’d be three more episodes to come this year before they wrote this? Probably, but are they going to try to fit another arc into the final three episodes? It happened last season with Elliot and JD’s third stab at it, so I’m looking forward to seeing some surprising things in the final episodes.

    Anyway, that’s enough about the future when there’s so much of that ‘now’ business to discuss. ‘Now’ being a very good episode of Scrubs. Although the main Turk/Carla/JD threesome plot (perhaps I should have rephrased that) was slightly farcical – Is it really sensible to be able to blame one person and have no bad feelings towards another when they’re both in the wrong? – it was well handled, with JD and Carla showing the right amounts of guilt and proclaimed innocence, and Turk showing the right amounts of reason and anger. Having him look calm before he punches Ted and strikes a martial arts pose was comedy genius. You do have to feel for Ted though. “Aw man, I’m going home!” Despite JD yet again having his moment of irritating arrogance (“Sucks to be…you!”), his final sacrifice was remarkably mature of him. Despite my constant complaints about JD, occasionally unfair, he’s one of the good guys (and he didn’t even get drunk this episode. Hurrah!).

    On the other hand, there are also bad guys. Step in the meanest of the mean, Mr. Humorously-Cruel Janitor, in his… adorable blue uniform? This led to some great moments, particularly JD not being afraid to take the piss out of him and tickle him, and everyone smiling happily at him – save Jordan – when he puts on his angry face. As always though, it’s played strictly for laughs. Don’t worry, Neil Flynn, I’ll always remember that time a few episodes ago when you were required to act. I’m sure your moment will come again.

    With Elliot becoming increasingly more separated from our plucky quartet (shown by a particularly not-nice snipe at JD and Carla’s kiss) she gets yet another patient to treat. Along, with Dr. Cox, they seem to be running the entire hospital together. Dr. Cox is having trouble connecting with a teenage girl, and so for once gives Elliot her moment of glory (“I don’t have a ring, but you can kiss my ass.” Go, girlfriend!). Surprisingly, she knows what to say to the patient straight away, and when Dr. Cox questions her on this, she remarks that all women have the same problem – insecurities about themselves. This leads Dr. Cox to realizing that he needs to spend more time with Jordan, who’s not feeling too sexy right now, and doesn’t look it when she’s spent the whole episode walking around with a face full of Botox. Dr. Cox sacrifices his moment of glory to be with her, and everybody’s happy. Including myself. Yes, I was startled about that myself…

    On another completely irrelevant sidenote, when did it become taboo for girls to kiss each other but not for guys to do the same? Last I saw, that television taboo had been broken on both instances (for instance, Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the former, and Will & Grace for the latter), but here Elliot and Carla’s kiss is cut away from (Both however, get a funny reaction from the Tod). Please don’t call me a pervert, just call me an equal rights activist!

    A very pleasing episode of Scrubs. 4 out of 5 Kangaroo sketches

    Best line: “Oh, it’s right there between your bosoms…ma’am.” ---- Pedro

    2nd Best line: “Something wonderful is about to happen.” ---- The Tod, not coincidentally grasping a hot dog.