Season 1 Episode 12

My Blind Date

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 08, 2002 on NBC

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  • The first "I love you."

    One of my favorite episodes this season by far. Definitely enjoyable to watch and in some ways eventful. Kelso orders JD to take care of a patient that might sue the hospital. She gets stuck in an MRI machine, so JD doesn't know how she looks like. He definitely feels a connection with her, but doesn't know whether to ask her out since he doesn't know how she looks like. Something's wrong with Turk, and Carla wants to find out what's wrong. Until she finds out there is nothing wrong. He says "I love you" for the first time. Definitely a huge step with relationship development, and I'm glad they got this out of the way, so their relationship can mature. Elliot gets mad because Cox always chooses JD as his go-to guy. So she tries everything to win him over. Love all those sexual innuendos she said that slipped out by accident, so hilarious. "I wanna be on top!" So Scrubs was definitely up to par, and a huge step up from the last episode. Cox showing his true angry side was interesting. Scrubs' first cliffhanger, as JD runs up to the MRI machine and before he sees her, he asks her out. She agrees, and the episode ends before we get a chance to see her. Great cliffhanger, amazing episode.
  • My blind date.

    GREAT episode! It was hilarious and i also enjoyed the serious parts of it a lot. I always liked Ted the lawyer, but especially in the episode. The music in the episode was also very good (as always! Scrubs has amazing Music. Everybody goes on about how great Greys Anatomy's Music is, but i'd say that Scrubs is still a little bit better). At first i wasn't really a fan of Alex. I wanted JD to be with Elliot from the beginning (later on i didn't ship Jelliot that much anyone, but back then, before they had to crazy sleeping with each other once a year history). But the episode was still AMAZING!
  • When A Patient Slips And Falls On The Floor, JD Is Given The Task Of Looking After Her When She's In The ICU, But JD Is Too Busy With Dr.Cox's Marathons To Spare Her A Thought, And Elliot And Dr. Cox Have A Disagreement

    I Liked This Episode A Lot, It Was Funny, Especially When Dr Cox Goes: "Help Me To Help You Barbie, Help Me To Help You", That Was Great!
    J.D. And Alex (The Girl In The ICU Machine) End Up Going On A Date, I Reckon They Should Have Let J.D. And Alex Get Married, They Are So Cute Together!
    Dr Cox Pulls It Off Again, As He Constantly Pages J.D. Away From Alex, But Elliot (In The End) End Up Doing Most Of The Work For Dr.Cox Instead Of J.D. But She Was Happy To Do It!
    When Carla Kept Stealing Fries Away From Turk, That Made Me Laugh So Much! Great Episode, One Of My Many Favourites.
  • Fine example.

    What more can I say? This was yet another very fine example of how funny and well done the show Scrubs is! It was a good and funny episode in my opinion. It was funny how JD said something about how Dr. Cox could say movie quotes and that he could not. This is a funny show and this episode is a fine example of that. I liked this episode very much, although I just have a feeling that JD would be better off with Alex! I don't know why, but I just think so. A fine example of this show that I enjoyed.
  • One of my favourite eps

    One of the best episodes pace-wise and comedy-wise, but also because we get to see the sheer craziness of keeping people alive, which allows for some pretty decent drama as well. Dr Cox is such a cool character! And the actor who plays him has such great delivery.
    And the cliffhanger is pretty unexpected, but a nice idea.
  • JD starts dating a patient of his and Elliot wants attention from Cox; Turk snaps at Carla when she takes some fries from his plate.

    What more can I say? This was yet another very fine example of how funny and well done the show Scrubs is! It was a good and funny episode in my opinion. It was funny how JD said something about how Dr. Cox could say movie quotes and that he could not. This is a funny show and this episode is a fine example of that. I liked this episode very much, although I just have a feeling that JD would be better off with Alex! I don't know why, but I just think so. A fine example of this show that I enjoyed.
  • Batter up!

    I saw this episode a while back. J.D meets a woman that had slipped and fell on a wet floor and has never seen her face, ever! J.D, distracted by Dr. Cox's busy schedule of keeping his ICU patients alive within 24-hours, tries to keep company with the injured woman under Dr. Kelso's orders, worried that she'll sue the hospital. With Dr. Cox and his little "marathon," Elliot tries to get his attention so she can help him. Unfortunately, a patient dies under the limit and has failed. Turk is having problems with Carla and sharing french fries. Overall, this was a very special episode in many ways reguarding a relationship between co-workers. J.D wants to go out with the injured woman, Turk and Carla (duh!) and how Elliot can at least work with Dr. Cox. I'm glad I saw this.
  • JD begins dating a new girl and Turk and Carla take it to a new level in their relationship.

    I loved the way the episode made you think that Turk wanted to break up with Carla - even though I didn't get that impression while I was watching it - I'm pretty sure it was trying to do that. And then he made fun of her in that mocking tone - I replayed that scene at least 3 times everytime I watch it cause it's so funny!
  • A woman slips and falls on the wet floor of the hospital, and, not wanting to get sued, Kelso makes J.D. befriend her. Dr. Cox tries to throw a "perfect game" and keep all of his ICU patients alive, but has to rely on Eliot to be his wingman instead of JD

    This is a really fun, fast-paced episode that has the kwirky two-sided funny/serious sub-plots that twist and turn and keep you interested. Facing fears is the theme to this episode. Tension rises between just about everyone, and comes to a great boiling point near the end. Its also an episode that strengthens the bond between Eliot, who holds her own throughout the rough night, and Dr. Cox, who was trying to throw a perfect game. It also takes Turk's and Carla's relationship up a notch, adn introduces a love interest for J.D., even though we never see her face. Great episode.
  • Cool episode!

    J.D. walks out of the elevator and the janitor shouts "Hey!". J.D. thinks it it one of those paranoid ideas he had and turns around shouting at him. In fact he was wearing dirty shoes on the wet floor. He says there should be some kind of sign so the janitor takes it from the floor to show the "Caution Wet Floor" sign. While he does so, somebody else walks past and slips. Dr. Cox gathered everyone and has been up since midnight. All 27 patients in the I.C.U. have been alive since then and he itends to keep it that way until the end of the day, to score a perfect game.

    J.D. constantly gets paged by Dr. Cox to take care of the I.C.U. patients. At the cafeteria, Turk and Carla kiss and get along until she steals one of this french fries. He gets annoyed as she didn't ask for them herself, throws them on her plate and leaves. Dr. Kelso grabs J.D. and gives him the job to take care of one of the social workers who slipped. They are concerned that she might turn around and sue them. Dr. Kelso reckons she is less likely to sue if a friendly face such as J.D. takes care of them.

    At the M.R.I. machine, the young woman's head is in the machine while she is lying on the bed. As soon as they introduce each other, her name being Alex, he gets paged and leaves. Mr. Davis is back and Carla injects him a needle for the pain in his arm. Apparently some woman pushed him from the bus. Turk comes in and he takes over. Elliott is eager to make Dr. Cox ready to see her abilities. However, he picks J.D. to do the work. Dr. Kelso finds J.D. working and tells him to get back to the M.R. I. machine. The machine breaks down and the bed is stuck. Alex can't be pulled out as she might have a serious head injury. Dr. Cox pages him again, and on the way to the I.C.U. Elliot complains that he is Perry's go-to guy and she tries to hard but only gets to bring him coffee.

    Turk is having trouble putting Mr. Davis' arm back in place. Mr. Davis mentions that there must be something wrong with Carla and Turk. At the M.R.I. room, Alex gets scared and wants J.D. to hold her hand, and she checks for a wedding ring. Unforunately he gets paged again. Turk recommends that Carla crashes at her place tonight. Dr. Cox wants J.D. to make rounds but he tells him about the patient in the M.R.I. room he needs to babysit. Elliott is waiting in line to help out. J.D. asks around how Alex looks like. Carla knows something is wrong with Turk and Mr. Davis confirms this. Turk finally fixes the arm and leaves. Elliott is too unsure about her decisions so Dr. Cox drops her out of the game.

    Ted and Dr. Kelso visit Alex and she says she does not plan to sue the hospital. J.D. gets paged again. He tells Elliott that this is all a test and she should get back in the game with more confidence. Dr. Cox sees her work hard from afar. One of the patients is flatlining and they can't revive him, 5 minutes to midnight. Elliott says they should just wait five minutes but the game is over for him and there is nothing wrong with a 1-hitter, so she call the time of death.

    Carla is leaving for her home, and Turk tells her that she drives him crazy, bosses him around and takes his food. He tells her he loves her and wants to spend every irritating minute together. She says "I love you" too. J.D. sees this and thinks about taking chances. Elliott takes care of what Dr. Cox asks her to do, while J.D. runs to the M.R. I. room where Alex is about to come out from the machine. He stops the machine and asks her out. She agrees and the machine pulls out...

    This episode was realy cool in fact!
  • The (almost) perfect game!

    This episode is very entertaining, introducing the three-episode character of Alex, aka the MRI patient. Dr Kelso was great in this episode with quotes such as "I must have mispoke when I said stay in the MRI room with that patient. It must have sounded like leave and do other things!"

    This episode is also pivotal in that it is the first time that Turk and Carla say "I love you" to each other, though it is unexpected with Turk acting angry over Carla eating his fries which is a hilarious scene, especially when Laverne helps herself to Carla's fries with a "Girl, you know I cannot have french fries!"
    Mr Davis was hilarious in the episode aswell and important to the Turk-Carla plot.

    Elliot and Cox was very good aswell, especially since they were only five minutes off the perfect game.

    The episode is hilarious and also pivotal in the Turk-Carla plot.