Season 4 Episode 20

My Boss' Free Haircut

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 29, 2005 on NBC

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  • Nobody But Turk Can Save This Relationship, Not Even HOOCH!

    Nobody But Turk Can Save This Relationship, Not Even HOOCH!

    First off, let’s get a rant over with. This series is getting increasingly preposterous with every episode. I know things have always been more than a bit silly, but at least before there was the excuse that it was just part of JD’s fantasies (why they’ve cut back on them recently I have no idea, since they were a rejoiced trademark of Scrubs that distinguished the show from the rest of the pack). This episode, we get the bizarrely contrived plotline delights of Elliot falling into an open grave, a somewhat nonplussed reaction from Dr. Cox about Kelso’s wife’s paralysis (something that should have been looked into more than just a brief mention) and the sheer absurdity of the revelation that JD and Turk have been to bartending school. Given that this show is trying to play for drama, why are the writers trying to balance this with stupid unbelievable situations? Last time I checked, there was more than one type of humour. Anyway, rant over. Aren’t you glad?

    Despite my grumblings, this episode wasn’t half-bad. Definitely half-average though. Much of the episode revolves around Turk and Carla’s relationship crisis. Apart from a brief aside by Elliot as to what happened last episode, there’s no mention by either of the two as to why they’re both reluctant to work things through. It’s curious, as from the opening it looks like they really wish they could patch it up. Instead, we get to see JD and Elliot’s attempts to cheer up (and by which I mean ‘not help’) their respective friends. JD does that little trick of his whereby he gets exactly what he wants, but at least he curses his own selfishness this time and is willing to atone. Elliot, on the other hand, tries to help Carla with her issues with her late mother (who, apparently, speaks English, even though she couldn’t last time we saw her alive!). However, Elliot being Elliot, she isn’t fully successful, managing to make Carla cry before finally helping her by taking her to her mother’s grave. There’s still no excuse for Elliot’s direly unfunny pratfall. If the writers needed an excuse to get Carla alone, they could have just shown an understanding look from faraway by Elliot. I think us viewers are a little more emotionally mature than that. Having said that, the scene at the gravestone was well acted (by Judy Reyes at least; Turk still looked like he wished he was somewhere else). (On a side note, I’m using parentheses way too often. Must cut down!)

    Our other, more throwaway, plotline consists of Kelso doing something that his doctor status has always suggested; He takes care of a patient. Said patient is of a typically modern kind; Arrogant, know-it-all and lazy. (I’m also using semi-colons a lot, which I shouldn’t do, because I never know if I’m using them correctly.) (Dammit! Yet more brackets!) Kelso has a tough time treating her, until Perry, in an unusually friendly and goodhearted scene, tells him to speak from his heart. He does so, and the patient naturally changes her tune. Case closed.

    It wouldn’t be a Scrubs review if I didn’t mention the funny bits, and I definitely should this time because it was the funny bits that gave me the most enjoyment. In fact, in terms of laugh-out-loud jokes (soon to be know as loljokes….Crap! I gotta cure this bracket fetish), this episode was surprisingly rich. We got Turk moping on the floor near-naked. We got the silly-but-in-a-good-way rearranging of the word CARNIVAL. We got Elliot crying to JD about her ‘silence on the crapper’ rule. And we got Janitor being drunk, which was highly amusing, particularly the shot where you see only his feet in the doorway. Despite all these, hats must go off to Hooch, the funniest multipart joke I’ve seen in a long time. Whoever played Hooch should be a recurring star, because his comic delivery was perfect!

    All in all, an average episode that nevertheless gets a few giggles. 3 out of 5 Interracial Buddy Movies.

    Best line: “I’m just not big on begging strangers to stick my hand up their butt.” ---- Dr. Cox

    * Finally, I thought I’d point out something that seems completely irrelevant, but I was getting irritated by it. In almost every episode of this season, the first or second syllable of JD’s opening voiceovers is always annoyingly high-pitched. I only noticed when I watched some season 1 episodes and noticed his delivery was more, well, serious back then. See, I told you it was irrelevant, and I bet in the next episode his voiceover will be completely monotonous just to show me up!
  • A life lesson is learned.

    "Nothing in life worth fighting for is easy" or something like that. The point is, this was a touching epsiode, and the title was extremely clever. Turk & Carla's marital problems continue and the plots is gold! Very entertaining and makes the episodes more serious and heartwarming, when it comes to their relationship. They spends some time apart and JD takes Turk out on the town and they have a blast while Elliot tries to comfort Carla only to make her feel worse after playing some old voice messages from her dead mother. This steered away from the relationship plot and focused more on commemorating the death of Carla's mother. Elliot falls in to a grave while at the cemetery, which made for a nice tie in, in the end, and was great for comic relief after Carla is shown crying in Turk's arms in front of her mother's grave. Kelso tries to work with a patient only to find out patients don't respect doctors anymore. Kelso realizes it's a whole different time now. Doctors can't even get free haircuts anymore, which also tied in with the title when Kelso was refusing to pay for his haircut which connected to Kelso's speech on how nothing in life is easy. All plots were fantastic, amazing episode.
  • Kelso tries to be a doctor again. Also, Carla and Turk are having marraige problems.

    Dr. Kelso is angry at Dr. Cox after he continues to treat patients with little respect. Dr. Kelso attempts to be polite to a difficult patient, who reacts by locking him out of her hospital room. Eventually, Dr. Kelso confronts her by telling her "Nothing in this world worth having comes easy." and the patient starts to realize what she needs to do, which also makes turk realize what do about Carla.

    Carla crashes at Elliot's place while having marriage difficulties and realizes that soon it will be the two year anniversary of her mother's death. Elliot tries to cheer her up with a little party, leading to Carla hearing her mother's voice on an answering machine. Unfortunately the message complains that Carla doesn't call her enough, which leaves Carla in tears.

    Elliot tries to rescue the situation by taking Carla to the graveyard to talk to her mother. Elliot falls into an empty grave, and the episode ends with her trapped there.

    J.D. tries to solve Turk's marriage problems by taking him to a bar to loosen him up. The next day, Turk oversleeps when Carla and he are supposed to meet for brunch. J.D. covers for him by apologizing over the phone to Carla through Elliot. However, after the phone call Turk confesses that he just didn't feel like going to the brunch so he missed it on purpose.
  • Just great!

    A wonderful episode. Maybe one of the best in the fourth season.

    I really liked the idea of Bob Kelso, treating a patient, and the choice of the patient was amazing - the annoying fat lady. Of course, Ken Jenkins acted really good, especially in the scene, when he was trying to open the jammed door. Great mimic acting.

    It was interesting seeing The Janitor drunk.

    Other things I was amused watching were Betty (the crazy lady in the cafeteria) and the dermatologist, which was called by Dr. Cox and of course Hooch - who doesn\\\'t like Hooch? :)

    A masterpiece, real masterpiece.
  • The 2-year anniversary of Carla's mother's death

    This episode is very well plotted whether it be Kelso actually having a patient for the first time in decades, JD wanting Turk to himself again, the drunk Janitor or a neurotic Elliot trying to calm down Carla with her marital problems.

    This is the first episode in the continuing plot of Turk and Carla’s problems in which they take a positive step towards resolving the issues, with some advice from Kelso and Carla’s dead mother.

    The episode is also hilarious with great gags such as choosing bartender school over Hepatitis C and Kelso trying to get a “free” haircut at the end and with the combination of humour and creativity, this episode is a very good one from JD turning Carnival into Carla when writing in the air to Elliot about to die in a watery grave.
  • Turk started talking to his ex-girlfriend.Carla found out she left and stayed with Elliot.Dr.cox challenges Kelso to treat a patient.Carla goes to her mothers grave and Turk finds her there and cheers her up,but she is still not ready to move back in!

    This was a great episode.It truely showed why i watch this show.It is funny but gives real life problems and does not however make it all right but changes and shows how to deal with them.
    Turk only talked to his ex but Carla over-reacted ,which is exsactly what us women do.However she was still stubborn,as we all are,and continues staying at Elliots.However the episode changes it so we can see what goes on both sides and we can begin to understand what happens after the fall out.
    When cox challenges Kelso to treat a patient ,Kelso comes up big and obviously damages Cox s ego.And makes us feel that however Kelso is old he still knows What he is doing in the hospital.
    This episode was a great episode and i hope to see more like it.Carry on writing Bill , i will never get bored with this great comedy!