Season 5 Episode 16

My Bright Idea

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 28, 2006 on NBC

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    This episode was probably one of the best episodes of Scrubs, it was creative, insightful, eventful, and don't forget hilarious. A feel good episode as a whole, I almost cried at the end out of joy at how great this episode was. Scrubs has not disappointed me not once this season. This episode was a perfect example of how great this season is as a whole.

    The whole plot was genius! Turk knowing Carla is pregnant before she does. So the whole hospital decides to surprise her, but then they abort the plan, "abort the babies" Hilarious scene. The priest being pro-choice was hilarious as well. The final scene was magical, Carla hugging everyone. She's pregnant! We've been waiting for this since season 4, so this was a very eventful episode. Fantastic amazing episode!
  • Carla's Finally pregnant.

    I'll be honest, i only gave it a 9.4 because of the final 2 minutes which are worth giving it the rating i gave it.The rest of the episode is basically your average episode. Although the middle bit when everyone is outside waitng for Carla is a funny scene and so is the plot of the Janitor;

    Turk: $5 if you eat this penny.

    Janitor: Done... (eats penny) and done (takes the $5)

    They end up putting a tracker in him, trying to convince him it's a penny. Other than that it is just a normal episode. But again this is better than the chunk of weak episodes. So Scrubs is continuing it's winning streak, if you will.
  • carla is finally pregnant

    i loved this episode carla is finally pregnant which is what we have been waiting for .
    i loved the part where jds like abort the plan abort the babies with the father right there it was pricelss jd always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. i loved the scene at the end where carla walks into the bar and says that she is pregnant its one of the nicest scenes with every one congratulating turk and carla it was one of the rare scenes on scrubs where you smile not because they did something funny but because everyone was just happy for carla because everyone knows her and loves and knows how much she wants this baby.
    congrats turk and carla
  • A real feel-good episode.

    I think one of the best scenes of this season is when Carla learns that everybody knew about her pregnancy before she did, and JD says in his inner monologue that she then said something that made him confident that she and Turk would last forever. Carla then tells Turk who cares that everybody knew before she did, the important thing is that they're pregnant.

    I loved that moment. Turk told everybody the great news before he told Carla, then heard her say it was very important to her to be the one to tell everyone, so now he's really worried that he's upset her. But she just shrugs it off and points out what's really important. I love that about the two of them. He is good at screwing up, but she knows he's only out to make her happy and that's what's important.

    Overall this episode really brought Scrubs back to it's best form. The episode was funny and had a touch of seriousness at the same time. I laughed out loud several times. The funniest scene IMO was when Turk and JD were trying to get Cox, Elliot and Kelso to help them out in their plan. It was also great to get to see that others were getting sick of the Janitor too, not just the main characters.

    The best scene in the episode though was the end scene, where Carla is congratulated by everyone. It was such a feel-good scene. I especially liked seeing Jordan there, apparently very happy for Carla and Turk. It's nice when we get to see that side of her.
  • A great episode of Scrubs that makes up for the recent low

    Yes, it finally happened! Carla got pregnant. We all knew this was eventually going to happen, because of all the tension and the show's devotion to the topic, but e had no idea when -- or how.

    The Turk knowing but not Carla thing added some bonus humour with the JD's extravagant plan to tell her.

    The Janitor/JD situation was good to watch, too. One of Janitor's stories is true for once!

    And how JD said "and then I witnessed one of those moments that let me know in my heart that these two will be together forever", was a happy part of the episode showing just how much Turk and Carla really love each other

    Episode highlights:
    - The "Abort the baby!" pun
    - Elliot's hilarious emotional reactions
    - "Excuse me but does anyone have a plate of jeebees because these two have given me a big ole scoop of the heebees." -- Perry
  • Carla's pregnant and doesn't even know it!

    This episode is too funny to be missed, from the grandfather kennel to the hide and seek tracker and of course JD screaming “abort the babies!”

    Dr Kelso’s statement just making conversation is also a very funny moment and Cox was outstanding in this episode, nearly all his lines being priceless whether it be his talk to the red stapler or his Keith-Elliot setup.

    The Janitor’s hurtle story actually being true was a terrific end to his plot which also had great moments involving the tracker and JD listing his lies.

    Overall, this episode is very pivotal as Carla is pregnant and the episode is not only important but also very entertaining.
  • Turk finds out Carla is pregnant before she does and J.D. assists turk in planning a huge suprise to tell her. meanwhile Elliot is having trouble keeping this secret and doctor cox has a bit of trouble with a German patient.

    This is one of the best, if not THE best episode of the season. When I first saw the preview for it a week ago, i was worried that it was going to be a very serious episode rather than the scrubs style we know and love. well i was wrong! nonstop laughter throughout the entire half hour and overall just perfectly written and directed. This is what scrubs is all about, and I really hope NBC sees that, and continues this hilarious comedy for the years to come. Can\'t really say much more other than \"astounding episode, Bravo!\"

    Great job guys, keep \'em coming!
  • Baby time in Scrubs town

    Going into this episode, I had a feeling that this one was going to be a disaster. How many times have we seen this plot before? Besides, NBC already ruined the surprise by telling us in the promos. But I suck…I shouldn’t have doubted. With the exception of Dr.Cox’s revenge on Elliot (it just didn’t work), this is a great episode. Usually a baby on a sitcom spells “doom” but somehow I don’t think that will be the case.

    The highlights:

    The entire opening sequence – Top notch. If Turk Turkleton and/or Dr. Cox are ignored by the Emmys this year then there is no hope.
    “The cheese is like lava”.
    The Janitor’s track flashback
    “My friend, we have just lo-jacked the janitor….Hel-LO!”
    Elliot’s reaction to the word “baby”
    J.D.’s plan and Dr. Cox’s reaction to “I Dove You”
    “Abort the plan! Abort the babies!”
    The Janitor’s revenge on J.D. set to “Run Lola Run”
    “Is that what we were doing? I was just making small talk.”
    The final scene inside the bar. That’s as authentic as you’ll ever see on a sitcom.

    Cox-ism of the Week:
    “Excuse me but does anyone have a plate of jeebees because these two have given me a big ole scoop of the heebees.”
  • We knew this episode was coming, it was just a matter of time!

    It would have been very cruel if Carla didn't have the baby she so desperately wanted so I knew that there was always going to be an episoe devoted to her finding out about it!

    The way it was done, I had no idea. Turk finds out before Carla and he wants to tell her in a very extravagent way. He learns that all she wants is to find out herself so he , JD and the rest of the gang at the office fix it that she finds out.

    Eventually Carla finds out the real truth and she couldn't care less! She's so happy she's pregnant!

    There was only one patient in this episode (the German guy who Dr Cox treated) but it really ddin't matter. It was superb episode that was a long time coming!
  • Oops!!!

    When Turk buys a cheap pregnancy tester (it takes longer to tell when you are pregnant) he discovers that Carla is pregnant even before she does. He goes to the hospital to tell her but J.D. has a better idea, he suggests that they bring everyone outside and surprise Carla. When Turk and Carla are on there way to the surprise Carl tells how nice it will be when she can finally tell all there friends that she is pregnant. Upon hearing this Turk gets J.D. to call of the plan and they both are now in trouble. They have no idea how to get Carla to realize how she is pregnant…Watch the episode and find out how they do it.
  • Even though it’s a predictable ending, yet it was made still a very special and memorable episode.

    Judy Reyes did an excellent job in this performance, especially the ending. It was very believable and touching. Yes, it’s the event that everyone predicted, however the small twist (the announcing part) still added a fresh new excitement to this episode. Maybe it’s because of this particular topic, no matter how many times we’ve seen episodes like this (pregnancy, birth), it still makes the viewers emotional. I loved what J.D. said near the end: “then I witnessed one of those moments that let me know in my heart that these two will be together forever.”
  • Turk finds out that Carla is pregnant before she does, so J.D. convinces Turk to tell the entire hospital staff to surprise Carla. J.D. tricks the Janitor into swallowing a tiny GPS tracking device. Meanwhile, when Elliott puts Dr. Cox into an embarrassin

    A truly special episode. Finally the moment we were all waiting for arrived. I was really happy for Carla and Turk. I have always liked them as a couple and will make great parents, provided Turk devotes more time to Carla than his gay partner J.D. Also, the Janitor sequence was really funny. When J.D. started to enlist all the lies that the Janitor had told, each one of them was hilarious. And Dr. Cox couldn't exactly get even with Elliot. That was actually the only lame part in the episode. Wish they had thought of some better comedy for Elliot.
  • finally the moment we\\\'ve all been waiting for.

    Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for since the start of season 5! It\\\'s finally on the way, the new baby. Yet, it didn\\\'t come at us as exciting as we all expected. maybe it was the week\\\'s notice we recieved at the end of last week\\\'s episode, or maybe it was the fact that it was revealed within the first few minutes.

    either way, this episode had its moments much like any episode of scrubs. At one point, the jokes kept coming nonstop making for some massive amounts of laughter and a severely aching stomach resulting. all in all, scrubs will always be funny.
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