Season 2 Episode 14

My Brother, My Keeper

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 23, 2003 on NBC

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  • Turk continues to wait for an answer from Carla. JD has an issue with a doctor that everyone loves, and Cox wants to know the sex of Jordan's baby.

    A definite light but serious episode at the same time. Some enjoyable plots that helped the flow of the arcs in this episode, I enjoyed some plots, and of course some plots shined more than others in this episode. JD has an issue with a doctor that everyone loves, Dr. Townshend aka the Anti-Kelso. At first he makes friends with him, until he finds out his procedures are out-dated, which 'causes him to rat on him to Kelso even though JD nicked an artery and Townshend took the fall for it. It boils down to a serious Kelso plot as the episode ends. Kelso has to say goodbye to his best friend, when he finds out all his procedures are out-dated and he doesn't have the "strength" to go to the seminars. A very clever Elliot plot, and it was nice to see that she's growing some back bone. Cox wants to know the sex of the baby, Elliot reluctantly finds out, and now she uses it against him as she orders him around, and if he doesn't do what she says, Cox wont find out the sex of the baby. It was a nice Jordan/Cox plot by the end. It was sad to see Turk/Carla's relationship start falling apart when Turk's brother comes to town and brings out the immature side of him which 'causes problems with Turk & Carla's future together. There plot is left up in the air by the end. A great installment to this season.
  • The Anti Kelso!

    Turk's brother Kevin comes to visit with news of his own to share.Meanwhile Dr Townsend, an old doctor friend of Dr. Kelso's who everyone gets on well with runs into trouble when J.D. screws up an out-dated procedure under his supervision.
    I have to say that i enjoyed the JD and Townsend plot more than the Turk plot. It's not the Turks wasn't funny, just not my favorite. Dr Townsend was a great guest character and i have to say that i was kinda sad when i realized that he would never make a apperence again.
    The Todd running the halls naked singing 'Me and Bobby McGee' for JD was hilarious as well ("I'm going back out there").
  • Fine examples

    Turk is still waiting for Carla to answer his proposal and asks his brother to stay over a few days to help him deal with it. Dr. Townshend, an old friend of Dr. Kelso's and one of the nicest doctors around befriends J.D. Elliot accidentally finds out the sex of Jordan's baby, becoming the object of Dr. Cox's anxiety.


    Poor Turk, cant get a straight answer from Carla. She waited too long to answer him, just say Yes and then your engaged you can stall the wedding plans until your ready but not leave a guy hanging!
  • Fantastic episode showing how much each character has grow

    It is great to see Elliot finally show some assertiveness with Dr. Cox. She quickly realizes that she has all the leverage when she stumbles onto some useful information and uses this to her advantage, taunting Dr. Cox with the promise that she will reveal the sex of Jordan’s baby if he does some not so fun things for Elliot. Staying true to her word she writes the sex of the baby and gives it to Jordan, having completely outsmarted Dr. Cox. This episode also shows how much JD has grown, he stands up for what he believes in, reporting Dr. Townhend for performing outdated medicine, even though this decision losses him his new found privileges. He makes the right decision showing his strength and integrity as a doctor.
  • Great!

    Turk wants his brother to come to town to help him with Carla, but when he accidentally says that he is getting divorce, Turk gets mad at him for entering doubts into Carla's head and later his brother claims that he only cares about himself so he gets drunk, which makes Carla believe that he is not enough mature to get married. Meanwhile, JD begins to get assist by the nioest doctor on the hospital, but when JD accidentally uses an incision he discovers that the doctor only sticks to the past, I love this episode...
  • Turk still waits for an answer...

    This episode is hilarious, with "Townsie" as Dr Townsend doesn't like to be called being a hilarious addition (if only for the one episode) to the hospital with everyone liking him, including the Janitor who is asked to look out for JD and is therefore telling his hilarious crew to do certain things for him until the end where they overturn his car.

    The rest of the episode was terrific aswell like JD's narration "Even something as harmless as 30 or 40 drinks with your brother..." and Elliot playing hardball with Dr Cox, only telling him the sex of the baby if he does her work.

    Truly a magnificent, original episode with no dull scenes.