Season 3 Episode 5

My Brother, Where Art Thou?

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 06, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D.'s patient, Mr. Bober is demented and can only say "Pickles", is being mocked by J.D. and Dr. Cox explains that the nursing home sends them to them and they bring down his temperature below 100 before bouncing him back. His temperature is now 99.5. J.D. is bummed out about Elliot still being in love with Sean so he calls his brother Dan. Dan in turn, wants to come by because their mom is being re-married.

He soon shows up at his place. Carla asks if Elliot has tried phone sex but she hasn't because the walls are so thin. She walks into the woods and tries to have phone sex with him in New Zealand but she gets interrupted by a bunch of boy scouts.

At the hospital, Elliot asks Carla how to scrape some cash together so she can go to see Sean. Dr. Kelso comes by and reminds everybody that they are not allowed to moonlight at a clinic because they might be too tired during work and make mistakes. He suspends Dr. Brogan without pay and makes him work at his home. As soon as she leaves, Elliot asks where the rest of the staff moonlight. Dan comes to work with J.D. and he introduces him to Dr. Cox. He also asks Dr. Cox if Dan could trail with him today. He declines but changes his mind when he hears that J.D. wanted to hear no. Carla takes Elliot to moonlight with her at the animal hospital. Mr. Boper is back and Dr. Cox asks why this 'gomer' is back at the hospital. A gomer, J.D. explains, is an old person who takes up space in the hospital and doesn't have the common decency to die. Dan finds it rude and is shocked that J.D. sees all his patients as deadbeats with a cynical attitude. He asks Dr. Cox how long J.D. has been acting like this. He explains that this is the reality around here.

At the animal hospital, Dr. Kelso brings his dog and catches them redhanded. Dan decides to stay a little while longer because he is not happy with J.D.'s attitude at work. J.D. replies that Dan never comes through for him and only came by to complain about their mother re-marrying and drinking his Baley's Irish Cream. Dan says they are brothers and that counts for something, but seemingly not for J.D..

Elliot doesn't want to be suspended so her and Carla go to see Ted. While playing basketball, Turk tells J.D. to apologize to Dan before he leaves. Dr. Kelso comes to Ted's office and Ted wants to them takes off suspension because they were moonlighting for animals and not people. Dr. Kelso says animals are as clever as people which he demonstrates with his dog Baxter. Dan is taking off so J.D. apologizes for what he said. Elliot tells Dr. Cox that she needs the extra money to see her boyfriend in New Zealand, while Carla explains her wedding is costing her twice as much as planned. They claim they work hard at the hospital but it's not the only thing in their live, and remind him that he too must have something he loves in his life. He changes his mind about the suspension and they get out quickly. Dr. Kelso picks up the phone and dials. He tells his darling that after 25 years he wants them to go out for a nice dinner so he can tell her all the nice things he always wanted to say, and finishes with 'I love you too'. Ted found this beauiful but Bob leaves by saying he should call his wife as he's not coming home tonight.

Dr. Cox is leaving the hospital and Dan stops him. Dan admits he is a screw-up but everyone knows J.D. is going places. He might never look up to Dan, but asks/tells Dr. Cox to take that responsibilty and take him under his wing. They shake hands and he leaves. Carla and Elliot continue moonlighting at the animal hospital. Mr. Bober is back at the hospital yet again and Dr. Cox joins J.D. as they take him to the bed.
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