Season 3 Episode 5

My Brother, Where Art Thou?

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 06, 2003 on NBC

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  • JD's brother returns.

    At first, this episode really mirrored the past episode that JD's brother, Dan came to town. JD being messed up to his brother as usual, regretting every moment he has to spend with him, but this episode surely shaped up to be something of it's own. Like I said, in this episode JD's brother, Dan returns, and JD hates the fact that he arrives. He even gives him this huge speech how he will never look up to his brother because he's a "user." It was a sad emotional scene, but Dan didn't take it that hard. Dan also notices that JD has become somewhat of a cynic as he starts disliking his job, and being morally insensitive to the patients, so he decides to take action in a very amazing way. Carla & Elliot start moonlighting at a veterinary clinic, something they're not supposed to do, due to legal reasons. When they're caught, they end up getting suspended. They decide to go against Kelso and try to get their suspension revoked with the help of Ted. Elliot continues to feel sad because of the long distance with Sean. Dan ends up talking to COx telling him to be a better mentor so JD can be a better person, Cox agrees, which was definitely a heartwarming scene. I felt nothing but sorry for JD's brother by the end. Not a lot of stuff going on in this episode, which brought the rating down a bit for this episode. But other than that, a great emotional episode.
  • Dan's baackk!

    Dan drops by again, annoying JD to no end. During the visit Dan becomes concerned at the cynical attitude JD's developed towards his patients: much like Dr Cox himself. Dr. Kelso catches Elliot and Carla moonlighting at an animal hospital after his recent warnings against such.

    I loved JD messing with his old patient who could only say "Pickles!".The plots were very hilarious. I also loved Elliot and Carla's plot. The only thing i hated was Sean! How can he not appear and still ANOOY ("You know who i love? My boyfriend Sean.."). It has nothing to do with me being a Jelliot shipper...
  • Carla and Elliott moonlight at a veterinary clinic.

    This is probably one of my least favorite episodes, mostly because of the whole silly veterinary moonlighting parts. Probably because as a former veterinary assistant I found it absurd. Doctors working as veterinarians? Wouldn't happen. I know the very nature of Scrubs lends itself to the absurd, but this one went beyond that. I don't know what the writers have against the veterinary field, or where they get thier information, because in another episode one of the characters makes a comment about veterinarians not having to do paperwork! Veterinary records are in most cases as detailed as those in the human medical field. They have to be if for no other reason than for legal issues. Granted there aren't as many insurence forms (although pet insurence is gaining popularity) and you don't have to deal with thing such as Living Wills, but there are many many other forms, including euthanasia releases, treatment consents, etc. And as I mentioned before, medical charts have to be very thorough, or at least they should be. All that aside, one of the things I love about this show is how I can recognize many of the issues we dealt with at the Veterinary Hospital where I worked, except we dealt with the pets and their owners, instead of the human patients and their families.
  • I love Dan

    I adore Jd's brother Dan, they really do a great job with his character every time he has a cameo, I especially love his random and totally unimportant love of snack cakes. Jd just has to say go get some snack cakes and he jaunts off to retrieve some, he is hilarious! I do feel a little bad for him in this episode because Jd really does give him a little lashing and though they have had their problems over the years you can tell that Dan is really hurt by what Jd says. After all they are brothers and that counts for something, which we really see in the end. Dan really stand up for Jd and gives Dr. Cox a good lashing himself. He really is a good big brother to Jd even if he is a "screw up" as he says.
  • JD's brother comes back into to town to visit and complain about their mother. He tags along with JD during rounds and becomes worried about the cynical nature that his little brother has developed and tries to help.

    I classify this as a character development because it happened but only for about 30 seconds. The characters that developed...Dr. Cox and J.D.'s brother Dan. As hard as it is to believe his big brother stood up for him the way all big brothers should. His speech to Dr. Cox was impressive. He lets Dr. Cox know that he should take his responsibilty to his interns and residents seriously or else. Rather than retorting with sarcasm Dr. Cox answers back, "Nice talking to you dad." Like it was something that actually got through to him. Of course his attitude lightens up slightly and reminds JD that being a doctor is the best thing he could ever want regardless of what they have to deal with everyday.
  • Dan returns!

    JD still feels some feelings for Elliot, and makes a mistake for this, calling his brother Dan. Soon JD begins to feel Dan's visit uncomfortable until JD reveals that Dan has never helpful for him neither he has been of any guidance for JD, later on Dan decides to help JD in other way he can, ultimately Dan corners Dr. Cox and tells him that JD admires him, and that he hopes that JD learns very much about him. Meanwhile, Carla and Elliot begin to work in a vet but soon decide to back up when Kelso forbids them to have two jobs and also when he arrives at the vet. It was really cool, and what Kelso said in the phone was hilarious!
  • Guess who's back!

    This episode marks the second appearance of Dan, JD’s brother and this may be better than the first episode he was in.

    In this episode, Dan sees that Cox has turned JD into someone that loathes and doesn’t care for his job and doesn’t like it at all though JD doesn’t know this. Dan coming back because JD made the biggest mistake he ever did, calling Dan after he had the chance for them to grow apart.

    The fact that both brothers seem to get on the Janitor’s nerve was great as it shows some similarity between the family members.

    Overall, this episode was both entertaining and inspirational with very memorable scenes throughout.
  • This episode centers around moonlighting for Elliot, Carla and Turk. Elliot needs an extra job to earn money to go see Sean in New Zealand. Turk and Carla needs money to pay for their wedding. Elliot wanted to take a job in mammography, but Turk took it.

    I have a problem witht his episode. And that problem involves Carla and Turk.
    You see, Turk wanted to take a job working in a mammograph-mobile, instead of an ambulance. It was my understanding that the mammograph job paid better. But Carla had a problem with Turk working around womens breast, and it\'s here I\'m getting lost. Why would she have a problem with that? It\'s discovering breastcancer, dammit! Now, I\'ve never had a mammograph, but I\'ll go ahead and assume that there is nothing romantic or whatever about finding out whether something is wrong with ones breasts or not! And it surprises me that Carla doesn\'t trust Turk more than to let him take that job, and not hit on the patients. Plus, he\'s a surgeon. I\'m sure he sees those things anyway! Why, why would she have a problem with Turk working with mammography?

    But at least the episode featured Ted, and he was great in this episode!