Season 3 Episode 5

My Brother, Where Art Thou?

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 06, 2003 on NBC

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  • JD's brother returns.

    At first, this episode really mirrored the past episode that JD's brother, Dan came to town. JD being messed up to his brother as usual, regretting every moment he has to spend with him, but this episode surely shaped up to be something of it's own. Like I said, in this episode JD's brother, Dan returns, and JD hates the fact that he arrives. He even gives him this huge speech how he will never look up to his brother because he's a "user." It was a sad emotional scene, but Dan didn't take it that hard. Dan also notices that JD has become somewhat of a cynic as he starts disliking his job, and being morally insensitive to the patients, so he decides to take action in a very amazing way. Carla & Elliot start moonlighting at a veterinary clinic, something they're not supposed to do, due to legal reasons. When they're caught, they end up getting suspended. They decide to go against Kelso and try to get their suspension revoked with the help of Ted. Elliot continues to feel sad because of the long distance with Sean. Dan ends up talking to COx telling him to be a better mentor so JD can be a better person, Cox agrees, which was definitely a heartwarming scene. I felt nothing but sorry for JD's brother by the end. Not a lot of stuff going on in this episode, which brought the rating down a bit for this episode. But other than that, a great emotional episode.